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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :D

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Yes, GLES3 will export to html.

Unless you are specifically targeting mobile devices in the web browser GLES3 should be fine. If you are concerned about compatibility you can certainly use GLES2, just be aware there are certain limitations. You will need to use CpuParticles2D rather than Particles2D, that kind of thing.

Here’s Godot’s official docs concerning the differences.

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Just checked the code, you are totally right. Thank you VERY much for the heads up. I’ll upload an update shortly :)

Alright, hopefully Rev 0.2.2 should resolve that issue and a few others.

Thanks! Glad you like it :)

Thanks for the feedback and for streaming :)

Ah, I figured the Sebastian Lague video was part of the inspiration. that video was one of my favorites of his.

And I was wondering if you used a shader, the game seemed pretty performant with a lot going on on screen.

Anyway, nice job! One of my favorites in the jam so far :)

Like everyone else, loved your art style. Very unique. Did you do the music yourself?

The audio and the visuals seemed to work pretty well together. Nice job!

Very impressive game, I did a paper/presentation in college on the ant/pheromone pathfinding algorithm, was not expecting it to pop up in a game jam :D

You did an amazing job with the tutorial and adding some really well thought out mechanics to build on the simulation.

Awesome game, were you working by yourself or with a team?

Very impressive, especially for your first GWJ :D I love your Thomas the Tank Engine menu music.

Awesome job!

Thanks, yeah I tried to make the game as simple as possible so I didn’t need a tutorial. I may add some levels in after the jam is over.

My dream is to one day make a simple level editor so other people can design levels and I don’t have to 😄

Thanks I appreciate the very kind feedback 🙂

I’ve never actually expanded on any of my previous jam games but this may be the first.

Good luck with the jam!

Wow, just checked the leaderboard. I have no idea how you and the other top runners are finishing the levels so fast.

You’re better at my game than I am 😄

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks, yeah I’ve never made an ending for one of my games before and I was happy with how this one turned out.

Glad you liked it. The feedback is appreciated 🙂

Thanks! Glad you liked the ending.

The secret to subtle mechanic introduction is to hate making tutorials :D

Thanks for the feedback, good luck with the jam!

Glad you enjoyed the game, thank you for the kind feedback. And yeah, the platforming was definitely in need of some tuning :D

The score only updates every 60 seconds (I think) and I believe the game should show the top 10 scores on the leaderboard.

Yeah, I was thinking about that while I was making him :D

Funnily enough I started out trying to make an ant that walked procedurally and then just added a bunch of legs for fun and decided to keep it.

Yeah, I myself can barely stand the last few levels when I’m trying to rush. Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

Glad you made it to the end. I almost didn’t include the last few difficult levels because I wanted everyone to get to see the end. But I figured I’d leave them in and the end would be a satisfying sort of “reward” :)

Thanks for the feedback, and good luck with the jam!

Thanks! Glad you liked the ending :)

Thanks! I’m primarily a programmer so simple graphics are all I can handle :D

Thank you for the very thorough feedback. Glad you enjoyed the game, good luck with the jam!

Thanks, glad you liked the ending! This is the first game of mine to actually have a somewhat proper conclusion :D

Glad you enjoyed it! I actually didn’t choreograph the music to the end of the game so that must have just been a happy accident :D

Didn’t get the joke until I started playing and noticed there were in fact a LOT of bugs :D

Very nice job, one of my favorites so far!

Wasn’t expecting to be able to finish it but I got hooked and couldn’t stop :) Very nice job, and you did a great job laying out the puzzles.

The click and drag mechanic worked very smoothly. I love how the movement almost perfectly matches with the beat of the music.

Awesome game!

Congrats on finishing and submitting a game! Lets find each others game-breaking bugs :D

Feel free to post your game below and I’ll give it a play.

Thanks in advance for any feedback if you play my game.

Good luck with the jam!

Wow, crazy good game. Did someone on your team write the music? You guys had a boss fight and everything.

You got a ton of stuff done in just a week.

Awesome game, probably my favorite in the jam so far :D

Wow, super impressive game, let alone a jam game! You got a ton done in a very short period of time. The style of the game is very appealing. And your audio was great as well. Everything seems very polished and it was a lot of fun to play.

Nice job :D

Love the visuals, you did a great job making everything very smooth. Lots of fun to play. Probably my favorite in the jam so far :)

Awesome game!

Awesome job, really loved your visual transition into the mountain. Audio sounds great as well, the pickaxe hits echo like you’re in a mine.

Really nice game :D

Nice, thanks for the update!

Did you actually beat hardcore mode?! How long did that take you? 😄

Good luck everyone!

instead of using your death_timer to trigger the queue_free()

I would just connect the “animation_finished” signal from your AnimationPlayer Node (see below)

func _process(delta):
	if health <= 0:

func _on_AnimationPlayer_animation_finished(anim_name):
	if anim_name == "death":