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You may need to mark it as public before you can submit. Not positive though. 

My first game jam, I finished my game, submitted it, and was halfway through the voting period before I realized my game followed the theme "Reverse" and not the actual theme "Rewind" :)

I still got a lot of great feedback from people and learned a lot in the process.

The theme is just a guide to get the creative process started.

Godot for me

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

And yes, concerning the chick not standing up, that was an issue I found while play testing.

I got a bit frustrated myself so I added a slider to the settings menu (jump slo-mo)

When you press up it slows down time to make aiming easier.

If you turn that setting the whole way up it should help a bit :)

Loved the art and modeling!

Did you do all of that yourself?

The music and sfx also worked very well with the game.

Cute idea and well executed.

Nice job :D

The platforming and bounce pad physics were very cool.

Fun and satisfying game to play

The spikes made me laugh :D

Nice job!

Very cool idea, and well executed.

You really know how to put together an intro sequence :)

Kevin MacLeod's music is great, liked the chicken voice as well.

Nice job!

Really awesome job with the artwork and music/sfx!

Were you working by yourself or with a team?

The controls took just a bit of getting used to but it is VERY satisfying once you start hitting the enemy ships with your missiles.

Great work :)

Nice job, I thought the movement controls were really cool :)

I liked that you didn't have to hold down left or right to keep moving.

The egg cracking sounds and art were great.

Great game!

Nice job, the hardest part of a game jam is getting something completed and submitted.

There's more than 200 people that joined the jam that never got that far for one reason or another.

Good work :)

Really fun idea.

You did a good job pacing the game so it didn't feel like it was taking forever to upgrade.

Running and jumping was a lot of fun as well.

Great job!

Really amazing job!

One of my favorites in the jam so far :)

You got an impressive amount of work done in only a week.

Loved the artwork and the radio was really cool as well.

Great game!

Very cute game :D

You fit an impressive amount of work into a week.

The split screen control for the penguins was very cool.

Loved it, nice job!

Nice job, the artwork looks great.

And so far I haven't found any other game in the jam with a voiceover :)

Fun to play, if  a little challenging.

Great game!

Interesting story, interesting game :)

Did you do all the art/audio yourself?

Nice job!

Fun little game

Nice reminder of how I'm spending my time after getting to 100 :)

Music helped to pass the time, Nice job!

The eggs were pretty hilarious :)

Though I was glad you added the option to turn off the dialogue.

The art for all the eggs was pretty impressive.

The enemies were cool as well.

Nice job!

You had a good idea and you did a great job of implementing it :)

Lots of cool puzzles, I'm impressed with how many levels you put together.

Music fit the game well and the art/animations were great.

Nice job!

Love the music and the chicken animations :D

Very fun to play, once I got a handle on the controls.

Did you do all the art and music yourself?!

Amazing work, nice job!

You have a really impressive game given the time frame in which you put it together :)

Satisfying game to play and easy to learn.

Great work!

Great job on the artwork and animations!

Were you working by yourself or as part of a team?

Got used to the platforming pretty quickly and the wall-jumping felt really good.

Nice work :)

Loved the game :)

Very fun to play, and it was clear you'd done your play testing because of the extra UI buttons you added (match and store).

Those really helped the pacing of the game.

Nice work!

Loved the music and the dancing eggs in your menu :D

The diving mechanic was cool and I thought it was pretty unique.

Definitely seemed like you spent some time tuning in the movement for the game.

Level design was good and humorous.

Great job!

Thanks for the feedback. 

And now that I think about it, there are a number of sfx that have a dynamic volume depending on the collision force of the player. I may have forgotten to clamp the upper limit of the volume on some sounds...

Thanks for letting me know 🙂

Hmmm, well there are a few key things that can mess up the export for itch.

First, make sure you're hitting the "Export Project" button below and NOT the "Export PCK/Zip" button

Then you can save the files wherever you want, but you HAVE to save it as "index.html" (see below)

That should leave you with a list of files like you see below (everything in the red box)

You can cut/paste all those files into a Zipped folder (The name of the zipped folder doesn't matter)  and THAT folder is what you upload to itch.

I apologize if you already knew some/all of the above, I don't mean to insult your intelligence :)

Just trying to track down what's messing up the export.

As a side note, I don't believe, in this jam, we can upload any new files during the voting period.

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Try rolling to the left from the start of the game :)

Disregard any big red warnings that may pop up, that's just to dissuade new players from skipping the tutorial.

Nice job, the recipe crafting made the platforming much more deliberate and interesting.

I liked the music :)

Fun game, great work!

You've achieved that difficult combo of a good idea AND a good execution :)

Lots of fun to play.

Easy to learn and difficult to master mechanics.

Art and sound design were nice as well.

Great job!

Cool use of co-op in your game :)

Bit of a challenge to play but it's a neat idea.

Nice job!

Nice, just went back to try it out :)

Wow, super impressed with the recipe mechanics you put together.

Very cool idea and the implementation looks really good.

Did you do all the modeling yourself?

Great job, very fun game :D

You did an amazing job on the artwork.

Was that all done in inkscape?

I'm still learning how to use inkscape but I'm really liking it so far.

Game was challenging but still fun to play.

Great work :)

Concerning the web export, I remember having the same issues trying to submit to my first game jam :)

Here's a youtube video by Gonkee that does a pretty good job of explaining how to properly export for web (for your reference for future jams)

Good luck with the jam!

I love the movement in your game. Seems like you took the time to really tune things in.

It was good that you explained that the eggs launch you in the game description, that helped me out.

I really like your trajectory path graphic, I considered trying to add that feature to my game but I couldn't figure out how to get it to work with a RigidBody2D

Are you using a KinematicBody for the player?

Art looks nice too :)

Great job!

Thanks phil :D

Thanks for the feedback 🙂

Sorry to hear about the music. 

Would you be able to tell me what browser you're using?

Thanks for the feedback, and no you're not the only one having issues with understanding the game mechanics :)

The UI was definitely a weak point of the game and everyone is having some difficulty getting a handle on how things work.

That "Red Cell" issue in particular is definitely confusing to most people.

Things for me a learn and use for my next game.

Thanks again and good luck with the Jam!

Thanks, and thanks again for your feedback!

It was very helpful :)

Really good suggestion :)

If I ever plan on continuing development of the game and releasing it I think a sandbox would fit in very well with the gameplay.

Hey, I'd love any feedback on my game. Thanks!