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Multiplayer is last on the list. If things work out I might add it in, or start from scratch since it got really messy halfway trough the week. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! The ai should be shooting the player too and kinda dodge the turret bullets. And yes, multiplayer would be great, not sure if I ever add it in but who knows. I'll be updating this as a side project for a while.

Button smashing made me win but it was very close. It was beginners luck I guess because the next match I lost trying to play "smarter". Well made, love the character and jumping feels spot on.

Is this beatable? I went full grunts, mix, sniper + sniper + ice, and various others. Damn pixels are winning from me every time.

It is very balanced, you are underestimating my skilz!

The idea was to make the bots less obvious. Call it Painter.IO and have a fake "waiting for players screen". Like most IO games apparently do. But once I had the bot do it's core thing I had to put my time in all the other things. Thanks for playing!

Hehe, that splat sound was the first thing I knew would make the release when I had the graphical splatter effect :). I really want to continue on the AI and have like 4 teams. Some pathfinding for some more interesting maps. Some more guns and variety/balance. Secondary weapons and power ups. So many things to think of actually. Thanks for playing!

I got way past 10 minutes but it got fast very quick. I loved seeing so many of the discord people in the game. I couldn't aim down and up manually, which felt kinda frustrating. But eventually the 4 angular attacks felt satisfying. Great game and super nice artwork. Whats with all the pineapples in all of the games btw? :)

Beelzebitzel or whatever his name is won. I didn't have the power to compete for the cursed pineapple. I never touched M because I might disable achievements.

First try! Circular blade ftw! I never knew I hated pixels this much, I killed 1003 of 'm. They know their place now.

I agree with @Rondeo, a lot of potential here. Very interesting mechanics. Fighting anything other than fruits got me killed however. I like fruit.

Thanks. No there is no end. I'm going to do some refactoring and make it more complete when i have the time. See where this goes.

Hello! I have been playing around with LibGDX when MS let XNA go. So Almost 10 years now I guess. I released a couple of games, but updating them isn't my strongest point. I'm mostly just having fun coding as a hobby and love to reverse engineer mechanics I enjoy. Enjoyed some game jams as well in the past. The scope of my games is usually way too big, but I hope to submit something decent before the deadline. It's hard with a full time job and two young kids, but certainly doable.

Thanks, for playing and your feedback. It does get boring quick atm, I'll get back to it when I can find the time. Also, thanks for pointing out the button bug, nobody apparently noticed. I'm probably not updating my ui screen when resizing. 

I used to play a lot of tower defense on Starcraft and warcraft custom maps.  You did a great job although waves where kinda slow.  I also like the idea of the levels being motherboards.

very cool concept and how you used the lightning.  It also creates a nice atmosphere and really hide the fact that the rooms are really simple. 

crazy your game just had 4 ratings. It's really good and the game plays really smooth. Your game is a lot better then the screenshots shows so maybe record some gameplay to show it off and convince some more people to download and play. 

you are the first one to notice. I cheated a bit here and just used the outer bound of the model as a aabb. But as the track rotate this led to too much hits so I just shrank it down for the time being. I still think it's pretty good and I think I had collision setup in like an hour.

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wonder if more people noticed and if it really needs more precise collision. 

Great twist of a simple game concept. It starts easy but gets pretty hard too. I also like the graphics. Well done.

I really like this game. An ant simulator combined with a clicker game is a cool idea. I really fell the need to keep on growing. Well done!

Hard oldschool game but I really missed the diagonal shooting. I liked the terrain sloping and unfortunately could not kill the boss.

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What a great game! I didn't complete it yet but I will when I have enough time. I liked the humor, it has nice graphics and smooth gameplay. Looks like you aimed for the stars with this and reached it in just a months work, amazing.

So simple but very fun and well polished game. Well done.

everything feels just right with this platformer, the graphics and controls really stand out to me. I love how you melted creature bugs and computer bugs together here. Great game!

thanks for playing! I put some good effort in getting the camera like that as opposed to statically on the curve behind the player. It does need a bit more love so it looks over steep hills. 

Last day before deadline I tried to optimize for web but I couldn't get more than 7 fps with a lag spike each time a section is generated. You have a Mac? Libgdx has a big which makes the modelcache (grouping models to write to the buffer) not work as intended for the Mac.  But after optimizing it did work for two people and got 40+ fps instead of < 10.

Playing does give less motion sickness I think. The camera also needs a bit more love but I like it much better then the static camera I had. 

Yeah,  the placement is a bit too random atm. Thanks for playing!

the camera should anticipate the terrain a bit more, more or does feel like a cheating take when a Boulder appears just after a hill, haha.  Thanks for playing. 

yeah, a lot of ideas did not make it (yet) including more interesting levels. Last hour I implemented gradually increasing rock placements. 

well done, my best was 54xx. Thanks for playing. 

I really tried but I find it really hard to solve the mysteries. I will be trying one of the video's as I am sure this is a good experience.

Failed to run unfortunately, I would have loved to see some of those asci art bugs.

Ahhhh! capture the flag. Took me a while to get the controls and concept down. You even got some upgrades in there which I like. Nice concept, well done.

My almost 5 year old kid loved this. We had some good laughs, thank you.

Nice game but the ride was a bit more buggy as expected (also downloaded windows version). I tried to make some racing and pinball games in unity many years ago myself and your game reminded me of the same issues I had back then. I still liked driving around in your bug themed cars.

Thanks, I really liked the result too. At the idea stage I was thinking off a bee and rolling hills.  It turned out very well. Thanks for playing!

Not your reflexes, this game is cheating on you.

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This is such a cool idea! My biggest issue was that escape got you back to main menu. Unfortunately I had some kind of twitch that each time I needed a clone I pressed escape. A confirmation or pause screen between it would fix that. But the game is great, innovative, nice art, story and it feels well polished.

Way too short! Which means I really liked it. The art is very well done and original. The jumping gave me a retro prince of persia feeling. Very well done both of you.

I like the way you made the game completely about bugs. Also nice graphics, but the levels got very tedious for me :). Great entry.