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Introduce yourself! Sticky

A topic by badlogic created Dec 13, 2015 Views: 7,825 Replies: 192
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Host (1 edit) (+2)

Hi there,

i'm Mario, benevolent dictator of libGDX. I'll oversee the jam and help with whatever you need (except writting your games).

Introduce yourself below! Give a little insight into what tools you are going to use, wether you'll work alone or in a team, what your favorite color is, and so on.


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I am AjwBoss, Computer Science student. I will win the jam and have a team with a few of my friends. We will be making an awesome game soon.

We will be using pure java and of course libGDX. For art, we will be using blender and photoshop. For sound we will be using AudioSauna and Audacity.


Pride comes before the fall :D

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Hi, I'm Arnau and I'm studying Maths & CS.

I have developed a couple of simple games using libgdx at my free time.

I'm going to work alone in this jam. I will be able to work on it for only a week.

Probably I will only reuse my own code from other projects, but I do not discard anything.

I hope you will enjoy it.


Hi there !

I'm Marc, a very enthusiastic indie dev by night, though my real job has nothing to do with informatics.

I'll be doing this jam alone. I'll use libGDX (off course !), probably Box2D and Tiled Map Editor. For the graphics part, maybe I'll express my inglorious pixel art skills with photoshop CS6. For the sound, I guess I'll go with a sound generator like Bfxr.


Hey where are you from btw ?


Hey ! I'm from Montréal.


Hi I'm Noah, I'm a student hoping to study CS in college.

I will be working alone. I am going to use Intelijj Idea as my IDE, maybe gimp for making sprites and of course libGDX for my game engine.


Hi LibGDX peeps. This is my first jam ever. I'll jam with my older kid. He is 13 yo kid with good taste for games. His position is 'Ideas director' and i will do my best with coding. We gonna use: brains, fingers, keyboard, mouse, beer (at least me).. lol and ofc photoshop and my favorite framework LibGDX. I hope this jam will motivate him to learn more about game dev and LibGDX.

So lets make GG's. Good luck all.

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Hey I am an Art-Student from Germany. Over the past 2 years I mainly concentrated on games, their theory, tools and learning the general skills. I will use Aseprite and TIledMap for graphics and Levles. Perhaps Blender, in case i go 3d or pseudo 3d. Ableton Live 9 will serve for Audio/Music-tasks.

LibGdx in IntelliJ and depending on the concept I'll probably try Ashley for the first time. I gonna use my own little library of Helper-classes (Aseprite-loader, easy AnimatedSpriteSet, TiledMap extensions ect) - will be able on github after the jam i guess.

Can't wait to get my hands on the jam. Good luck to everyone. And much more important: Have fun!


Hi fellow developers, artists, and users of LibGDX.

I'm a software engineer from Uruguay who started getting into gamedev as a hobby not so long ago. Libgdx has been my main tool for learning and practicing game development as I find it quite fun and easy to use.
I probably intend to do something 2D as I've yet to step into the additional axis and well... I just like retro stuff from the nes and snes era. About tools within libgdx: Box2D, dermetfan's libgdx-utils, Tiled map, etc, are ones I'm used to use.

I'm participating with my teammate who has better dominion over art creation than I do, however we don't have fixed roles, I love doing ugly bizarre sketches sometimes. We're in for the fun!

Nice meeting ya all! Let's create some crazy stuff.

Hey hey! Manabreak here, I'm a 26 years old developer and gaming enthusiast hailing from Finland. In real life, I'm an Android developer, but during my spare time I like fiddle around with game development.

I'll probably be doing something that combines 2D and 3D. Graphics-wise I'll be using Blender and GIMP and possibly Inkscape if I decide to go that way. Audio-wise it's Psycle and Audacity all the way. Basically I'll use anything that's free and open source!

Hello All!

This will be my first Jam! I am kind of excited and nervous at the same time. I am a current CS student in college and still have a ways to go before I finish my degree. I can not wait to see all the awesome ideas everyone comes up with!

May the best win!

Hi everyone. My name is Dani and I'm a 22 year old developer from Spain. Already been using libGDX for a while and this year I have published my first game on the Play Store using libGDX.

This is my first time in a jam. I cannot stay coding an entire weekend because I have obligations and sometimes even a life, but having a few weeks is great. I'll participate alone and my tools will be GIMP, Inkscape, Audacity, bfxr. Probably Box2D and Tiled too. I still have these few days to think whether going with Kotlin or stick with Java...

Good luck everyone and let's have fun!


Hi everybody,

I'm Yellowbyte, 21 y/o, an Irish programmer very interested in game development. I recently finished four years of college studying 'Multimedia and Computer Games Development'. I decided to use LibGDX to develop my Final Year Project last year and I've been learning more about it ever since.
I'll be flying solo for this Jam. The tools I plan to use are as follows:
Art - Flash, Spriter
Audio - Audacity
Map Building - Tiled

I'm very excited to be a part of this Jam and I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. Good luck! :)

- Yellowbyte xoxo

Hello everyone!

I'm Nick, and I've been using LibGDX for a little over two years making one pretty awesome game. I've also used it for the past 3 Ludum Dare's. I'll be on a road trip with the family for pretty much the entire jam but I'm going to do as much as I can (most likely alone) in that time. My favorite color is a pretty even tie between Orange and Green, I can go into more detail if anyone wants me to.

If you want to follow my progress, my twitter is @purenickery, I want to follow yours too!


Please elaborate on your color choice!

I happen to have answered this very question online previously, I hope you don't mind me copying my response

"Well it's quite a long story actually, my mind tends to share allegiance between two separate colors! They both get really jealous of each other but as long as I keep them mostly separate it works out fine. Orange came to me early in life; it never let me down all those classes in Kindergarten when all the other markers just weren't doing the job. It stood out. It was a bright shining beacon of the hope and promise that a boy of that age needs so desperately. Green came to me later in life, and I'm not sure exactly why. It could be perhaps that I began to just colors based on their individual merit and not based simply on how shiny their markers were, and while orange stood out to me in that context, green in it's many shades and forms stood out to me more when encountered in other natural organic forms. That mistress orange, however, I will never forget. She came to me in a time when I needed her most, and memories of that sweet, beautiful orange marker will never leave me."


I guess you'll be pretty sad if the Black & White theme wins :-).

Yeah :( maybe I'll just make the whole thing green and orange for myself, and change it to black & white at the last minute!

But you must always have a working model (as quoted in the rules) ;D

Noooooooooooooo! Only possible solution is I physically augment my eyes to see the colors black and white as orange and green. I would get used to it eventually and it would make reading newspapers much more exciting.

I might just have to grin and bear it though :/ you could always make some pretty fun shaders using black and white!

Hey, I'm Bob. Second jam I've taken part in, looking forward to getting started!

I'll be using eclipse, jenkins and maybe gimp :)


I'm Daniel, coding cowboy at Robotality. Now usually I goof off during X-mas holidays for about two weeks. But this year, Mario comes along with this cruel idea to disturb my tradition.

Shame on you, Mario!

I'll be working solo. As I'm notoriously bad at anything art, I'll probably go with something low-poly & voxel-ish, using MagicaVoxel as the graphics tool of choice, plus anything freely available to create random noisiness. On the programming side it'll be libGDX desktop all the way down, using my very own libgdx-snippets library.


Hi everyone,

I'm David, member of the Libgdx core team and main maintainer of Ashley, the ECS. Alberto will be joining me in the jam fun. We studied together back in Spain and we also wrote the Libgdx Cookbook.

We'll be using:

  • Ashley
  • Inkscape
  • Some music or sfx generator
  • Might use Kenney's art for prototyping
  • Tiled (if tile based)
  • Spine (if we need animations)
Let's see how it turns out!

I cant wait to see what you make and thanks for writing the cookbook! Was wondering if i could buy the physical copy from somewere other then pakitpub they dont ship to p.o boxes ;(


It's available on Amazon as well :-).

Also, abandon all hope on our quickly hacked together jam game!


Submitted (1 edit)

Hello fellow devs, artists, musicians, and game designers,

I'm Aaron, I've been using libgdx on & off for a couple years now. Excited to push for a 1 month development project with it. I will likely use box2d, tiled maybe, depends on the game i end up wanting to make. I'm not fully committed yet, as I want to be sure I have an idea I can really go forward with, vs working on one of my existing projects.

I'll be for certain using:

  • IntelliJ
  • Manga Studio 5, or inkscape if i end up wanting vector
  • CFXR for sound effects.
  • Garage band for music, or maybe source some from open game art.
  • Ashley (just recently tried it, so awesome)

Hi, I'm Nathan, a middle-aged dad from the midwest USA. Been programming my whole life, been interested in hobby game development the whole time. (Spent awhile doing Gameboy advance homebrew, then recently released an Android game with LibGDX). Honestly, between work, family, etc, I'm not sure if I'll have time this Christmas season to complete my jam game or not, but I'm going to try.

If so, I'll probably end up reusing a lot of code from my most recent Android game, including using Tiled for any map development, and hopefully grab plenty of assets from OpenGameArt.

Regardless, I'm excited to see what the rest of you come up with!

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i'm Moataz, Computer Engineering student, this is my first jam ever.

i'll be using Krita and any tile map editor for art and Bfxr for sounds, and willing to discover more tools during the jam.


Hey all, indy developer bazola here!

I have one game released with libGDX called VoxelCity. I'm working on a few other prototypes. I'm a huge fan of libGDX, and I'm very excited to participate in this game jam. It is my first game jam ever, but with how fast it is to put together prototypes with libGDX, I'm sure I can come up with something fun to play!

Hey fellas,

I'm Hubert from France. Mobile gamedev in a AAA company by day, indie dev by night. I usually like to use Libgdx and Spine for my jams and prototypes, and I won't change a winning team like that ! It's going to be hard for me to find some time to commit to this Jam but hey, first Libgdx jam ! Let's celebrate that with awesome games !

G'luck to ya all !

Hi guys,

I'm Alberto, a proffesional mobile game developer, co-author of the Libgdx Cookbook and an enthusiast of the libGDX project.

Looking forward to learn, team up with David again and participate on my first jam ever.

Good luck to everyone!



I believe I will participate, good luck every body.


Hello! I am in highschool, and I'll be working with two other friends. This is my first jam, and I'm excited!

I will be using eclipse, libGDX, Ashley, most likely box2d/box2dlights.

Hello world (pun intended :D ),

I'm just a high school student who's always loved the idea of programming and developing games so I started picking up different programming languages, I was looking for a fun community with free and current software and liked java so i found libgdx and fell in love. I've been studying opengl and other java/libgdx related things for a while now and regularly contribute to the expanding community by getting beginners like who I once was hooked on this amazing library.

I was reading the wiki one day the found out about the jam and decided that this was my time to shine, so I'm really excited and my non programming family will be helping me with the non programming tid bits.

I'll probably be using:

- my library that I've been developing

- and most of the tools on the jam post in the wiki (lol I'm lazy :D )

I can't wait for this event and hope to win,

- Flame


Hi guys,

I'm Jairo from Spain and I've never used LibGDX for a complete project. Anyhow I'll be doing my best on the next jam.

I have no idea of what tools I will be using, and I hope to trick an artist friend into joining me, because you'd cry blood in case I try to draw anything myself.

Good luck to everyone ^^

Good to see new blood around!! :)



I'm Arthur, I've previously released one game on Android/iOS with libGDX. I'll be working on my lonesome under the Xmas tree.

I'll be using:

Codey: IntellJ IDEA Community Edition, Kotlin, Ashley, libGDX

Graphicy: Inkscape

Soundy: jfxr, iMaschine 2

This is my first jam, hoping to get something playable finished!



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Hey all, I'm Craig and I've been interested in game dev for as long as I can remember. I'll be working with Android Studio, Ashley, Tiled, Inkscape/Gimp, and open source game assets.

Looking forward to see what games the community can come up with!

I'm going to give it a try I never really "finished" a game and I think this will give me the motivation. It might help with my 2016 goal of making at least a dollar from a game.


Hi, i am Bernhard from Austria. I already started a couple of games with libGDX but completed only one so far.

This is my first jam, so do expect too much. At the moment I am alone but maybe I can get my brother to join me.

For the jam I will use Flash or Inkscape for the graphics or maybe Aseprite if I decide to use to pixel art. Mabye I will also use Tiled and Spine.

Good luck and a lot of fun everyone!

Submitted (1 edit)

Hello everyone. Our team is from a gaming blog and this is our first jam ever! We're excited to set the bloggers 'pen' down for a moment a dive into some game development. Excited to see what games come out of this jam. Let me introduce the team!


Modern-day explorer, game enthusiast, and blog writer/co-owner of I am the ideas man and am excited to participate in my first ever jam with my incredible teammates. My favorite color is blue and my favorite type of games are platformers and augmented reality.


Web developer for work and game developer for fun. I started with C++ and SDL and worked on a 2D Multiplayer Kart game when I was young. This is my first jam too and I am a lot excited, I always wanted to try out LibGDX and this is a good chance for that, I am sure this will be an epic experience. I love FPS and RPG games, but more than playing I love coding!

Robert Vaughan

Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Product Designer, Game Designer, Author, and all around professional dabbler. Owner and Operator of Antagonist Games, Inc. and This is my first jam but I have worked in and around the game design industry since the mid 90's in some capacity. I'm an RPG Fan and I really miss tabletop gaming with good friends.

Hey y'all!

I'm Luis, musician, sound engineer and CS student from Valencia, Spain. This is my first game jam, I'm not new to LibGDX but I'm not used to many of its features, so I'm looking forward to learn new things.

I'm joining solo, so you'll have to suffer my terrible drawing skills.

Hey everyone,

I'm Jan, a CS student, trying to make my first own game, in the process of this jam. I hope I will be able to improve my knowledge and my experience in the art of game design

Hi Everyone!

We are dev team from Italy and that's our first game jam that we do as a team!

Our team:

Ni0: Programmer

H0pe86: composer and sound designer

D4ny: graphic designer and animator

Glad to see more compatriots joining the jam

In bocca al lupo!


Grazie mille! Anche a te!

Hi everyone, I'm Olivier from France.

Distributed systems student by day, I love to develop games, and especially with libgdx.

I don't have all the details about my entry to this jam, but I hope to make a playable game in the end. ;)

Submitted (2 edits)

Hey everyone,

I was playing around with libGDX some months ago and started programming my first game which i couldn't finish yet.

So the reason for my participation is to learn more about game dev in the process and to finish a small project, which hopefully keeps my motivation up for further projects.

Tools i will use are:

Inkscape, Krita, Spriter, Garageband, box2d

Happy Jamming!!

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Computer science student by day or at least I think I am, and supreme overlord of of the Sol system as well as the Centauris and Eradanis system by night, take that U.N secretary general. My tools are: IntelliJ, Overlap2D, Gimp, Inkscape, Pyxel Edit, and coffee, I do sound effects by breathing into a microphone. My favorite color is coffee brown because it reminds me of coffee, no not really it's the dark shades of blue that are darker than royal blue but not yet black, I also prefer gradients over single colors. Also I'm an american so don't hate me, or do, I don't care. I'm normally a unity developer but unity has me disaffected right now, so that's when I found Libgdx.

Yo. CS student in ohio looking to stay active over winter break. Haven't made a game in over a year cause lazy. I'll just be winging it. I'll use eclipse, paintDotNet/gimp, Anvil Studio + Musescore (though I'd prefer to own sibelius) (I also don't have a keyboard :( ). I'll be focusing on desktop and might have controller support. I might stream some development to twitch (using obs). Eclipse works better for me on windows for some reason and the other tools are for windows so yeah. Not expecting to make anything amazing, just having fun.

I'd like to learn Ceylon if anyone has a sample project I could use as a base. If not I'll be boring and just use Java. reply here with a sample

oh. don't forget to use git

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Hi guys,

I'm davebaol, enthusiastic contributor of the libGDX project and author of the gdx-ai extension (BTW you should seriously take it into consideration, if you plan to create intelligent agents in your game).

I've started programming when I was 11 on the good old Commodore 64 way back in '82 (yeah I'm getting old, I'm over-40 now). I loved C64 assembler and learned to love all programming related stuff, even that fu**ing COBOL lol.

I love hacking too. It's a great challenge that some years ago led me to hack the OS of the Wii console with some well known developers on the Wii scene. The result of this collaboration is the d2x cIOS, written in C and ARM assembler.

In the last few years I'm spending my spare time mainly working on open source Java projects orbiting around libGDX. The most recent one is GdxDemo3D by jsjolund (and me) that, among the other things, demonstrates several AI techniques powered by gdx-ai, such as navmesh pathfinding, steering behaviors, state machines, behavior trees and more.

jsjolund will be joining me in my first jam. Let's see what we'll be able to do.

Good luck to everyone, have fun!!!


Hey guys,

I'm Dawid. I'm a java developer from Germany and would love to get into indie game developement but I never managed to follow through and complete any project yet. Currently I'm working through the great tutorial series on libGDX from Brent Aureli and I hope that the jam will promt me to actually create a small game from start to finish. I will be doing all the programming and my way too talented brother will hopefully be able to create some original music for it.

The tools I will probably use are:

  • Intellij
  • Tiled
  • Gimp or Graphicsgale

Good luck and have fun, everyone!

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I am a CS student from Sweden, who first discovered libGDX around two years ago. My first game programming experiments were terrible, but during last few months I have been trying to learn more about 3D games and a little about AI. As davebol mentioned, I have been working with him on GdxDemo3D, which has been great fun!

Other than programming, I like to play around with creating game art, mainly in Blender and Gimp. A few years ago, I participated in an art contest arranged by, which was also very fun.

This is the first official game jam I am participating in, other than a few minor projects with friends.

Hope everyone has a fun jam!

I'm quincep, recent math/cs grad. I'll be working on my second game in libgdx (and second game ever!) for this jam.

Happy jamming and good luck to all!

Hello, I'm Geoffrey.

One time contributor to libGDX (but only 'cause someone inserted a bug.) Hailing from the Southwest of the US. Software Developer by day... Software Developer and Board Game Geek by night.

This is my first non-LD game jam. I plan to use the same tools as the other times (libGDX, etc.) but with a bit more time to mess around and get my stuff looking good. And to get muddled in the details without killing the entry.


Hi everyone,

I am Barry Rowe, the programmer for a studio (in name at least) in Louisville KY, Roaring Cat Games. We're just coming off of a weekend of jamming on Ludum Dare 34, and looking forward to another jam. The other half of our team is Loi LeMix who will be providing all of the Art, and with the extended time frame possible our music.

We'll most likely be using Ashley ECS, and some of the systems and components we've developed over the last couple of game jams (Movement, Basic Gravity, Rendering, DebugRendering, Health/Damage). Hopefully by the end of this weekend I'll have those systems up as a library for others to use as well. We've been looking for a way to give back to the libGDX community, and it seems like some basic starter systems for Ashley ECS is something a lot of people might like to see. We created a box2d-AshleyECS example project before LD34 you can check out here:

For tooling we'll be using IntelliJ, Adobe Illustrator, Spriter2D, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity, and Git.

Looking forward to seeing what all comes out of the Jam!

Hi, I'm Juanjo from Spain. I'm using Libgdx since one year ago and I developed some inde games.

I love platforms games and mobile games so.. maybe my game goes in this way.

I'm gonna use IntelliJ and Phoyoshop for graphics. And yes.. I'm gonna be alone

Taffaz here, going to try and do this jam although I go away on the 4th Jan for 2 weeks so it'll be an early submission. Going to use Ashley which I've used before and try out gdx-ai which I've never used.

Nice to hear it.

If you need support using gdx-ai contact me on the IRC channel #libgdx at


Hi !

I'm Marc, indie game dev, currently working on Alchemist's Awakening, my biggest project to date, of course using libGDX.

I'm still not sure if I will have the time to submit something for the jam but I'll try!


You will make time! And then you'll finish Alchemist's Awakening!

Hi Libgdx friends,

My name is Francisco and I'm from Portugal. I'm a developer and I make kids games for Play4Edu with Libgdx and RoboVM.

This is my first jam ever, nice to be with LibGDX. I'll be using eclipse, Inkscape, Gimp, Tiled, spriter...

Good Jam to all,



Hello, all.

I'm Steven and I'm 17. I love Java and just finished my first professional project making a radio and podcasting app for a radio station (USING ROBOVM FOR THE iOS PLATFORM). I love to make games in my free time and I have experience with libgdx. I'm VERY excited!


Hi everyone,

I'm Alexey, full-time android developer and game development hobbyist.

Have a few finished games / apps using libGDX.

I hope during a jam I will be able to create something interesting and have fun.

Also, thanks to everyone who organized this event.

Good luck!

Submitted (1 edit)


My name is Łukasz (@lukz_dev) and I'm developer behind libgdx game Angry John. You can check my smaller LibGDX projects here.

I'm not sure that I'll be able to do something for the jam but I'll try!

Good luck!

Hey I'm 19 years old, I'll try to make a game with libGDX with my two pals. I'm gonna use:

  • Intellij
  • FLStudio
  • Blender
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Hi guys.
I am Levinski, Brazilian, and I will participate in a jam for the first time.
I know a little libgdx and love java.

I'm gonna use:

  • Eclipse
  • Graphics gale
  • Tiled Map Editor
  • Sfxr

Hi everyone!

I am Viktar, the lone wolf from the Belarus. I was playing with libGDX for about an year and this jam is an opportunity to make something real. I am going to use Intellij IDEA for coding,\Krita for graphics, Bfxr\Audiotool for sound and music and MAD SKILLZ to rule them all!

Good luck everybody!

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Hi all,

I'm ochi12, a high-school student wanting to make games. I'll be using libgdx(of course), aseprite for the graphics, and maybe lmms for the music(or Hope something decent comes out of this, good luck!


A am from Russia, and I will try to do something with LibGDX.

Hello all.

I'm CNIAngel. Artist/Programmer/Triangle guy. I've made a few games in my time as a programmer and libGDX has been the most important part of it so I'm looking forward to this jam.

Code: libGDX+Eclipse with some boilerplate code for simple sfx, sprite, and scene management.

Art: ASEprite.

Sfx/Music: SunVox & LabChirp

Misc(based on theme): Tiled, Assorted libGDX tools like the Paticle Editor and such.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone does for this jam. I'll make sure to clean up my code before I post it :P

okay, okay, I'm in!

I'm Pascal from Orangepixel, one-man dev, so will do this solo



Julian / jfsaaved, 22 y/o and Filipino-Canadian. This will be my first jam ever so I am excited to take part of it. I'll be doing it solo and I'll most likely use the following:

  • IntelliJ
  • FL Studio
  • GIMP
  • Tiled

gl bros.

Hi everyone,

I'm Dominik and this is going to be my first gamejam ever. I've looked into libGDX a few times in the past but due to the intense workload from studying cs I wasn't able to finish a game yet.

I'm not sure if my game is going to be 2 or 3D. I would love to make a 3D game, but I've just started learning Blender one month ago.


I'm in!

I'm Nehpe. This'll be my first gamejam, and hopefully my first finished game.

I'm planning to go 2D, and I'll try to livestream as much of it as possible here:

I plan to use:

  • Eclipse
  • GIMP
  • Tiled
  • Bxfr
  • Linux! :)

Good luck all!



I'm Rui Madeira

Developer and designer from Portugal. Currently teaching, working on freelance projects as programmer and hobbyist game developer.

Between work and family (my second son will be born in a couple weeks) I'm not sure I'll finish my entry but I'll try ;)

Going to use robovm studio/libgdx, spine, affinity designer and crappy sound effects found online.

Hey People. Juan here. Im engineer from Colombia and work as game designer in India, kind of crazy yeah. Big big expetations of this jam :D

I've been working with libGDX since the last year and I think I have the necessary to participate in this jam altough many of you guys have lot of experience. I hope to learn from all of you, specially from those who will work with Ashley and AI (Seriously sometimes my mind breaks trying to get some of AI working).

My partner is UI/UX designer and graphic creator, we also create our sounds but not sure if we will get time. We already released our first game (still improving), and we will go for what we know best. Small funny and addictive 2D games

Our tools:

Allpowerful libGDX - Eclipse running in Debian - probably Overlap2D for graphic help - Box2D sure - Flash - OpenGameArt as our life vest - paper and pencil - maybe redbull and tons of coffe.

That's all. Happy code!!

Okay, I guess I'm in. I'm Izumi and this is my first jam. I've never finished a full game project before so we'll see what happens.

For my tools I'll be using:

  • Eclipse
  • Photoshop/PaintTool Sai,
  • Graphics Gale,
  • Bxfr,
  • Tiled
  • Maybe Box2D
Though, I'll probably start out with open source game assets and see how time goes.

Good luck everyone.


Hello Everyone,

I'm Nikola, 23 years old computer science student from Serbia.

I started learning libGDX about month ago, my main sources of knowledge are " Gamefromscratch" and "Brent Aureli" video tutorials.

I'm still not sure which tools to use,but most lightly I'll be using "box2d","screen2d","Tiled Map Editor" and other basic tools like that as I am a newbie game developer. I'll work alone, my favorite color is green.

My main goals for this JAM is to practice libGDX and make a playable 2D game,nothing too fancy.

Good lack!



Our group is called UnlimitedGGames :D because GGs is what it matters. Our members are: Jose (me), Max and Liseth.

We are from a little country called El Salvador. I discovered LibGDX a couple of years ago, when I started with my hobby of programming videogames. After that, I have been searching for people with the same inspiration, and so here we are.

First jam ever so we are a little nervous, but I'm sure it will be a blast. We'll be using many tools, the ones from LibGDX (TexturePacker, Box2d, ashley, Box2dLights, Gdx-ai) and some developed in-house (like our editor for Scene2d UI, called X2dGUI, not yet released). Inkscape for art, sounds from freeSFX and music from

My favorite color is Black (can't say for Max and Liseth hehe), but I hope the Black and White theme doesn't win :P

Have fun everyone!


I am Dave, a one man band. Although I have years of programming experience on various platforms my coding is done in a very personal style. I pretty much hate Java but hey it gets the job done.

I will be doing 3D for the Jam.

Wish me luck.

Good luck everyone. Onwards and upwards.

Mr Dave

Hi all!

This is my first jam.

I never finished a game, so at least I hope to get motivated and learn enough to complete a simple one that is playable.

Thanks to the organizers and gl hf



I am a student who is interested in software and games.

I used libGDX a bit before and will likely be participating solo in the jam, trying some new things / ideas, and maybe creating something fun. Probably in 2D, with own graphics and sound.

Have fun.

Hey there, I'm Matt and I've been programming as a hobby for a number of years. Have only recently gotten into libGDX, but found it to be a great extension to Java, so I never left. I'll of course be working alone for this jam (out of solitary as opposed to choice) - and I try to draw most of my own art assets, but I'm not an artist; so OpenGameArt is usually handy.


I'm Rod, an old guy who still likes to think he can enter game jams in his spare time. I was an early adopter of LibGDX having found it when I was first trying to figure out Android programming, but of course Mario was light years ahead of anything that I was doing. I haven't done much with LibGDX or game jams for a while as work has been very busy, so I'm very happy that the LibGDX jam has come along to put that right.

What am I looking to get out of this jam? Well, it's a great opportunity to get back into using LibGDX and I'm going to give Kotlin a try as it looks interesting.

Good luck to everyone.


Welcome back man, we missed you :)


Thanks Mario. Nice to be back.



My name is Jonathan and mostly learned computer science on my own. I'm currently a high school student and hope to go to college for computer science soon. This is my I'll probably be flying solo, but might get help from my friends for non-programing stuff (art and music). The tools I'll use are libgdx, blender, gimp, audacity, and whatever else i may need :3 (also developing on Linux). Sadly I don't have any apple devices, but I'll leave the possibility for the game to be ported easily (thanks libgdx for this). I'm thinking of this being a learning experience more than anything else, but anything is possible.

Good luck everyone!

Greetings, fellow Jammers!

I'm John from Silferein, and like ol' Dominik above this is my first game jam, and I'm really excited! This time around I will be a one man gig for programming, art, and design.

I plan to use a bunch of tools:

  • Eclipse
  • GIMP/Krita
  • Scene2D UI
  • Artemis
  • Freetype
  • AI Module

Hi everyone,

I'm ElectroWeak, and this is my first jam whatsoever. I'll be using libGDX with Kotlin in Intellij IDEA, graphics I'll try to do in Paint.NET or use pre-existing ones mostly from OpenGameArt, and for sounds I'll be using Bfxr or again OpenGameArt. I'm really looking forward to this jam, and to see what other people are going to make.

Happy Coding!


I'm Janus and I'll be working solo.

I have a bit of Game jam experience by now, with 5 Ludum Dare compos under my belt and one other game jam here on itch. Of course I made all with LibGdx.

My best game so far is Art Treachery which not only runs on a Raspberry Pi (Win, Mac, Linux too) it also will be displayed in an arcade machine in the British Library.


I'm mobileDev (my game-development-hobby alias), I've always been into game development, all by my self, but I've never completed a full project with LibGDX before (I've always used other solutions, mainly for web development). For this Jam I'll be using LibGDX; Flash CS6 and GIMP for art; aannndddd I still have to figure out what tool to use for sound.

Good luck to everyone out here!


I'll join the jam - with the goal to finally finish an android game :)

I'm a hobby game dev and so far I have participated only in the ludum dare jam (a few times) with phaser/js based games.

I'll be using IntelliJ Community Edition as my IDE, InkScape for Art, possibly Spriter for Animations.

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I'm Yaru, main (and sole) programmer (and everything) of Synchrex, and as you can see I'm absolutely unable of drawing anything to save my life, but I hope I'm able to make something cool for the jam! I'll be posting updates on both the devlog and my Twitter,
and I think I'll be using Ogmo Editor for levels and (probably) Sfxr for sounds.

Good luck, everybody!

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Hi, I'm Adam, I'm an indie developer and this will be my third jam on

Previously I've only posted text adventure games and I'm very much looking forward to completing something more ambitious this time around. You can find me on twitter @AdamBoyce4

Best of luck to everyone!

Father, writer and programmer here going to make something awesome :D

win or not I will have a functioning game by the 18th!


I'll be participating in this as my first ever game jam. I'll be working with someone, but he hasn't made an account here so I can't direct you to him. I'll be using either Photoshop or Pyxel or a combination of the both for the artwork. We've decided on using IntelliJ IDEA as our IDE. Of course, we'll be using libGDX, duh! I'll keep up a list detailing all resources as we get more in depth with our game.



My first game jam, lone wolf. Planning to use inkscape, krita, magicaVoxel, BFXR, and Andriod studio(intellij). Check out my progress

Hello! My name is Matt and I used libGDX to teach OOP/Java when I was president of my undergrad computer science club. I am currently in grad school for computer science, with a focus on programming languages and DSLs.

I am not usually up on space themes, but I realize that is more that I don't dig spaceships or a void emptiness as "spaces" because there isn't much in them. Spaceships are fun as objects to tinker with, so I think that my interpretation of "life in space" may be less star wars / star trek voyaging into the unknown and more experimenting and tinkering with the denizens of space.

I am going to develop under a previous repo that was just squatting on a project name, that I think fits the theme, which will be here:

You can see that previously it was just an init with no code other than an empty default elixir project. I think I am going to keep with my original idea of matching a libGDX frontend to an Elixir backend and see what sticks. To test/explore I am probably just going to do what I did in undergrad and make some Aseprite placeholder art, some synth on my EWI4000s, and playtest on my android phone and/or my OUYA that is collecting dust.

I'm probably going to work alone. All the other grad students left me this winter break :( But my wife might want to write some dialog / design some character interactions or something :p

My favorite color is purple; my twitter is @mpahrens.

I do have some work for the day job to get done, but maybe 1hr a day will get something small done :)

Hi, I'm John and this is my first game jam. It's been a while since I have finished a game project so I look forward to getting another done for this jam. I will be working alone for this one. I'm not much of an artist but I want to try to make a little bit of art. The rest I will most likely try to grab from Some of the tools I plan to use are:

  • IntelliJ
  • Inkscape
  • libGDX
  • Box2D
  • Tiled
  • Bfxr
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Hi, I'm Zach, a senior in high school. I'll be using Eclipse, Tiled, Photoshop, Bfxr, and something for music. I'm going to be working alone. Blue is my favorite color. I've completed two Ludum dares, but I'm looking forward to having a whole month to work on this game!



I'm Tommi from, goCubed, I will be making a game with my mate from Australia :D

We will be using Intellij for the java programming side, for images and still deciding for sounds (probably BFXR)

This is the first jam we are doing but sounds very interesting. I hope something interesting comes out of it!


I'm Matt, and I'm pretty excited to get my jam on. I am a professional software engineer in the game industry, but I'm still getting my feet wet with Java and libGDX in particular. I'll be going solo on this one and plan to use vanilla libGDX with no existing code base...yay!? I hope I don't need to author to much content myself, so not sure what tools I'll need besides Android Studio for my IDE.

Good luck everyone!


Hi There,

I'm Amit, Computer Engineer , learning game development for a few small hobby projects. Excited for the game jam! hoping it will give me the push needed to get my first game out there!

I'll be using eclipse ( I like it..)

Gimp for my bad pixel art and for sounds I'll have to rely on the internet or I may try some tool if i get time enough.

Good luck to everyone participating!


Hi, I'm Anton (aka antag99). I'll work alone and use Eclipse for coding, GIMP for graphics, and Audacity for audio, hopefully ending up with an awesome game!

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Hello! I'm very excited to participate in this jam, which is my first ever. I'll be using Bfxr and Audacity for audio, Photoshop for arts (in which I suck more than any other) and, of course, LibGDX. I'm not an experienced game dev, made 4 small games. And I still don't have a clue about the space game I'm about to make. I guess that's the fun. I hope this will turn out to be a cool journey, learn a lot of stuff on the way and that I can submit it before the deadline. So, that's it. Cheers!

Oh! My favorite color is blue. Maybe black too. A lone wolf in this project.

Hey dudes & dudettes.

I'm Sam, a 17-year-old from the depths of South Africa. I'm hoping to study Physics at uni in 2017, and quite enjoy game development.

I've only really done one jam, and that was LD31. The others have been missed due to school and other such difficulties, however I'm free as a bird now (Wet Hot South African Summer Holidays) and am super eager to get to do the LibGDX jam! I'll be doing it solo, because the only other person I know who'd be willing to give a jam a shot is a friend of mine who writes code so illegible it makes my head hurt.

My arsenal includes LibGDX, Eclipse, FL Studio, SFXR and GIMP. And perhaps some more stuff. You never know with game development ._.

Happy jamming!

Hello everyone,

I'm Ben, student and... that's about it really. I've dabbled a bit in libGDX but not much. Most of my game dev experience is in Unity and Haxeflixel but I've always worked well under a deadline, so why not learn libGDX in a month and make a game?

In terms of the more artistic stuff, I use Aseprite for most art, though sometimes I pull out Photoshop if I want to composite a big scene of some sort. I use Bosca Ceoil for music and spam the randomize button on Sxfr for sound effects. I may end up adding more tools as I learn more about my workflow with the framework.

Good luck everyone!


Hi there!

I'm Mario, a 26 year old video-game lover and programmer from Barcelona.

I want to do something fun in the christmas break, so why the heck not do this.

I have used libgdx in the past, and will be using Android Studio, Gimp and BFXR... probably; not really bounded to these. It's a jam! Everything can happen!

My friend Jesus will be joining me (it's a real guy, not the one from The Book).

Have fun everyone!




I'm Cord and I' studying CS.

I've done a couple game jams, and I work in a team with friends.

I'll be using libGDX(obviously!), Box2D, IntelliJ, Pyxel Edit, Affinity Designer, Photoshop, maybe Blender. For Sound I don't know yet what Software I'll be using.

Lets make somthing Awesome :-)

Hi there, from Utah USA! I'm a hacker-of-all-trades that got his start in web development and just did whatever else was asked of me as it came along. I'm always trying to learn something new in the IT industry. I've studied and dabbled with various game development technologies and principles, but never found the time/energy/motivation to actually put a game together. I've been meaning to do a Ludum Dare for the past year or so, however, work always got in the way (including last weekend). Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in at least 48 hours worth of work over the next 30 days. I've played with libGDX a little, but I will ultimately be learning it as I go in this competition. It will mostly be a solo project, but I'll at least bounce ideas off friends and family over the holidays.

Good luck and happy holidays.


I'm Dima,student from Russia.I will be working alone, or maybe with my friends.

Hi Dima, 

I played your game "Save Shelter" and I absolutely love it! I have an opportunity I would like to discuss with you when you have a moment. Please message me back. Thanks!

Hi. Thanks)

Deleted 3 years ago

Hi there,

I'm Merijn, would be indie game developer by night. I live in the Netherlands with my wife and cat and have a daytime job in finance. I have been dabbling with game development for over 20 years, but only in recent years have actually made something for a wider audience.

I will be working alone - and will try to use some new technics from scratch. Not sure if this will become a viable contribution - but I will give it a try.

Wow. So many people here! Hope we will see some good contributions! Have fun!


I'm Clifford. I did completed an intro to Java course at a university about 3 months ago, and have been using LibGDX for my games ever since.

I'll be aiming to only use Scene2D (as I find it cool and easy to use for UI's and such), get my sounds from Freesounds and make my own art! :D

I use Eclipse mainly because I've gotten really used to it, and it's not a half-bad IDE.

Good luck to everyone taking part!

Hello there

My name is Martin, and I am a noob indie developer from Denmark. I am a newcomer in this, so I am just excited to try it out. I have mostly worked in Unity before, but I fell in love with the LibGDX library, so thats what I am trying to play with now.

Good luck to all others

Hi everyone, i'm Meursault and i'm using this jam as an excuse to learn Libgdx. I have about one year experience with game development as a hobby but i only used Unity. So this jam will be my motivation to try out new things with libgdx. So there is nothing fancy to expect but im looking forward to the experience.

Good luck to everyone!

Hi, I'm Mike and I'm going to give this a shot. By day I'm a developer doing mostly Web related stuff (C#, HTML, Javascript, SQL, etc) but games are more interesting. I've done a couple game jams before and I'm liking the idea of this being a month long as I'm a busy person. Obviously I'll be using LibGDX, but other than that nothing is decided at this stage, probably GIMP for graphics though.

It'd be awesome if you could follow along, I'm on Twitter here: Okinawa Terminal

Finally, Good luck to all! :D

We take part as a team of two. We haven't decided on what libs and frameworks to use apart from libGDX of course and IntelliJ.

Hi all,

I am Chris, a computer science student from Germany. My main focus lies on computer vision and signal / image processing in medicine. I've played around with libGDX a litte and decided to try my first game jam / contest.

Good luck and have fun.

Hey everyone,

my name is Flo, i study CS in Germany too and work together with Chris. Mainly I develop web applications & Android apps. At work with focus on eHealth. In the last few months I started working with libgdx. I never attented a game jam before, but I think this is gonna be fun.

Good luck and I hope to see some cool games.


<-- Flo

Hi, i'm Daniel. I'm from switzerland and i'm a work alone. I love 2d pixel games and cool innovative ideas.


I'm Jason. I left my job as a mobile developer to found Broken Shotgun. I've been a huge fan of LibGDX, but I have been recently experimenting with other game engines that have more comprehensive tool sets & IDE's (Unity, Unreal).

I am excited to play around with new stuff like Overlap2D, Spine, and not to mention all the new updates that have come to LibGDX since I've been learning other stuff!

I usually work alone, but I'm always looking for people to collaborate with! If you still don't have a team and want to work together, reply to this comment! :)

Hello fellow jammers;

My name is Jeff and I am both a computer science and engineering student. I am totally new to making games; looking to sharpen my Java skills and make a cool game in the process. Will be working with Liquid Shock Games for this jam.

Good luck everyone (and have fun)!



Adam here. I didn't think I would be entering this given the theme, but I decided on a game idea within 5 minutes so I decided to give it a go. I am making making ports for desktop, android, and html (I don't have any ios devices sorry).

My idea is spore but with planets and not cells and I will most likely be doing this myself.

Hello everyone, I am @CarelessLabs a hobbyist game developer. I love tea and running.

I have been playing about with LibGDX for around 2 years and have entered several game jams. Love Mega Drive style games and will make some sort of retro 2D/ pixel art game.

I will use Photoshop and Eclipse.




we are Nuke The Moon And Friends: 3 experienced Java / libGDX developers and a talented game artist from Hamburg Germany. The official channels of Nuke The Moon are @NTM_Games and But we have personal channels as well @lovisbrot, artstation/mechanika and @HofmannLuca. We cant hardly wait to start developing and see the work of other teams. Have Fun!

Hey guys, software engineering student here and first time doing a jam. I will try to show something to be proud of and at least not get last place haha. Wish you all luck!!!

Hey all, I'm Sonny. First jam here. I released an online space shooter using libgdx about a year ago. Looking forward to working on something new. I'll be trying out Ashley and Overlay2D for the first time, with Gimp and Inkscape for graphics.


I'm Peter, mostly a web developer by day. I don't know libgdx yet, it's been ages since I've used Java and I might not have much time for this, but I'm joining the jam. This will be mostly about learning new stuff and getting the hang of doing a mobile project, but hopefully something finished will come out of it. Will be sharing the progress in a devlog thread.

Good luck everyone!

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Hello, fellow game enthusiasts.

I'm Connor. A guy that has never used libGDX before.
Yes, that's correct. I'm looking into joining this 28-day jam when I haven't used libGDX before and I haven't coded in Java in a few years (and was never really grand at it, either)

Am I going to try to learn to use libGDX and make a game in 28 days? Damn right I am. Will it be possible? Iunno, time to find out. As such, though, I wont be starting a dev blog until I'm at least working on the game itself. Once work of any form starts, the dev blog will also start.

Joining the jam alone. Not sure what other programs I'll use yet as I'm not familiar with libGDX, but I'm familiar with Gimp so that's probably gonna be in there somewhere.

EDIT: I have a feeling me and the post above me will be best friends.

Hi all,

I'm James. I'm using the jam to experiment with Kotlin which has been picking up steam lately in the Android dev community. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. Good luck all!

Hi. I'm Linus. A web developer just recently started making games. LibGDX is my favourite game framework so I'll definitely enjoy #libGDXJam. If you'd like to see my progress check out @shingekinolinus

Good luck to everyone, and I hope you have fun :)


Names Harry. I'm a self taught, at home developer who is keen about having soon fun with this jam. Been coding with LibGdx for 6 months now. Not 100% sure about a win but I'm ready to get started early tomorrow :D


Hello everyone!

My name is Leonard, I'm a self-taught programmer and I've been using libGDX for a while. Never actually finished a game though, so it's time to change that. I'll be working alone, doing all of the design, programming, graphics and so on. Updates will be here and on my twitter @polydus. I have a basic design ready and I'm looking forward to building something that's pretty awesome.

My favourite color? Really anything but #ff00ff. #212121 is not bad.

Hai guise!

My name is Alec and i am a student from Brasil.

Gonna make a fun space game!!! Yay :D I want to work as a game developer eventually.

If i win and get one of the Apple devices i will sell them to buy 2 equivalent android ones. :P

I am not sure if shipment to Brasil will be a problem. Probably will. I just want Halfway steam key beacause i don't like piracy in indie games. :P

Hey there,

Guillermo here, from Chile. I am an android programmer who loves his work, and I've always dreamed of developing video games. For some time I am reading about libgdx, but I not dared to begin to develop my first game.

I know that libgdx is the best framework for mobile devices, because offering compatibility with all android devices, regardless of whether devices are high or low range; for this reason I chose among the other options. I reach to this conclusion after I read a book of Unity, and run in my nexus one.

I do not have a team, just me.


Hi, I'm Kacha, a Cs student and budding indie developer, this will be my first jam and im hoping to have fun learn a lot and develop mmy skills as a coder/game dev. I'll be using libgdx of course and probably box2d. I'll be working with my brother in a team of two.(My sister shall serve as a consultant on story and art direction)
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Hi Everyone :) I'm Pavel, a web-developer at day and newbie game developer at night. I'll be using LibGdx, libgdx-utils, Bfxr, Spriter, PS and ofc i'll look for some assets at opengameart. I'll be working alone :)

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I'm Ralph, lone wanderer-samurai. Not super new to LibGDX, but I've never finished a game in a game jam. I'm about to change that.

Tools I'll be using:

--IntelliJ IDEA

And of course, libGDX (with some included Box2D stuff).


I'am Alex, java developer from Russia. I'am not a game developer, this is all new to me.

I'll do my best to make it in time.


Hi all, I'm XdebugX from XdebugX Games. I'm going to try to develop a game for the libGDX Jam. My games title is tentatively "Trouble with Tribbles". Will be a casual breakdown type game with space theme and furry Tribbles.

Submitted (1 edit)

If you'd like to connect with me on social media my twitter is:


My games for Android (about half made with libGDX)

My games for IOS (All made with libGDX and RoboVM)

My website:

Hi guys & girls,

I'm Faisal Rasak. Solo (night time) indie dev at Monster Brain Games. Used the Awesome LibGDX for my first android Game Spell-it and some other games. Joining previous LD jam also encouraged me to took part in this as well.

Bit afraid to risk using for the first time, Overlap 2D and if possible GDX-AI too. Keeping Devlog is Tiring but quite useful for other devs I guess. I'll try to keep my Devlog interesting and useful.

Will also be using free game art from OpenGameArt, sounds from it, music from kevinmcleod probably.

I'm learning about Life in Space. There are indeed useful sites (for kids) explaining Life in space by NASA and Japanese Space agencies etc. Hope it might help me get some interesting ideas for Game.

It motivates me to read through (not completed reading yet, because its so much) other dev's curiosity and readiness for this jam. Hoping to create and complete a beautiful playable and enjoyable game to the first ever libGDX Jam.

And hopes to play Awesome games from other devs as well. Looking forward to your awesome ideas, which inspires me and other devs as well.


Marc here. I've been using LibGDX for a while but it's my first ever jam. I'll be playing solo in this jam. I'll be using LibGDX and I'll probably be giving Ashley a try for the fist time. Depending of what I come up with for the topic I'll most likely use Box2d and Tiled for the levels. I'll use Eclipse as my IDE of choice.

Happy coding!


Hi everybody!

I'm Zem. I'm going to create some arcade with story-telling.

Technically, it is not a surprise - I'll use libgdx with custom wrappers and implemented basic Ecs stuff.

Hi everyone !

I'm Violacrimosum, Game Developper & Designer. Still a student ^^

I've already experimented LibGDX with a few games and will try to use Overlap2D for the second time.

I'm planning to use :

  • Android Studio
  • BFXR (for the sfx place holders)
  • Bosca Ceoil (for the music )
  • Gimp (for the sprites)
  • Spine2D (for the animation)
  • Overlap2D (along with Ashley, just awesome systems ^^)
  • GdxAI (yeah, it's a part of the library but never used it so i thinks it's quite logical to give him a spot on the list)
  • Paper & Pencil ! ( can't do shit without it )
Good luck everyone ! Have fun during this jam and may the force be with you ^^


I'm glatteis, and in a day I have christmas holidays. So I'll try to create a nice game for this jam. :D

I'm Fire, and I'm a Physics/Comp. Sci. university student. I am working on a project for the jam with one friend. We're coding our project in Java with eclipse and LibGDX within it. We are creating all of the art ourselves, and we haven't chosen our music source yet (it may be original content). We're looking to make a roguelike adventure game about a planet-hopping traveler.

Hello. I am Kyle, Mathematics and Comp Sci student at University of California, Irvine. I am working with Fire Gypsy. We are going to make a roguelike adventure game about a planet-hopping traveler.



We're Felix and Tobias, looking to build the best space game ever! :D Seriously, we will just try to make the most out of it and try out some new techniques.

The game we're going to make is focused on space exploration, resource management and af course, survival! Let's see how far we get :D

So, let's have some fun!
Good luck everybody!!

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Hello fellow Jammers,

I'm Michael, an Android developer (not games) in California. I've been wanting to get into making games as a hobby for a while so here's my chance.

I'll be working alone. The tools I'm using are LibGDX of course, Box2D, and Box2dLights. I'll be doing my own art, sound, and music as well. I don't know what tools I'll use, hopefully something more sophisticated than MS paint.

Happy coding!

Sheix reporting in. Software developer by day, and now by night too.


Im Kevin, from philippines.

im 22 y/o, a beginner in terms of game development but not in programming..
ill be using free assets (not so talented)... hahahahah

i dont think i can win the jam..
but i wanna join since im just learning libGDX and this is my first game to make ;)..

thanks! good luck everyone!

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Hi everyone !

I'm Christian, a 43 years old programmer.

Though my main experience is with C/C++ and I'm not that familiar with Java yet, I've been following the LibGDX progress from afar for quite a long time now, this is my first jam and the opportunity to delve in it and finally DO something with it. Not sure if I will finish anything, but the journey is already quite interesting.

I'll be trying to do some sort of "space mining facility managing game", and I'll be on my own.

Tools :

  • Android Studio.
  • Out of the box APIs from LibGDX (TiledMap, Stage2D,...)
  • Tiled.
  • Blender (if I have time to get better pre-rendered assets)
  • Audacity and Garage band to get some *blips*

Good luck to y'all !

(and of course my favourite colour is black).


Hi! Nice to see such a huge crowd!

I'm Northburns and I'm joined by my brother ippekun and cousin kueskol. We're aiming to just have some fun with this jam, not stress it, and simply try to push something small and fun out. The holidays will sure tax our time, but we are very excited!

Happy jamming, everybody! We're already running late, so I'll just keep this brief and get hacking ;)


Hello friends,

My name is Jonathan Camarena, I don't study anything or make games in general. Saw this when downloading libgdx lol and though "hey that looks like fun :)". Im a few days late i hope that is ok.

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I'm Antonio, alias @Fahien, CompSci student and enthusiast gamedev. This is the second GameJam in which I use libGDX to develop a game. The former was this.

I don't work alone. As I write code, pasto creates spaceships, asteroids, missiles, bombs, etc. We will use Android Studio, Blender, GIMP, Audacity and I do not know what more.

Well, I'm just a student and english isn't my mother tongue, so if you see any code or grammar horror, please do not hesitate to leave feedback.

Thank you and have a good Jam!


Hello everyone!

I'm new to developing games and am joining this game jam to improve my programming skills. Good luck to everyone else! I am not sure yet what tools I will be using besides libgdx.

My favorite color is orange :)


Hello everyone!

I'm a current comp. sci. student who has been interested in developing video games and creating software. I've only made about 2 basic games from scratch as personal projects but they were very basic so I've recently been looking at using LibGDX to make the process of creating games easier, hopefully.

Hi , I'm pavitran

Hiho, this is noone, or nooone, or noooone, or nooooone, or ...

I've contributed a few things to libgdx itself and love using it to create games (or rather prototypes I never finish) in my spare time.

This is my first jam ever and I'm probably going to participate alone. I'll probably use Box2D and premade art that I buy for a few bucks.

Nice to see you here :)

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Hi! It is I, EvilEntity! Gonna make me a game in kotlin, fun stuff!


Hi all!

My name is David, and I am a web developer from Austria!

After playing around with libGDX for a few years now (prototyping), I actually never built a full game with it. So I figured this game jam will be a nice opportunity to do just that. Or at least a nice learning experience :)

Have fun everybody, and good luck with your projects!

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I'm @CarniBlood. I have been using libGDX sometimes in the last two years for prototyping game ideas, and I'm excited to participate this jam and see what everybody will be making!

I'm a game programmer for a AAA project by day, and also working on a VR educational game by myself in my free time.
I don't have so much time left for another project, so I will mostly work on this game during my subway commute :)
I'm will team up with @PouleyKetchoup who will do all the art, so I can concentrate on the coding and do almost 100% of the work on my smartphone, thanks to AndroidIDE. We will both participate to the game design.

I will re-use one unfinished point-and-click engine I was using for a previous prototype to start with, and will pretty much stick with libGDX only, but maybe also use Java Behaviour Trees library depending on my needs for interaction and AI.

Hello. I am Roman Müller. A software developer from germany currently workin on a Java EE web project.

I started with game development a couple of months ago. This jam-project will be my second game. The first was a rubiks cube developed with libgdx. Libgdx is awesome.

Because I want to learn new things during this jam I will try to write the game in Python using Jython. It will also serve as a method of code obfuscation :D :P.

These are the tools I plan to use:

  • Graphics: Blender and (maybe inkscape or gimp if lacks some features).
  • Sound: Audacity
  • Code editing: Eclipse
  • Version control: Git
Wish everybody a fun and educational jam. :-)


I'm Peter, I work for a big corporation as an Intern IT supporter, and hopefully from next year continue to work there as a Junior IT engineer.

In my free time I love developing smaller games, but never really show/share it with anyone, so I'm glad to join this jam and see all these awesome work you guys do, and will be glad to share a project of mine too finally.

I'll use libGDX and box2D, I already have a (in my opinion :D) kinda cool game idea.


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I'm a game developer from France, currently working as a programmer on a AAA game in the US.

I'm going to join CarniBlood (a few posts above) for this game jam, and I'll mostly work on the art. I like drawing but I'm not a professional artist so we'll see how it goes :) A lot to learn in a very short time but I think it will be lots of fun too :D

Good luck everybody!


I'm Lee Stemkoski, a college professor that particularly enjoys teaching courses on video game programming. I recently wrote a book called Beginning Java Game Development with LibGDX - for more information, check out my blog post here (and if you're interested in receiving a free eBook copy in exchange for writing an honest review, feel free to contact me by email!).

I decided to join this game jam to see how far I can push and adapt the code base developed in the book. I'll be using Tiled ( for level design and Box2D ( for physics. For prototyping I'll be using some spritesheets from and text from If time permits, I'll work on some custom art assets later using a combination of MyPaint and GIMP. Sound will be from and, and again, time permitting, I'll work on custom assets using LMMS and Audacity.

Favorite color: RGB(0, 51, 102) == #003366 == "Midnight Blue".

Good luck, everyone!


i'm Gabriel a young dev of mobile games. I discovered libgdx two months ago, and now i'm here! This is my second Jam and i'm very enthusiasticto partecipate!

I use:

-Intellij IDEA

-Sprite From OpenGameArt


-Sound From FreeSounds

-And code by me :)

Hey there!

I'm Jeff and I am currently a computer science student. I've made 2 android games using libGdx and now I'll try a crack at this jam.

I will be working alone on this project.

I'll be using GIMP for art and using the sound generator Bfxr.

Thanks for having and happy holidays!

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Hi I'm Grant with FiveMedia, (

We recently used libgdx to create a game for desktop and android TV- a great framework for Java game makers.

W'll be putting a space/puzzle/platform we together for this game jam, reusing some of our libraries (and knowledge) built on libgdx.

Tiled is our level editor

And texture packer for making sprite sheets

Pikopixel for art

And sublime text for ide

Should be fun,


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Im Yitz, Ive spent alot of time playing around with libgdx making games outside of school, and this is my first jam!

Ill be making an awesome casual game that will compliment the theme very nicely.

For graphics ill be using iDraw, for sound Audacity and cfxr.

Hey y'all, I'm Ben and always seemingly late to the party (just found out about this jam a second ago)...

I'm currently living in Melbourne & like anyone who is reading this far in, have a habbit of impulsively signing up for online game jams. I also run a fantasy game developer league with my friends (first one to actually finish a game wins),

Given the time limit I'll probably just use a pretty boring tech stack for this (java 8 targeting just the desktop). Although already reading some of the dev logs I might see how kotlin fares. As for tooling I'll do some research and should be covered within the devblog for this project.



I´m Angel from Spain.

I´m a teacher and teach libgdx to my students.

This is my first 'jam'. I developer games to show my students how libgdx work.

I'm going to work alone in this jam. I will use blender, audicity and Android Studio.


I'm twisty01, a student of FIT CTU in Prague, and I would like to join the Jam even though I don't have much time for it.

I'll be using Intellij as my IDE, ashley ECS, probably sounds from and sprites made by my younger very talented brother.

Hello, my name is Nikita. I'm a student of IT University from Russia. I'll try to participate in my first jam ever and produce something interesting but not in a good quality, because it will be my first game project)


Just starting!This is my first jam. Hoping to make a simple and cute game


Hi everyone,

My name is Graham, I am a Computer Science student and this will be my first time participating in a Game Jam and using libGDX. Hopefully you all enjoy what I submit.




Hello Community,

Late entry here.. My name is Alex, programming hobbyist and solo competitor in this game jam. My project so far has made extensive use of these tools:

Good luck to all the developers and may the best game win!




I'm Machida from Brazil and I'm very happy to be here creating a game for this Jam.

I'm programmer but I'm doing everything by myself (maybe audio will be 3rd, I don't know yet).

10 days left and I'm very happy because I learned a lot and test different softwares like pixel edit stuff, very cool, and is amazing see other game dev from twitter hastag.

Good Luck and have fun.


Hey it's Casey here. Starting this jam late because of being busy with family and work. I'm 21 years old and have been programming for a long time. Programming games comes easy for me but making art assets is harder for me because I'm a perfectionist which sucks because I barely stick with my original intentions with games.

Anyway, let's go!

Hi there i'm nathan a game dev.

I'm going to create a simple game partly inspired by star wars.


Hello !

I'm a french computer science student. I've been unable to enter the jam earlier but i already though about a game idea. More in the SIM8's topic.

Good day and good continuation all !

Hi everyone.

My name is Cesar, I'm a small developer from Mexico who last year released only one game (spiketwist, for ios and android).

I'll be working by myself, I'm planing on using just libgdx+3d and some math here and there. My idea is to use a vector-like display, like the old Atari and Vectrex ones. This way I won't need to be hunting for tiles or graphics ;) For audio I'll rely on free audio libraries.

Good luck to everyone. Let's see how much I can do in less than a week ;)



I'm Ryan, I am fairly new to LIBGDX and want to use overlap2d for this project. I am looking forward to learning a lot and getting to meet the community. I am currently living in Bratislava and you can read my game entry blog here.

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I'm Shashwat, I represent an Indie studio and we;ve been using libGDX for a while now for our projects and are utterly grateful to everyone who contributes to the development. We go by the name Famous Dogg Studios.

My recent submission to this jam was our newest game called Mean Machines-- please accept my sincere apologies as I realised that my submission was in violation of the jam's rules and was inconsistent with the requested theme "life in space". The submission has been removed by the admins and rightfully so.

Good luck to all the current entries to the jam and keep up the good work!

Hi everyone!

My name is Ken, or "capnkenny", and I'm a hobbyist / student Java developer who hasn't really dabbled too much in their spare time. I just read up on LibGDX, and this will be my first endeavor into game development, as well as my first game jam! This will be fun nonetheless for me, so here goes nothing!

Although I have a few colleagues where I work that would like to join me, I'm going in solo on this one; attempting this game jam will help me learn a lot about where I should start and where to improve. Besides, entering this late in the game (4 days and counting) will show me what I can accomplish in a crunch!

Let's see....My favorite colors are red and green. And I'll be using LibGDX + Box2D (I think, since that's what comes with the project builder and I think I'll be okay with), Audacity for my music files (if I get to it), and GIMP to edit my sprites / pics / etc. I'll also probably bounce back and forth between Eclipse and Android Studio to do the actual development.

Good luck to everyone else who is jamming!


Hi guys, I'm late!

Actually, my name is Bruno, I am a (casual) game developer from Croatia. This Jam is the first I will participate in (in what I hope are many more to come) and hopefully we will have something to show in 4 remaining days. When I say we I mean my business partners Marija and Ivana, a programmer and a first time artist. I have kept my eye on libGDX for some time now and finally the right moment came to try and make something with it.

Cheers and good luck!

Well, seeing as there is only 2 days and 20 hours left, I am not giving myself much time, but I am going to try to get something done. I will have to treat this a bit like a normal, weekend game jam and limit myself to something simple, especially as I have not used libGDX in a while. My first libGDX game was quite simple as well, so I am sad that I will not get a chance to make something more exciting, but I am going to look at this as a stepping stone, something to get me back into the libGDX frame of mind, and perhaps work on something more exciting afterward.

This will be done by myself, I am going to use libGDX without any of the extensions, I think. Will likely use Inkscape for the art, though if I find myself really limited, I will consider quickly hand drawing the art.


Hi There!!

My name is Isidro, I'm a professor and I'm advising some students to submit the Lunar Killer to this Jam!! They are very excited!!


I've submitted my game but I never introduced myself!

My name's Matt and I work in web development, I use LibGDX for Ludum dare entries so it made sense to enter this jam, a whole month to make a game? what luxury! I spent that month up to the last week doing about 5% of the work so it was pretty much done in a weekend anyway!

good luck in the judging!

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