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Works through the ITCH launcher, do not download directly.

Thanks for the tip! Worked, also the launcher is pretty nice.

Amazing graphics, sounds, perfect blade runner atmosphere.

Really enjoyed it, I guess the aesthetics and polish took all your time so not so much game in place at the moment. Would love to see this dev further. One of my highest scores so far, you deserve a top spot in the overall results. *****

Quite fun, graphics were cool, move controls.

Clever to put the instructions where you did.

Good job and nice to see something unique

The intro rooms were really well made, how did you do all those textures so quick? The bed room was cool and was shocked to see I had a neat little shadow.

Was not expecting that when I jumped out quite trippy! Went into some eye thing that was off stream and took me back the the menu so I guess I shouldnt have done that?

the game never started?

not bad effort, as far as the runners go its not got enough features to put it amongst the best.

I liked this but found the controls a little stiff, if the movement was a little better would have made it to the top.

Great effort though!

Shame you lost the files (Cyber hacked?) seems a nice game just needed more time to sort out controls it seems.

I loved the idea of showing hp loss just tough to play on keyboard and some wave attacks were too fast.

I am scoring this high for its potential though!!

Good idea, this could have been much better though with neat graphics and better sounds.

Solid entry, difficult control so pretty much stayed in same spot just making small movements.

Could have put all the start text into one box so you dont have to click so many times and also add in a retry button to jump past the intro.

Cool idea, well executed. Love the blood effect

A little odd, could have been more like the road rash type games with better controls etc.

Scored 1353, realyl enjoyed it!

enemies will be stunned for... I'm dead lol, how do I get past that first guy?

good effort!

seemed like a good idea, not sure what I was doing though

Good job really liked it

Needs some work but fun.

Crazy graphics, very short but fun

enjoyed it!

didnt score anything but music was cool and looked pretty

Nice game, ended very quickly though.

Enjoyed this, great entry.

quite fun! Good job, would have like to moved about a little quicker but I guess while falling movement would be tough!

Really good, personally don't have the patient for those games but did get through about 5/8 levels.

First few were the hardest time wise, after that seemed I had quite a few seconds to spare.

really good game, was in a trance and did not notice my hacks stopped working and ran out of money! 

With more time and a few more features would be a great little sim

Some of those blocks got some hp, nice game though.

Very nice, graphics are great, gameplay nice and easy but addictive. Music is good fits the game well.

Quite cool this, maybe could have put some more content in given the time, but well done

Took a few moments to realize the controls are A & D, nice and simple but a little too easy.

Graphics are neat, character needs a few more animations as I seems to run up walks etc.

Good effort though.

Nice graphics, simple controls very well made. The crash sound/flash was a little disappointing. Excellent entry

Nice idea but I could not play for too long

Went into a room and stepped into some binary, ended up in another area with no camera, went through all the rooms I could find find but not quite sure what to do after that.

Kept thinking something would jump out at me eventually but it didn't phew!

nice idea but was a little lost on what I had to do, the music did eventually annoy me so I turned off my speakers.

One of my higher marks so far, mostly as I really enjoyed it and wanted to get onto that score board! Great game, hope its up in the top 10 as it deserves it.

Really nice game, great graphics! A cross-over of Flappy and Cyber Jam.

@Locel Minimum: the mouse off screen is something that should have been done, good point. Ran out of time to add a proper game over animation.

@Prelucid Pictures: The off screen test should have been done, I did stop the player going more than a step off screen but there is no tests to ensure enemies stay on screen. Needs sorting out.

@The Mind Wright: Power ups and collectables would have been in place given a little more time, I was thinking some sort of shooting down of crates to get all sorts of new weapons/bullets, HP+ maybe even lives.

@Belstras: Extra bots would be very nice indeed, if people like this enough for me to remake it I would design new and unique robots.

Also I think this game needs

  1. Better wave balance
  2. lots more enemies
  3. levels
  4. bosses
  5. movement up, down, jump
  6. maybe some scrolling during waves
  7. Different guns
  8. Secondary weapon.

So many ideas!

Great entry!

Very nice graphics, made it through quite a few screens but did not beat the game, solid entry. not sure its 100% cyber punk