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No physics, pure adrenaline!
Submitted by Bartek Lisok (@k3rmit) — 2 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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Ranked from 32 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Plays lovely and looks even better


My favorite game that I've played from the jam so far! Baller. Reminds me of an arcade game I played as a kid that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of right now. 


OMG SO ADDICTIVE!!!!!! My best is checkpoint 16/29 so far... will Give it some other tries tonight :D And dat bg music! <3

Would you please rate our game as well? :) 


Lotus set in a cyberpunk world, great idea! Really challenging, almost frustrating.

Except for the camera stuttering, everything looks really nice, had a fun time playing it!

Have a go at my entry: A Logical Dive


Nice graphics, simple controls very well made. The crash sound/flash was a little disappointing. Excellent entry

Very challenging, awesome visuals and sound. Controls are a bit off. One time I couldn't move left at all and was stuck always driving towards the right. Had to reload the game.


ARRRGH this is so good, nice and simple arcade with amazing visuals and catchy music, this is very, very good.


The music, the visuals and the overall feeling of the game are just superb. Really enjoyed this game.


Visually stunning, but controls could use some work. One of the most highly polished games in the whole jam. Excellent work!

This is one of my favorites yet, I really enjoy the aesthetic and the atmosphere, very polished and a ton of fun!


The movement of the camera is great, it seems to bank and zoom the right amount to make you feel like you're moving fast.
Only having room for one mistake is pretty punishing. It's hard to for me to explain, but perhaps it would be more satisfying if the collisions were less soft and dull, and more abrupt. That may just be the sound effect though.


The music effect on the camera and the text is just awesome! And very well worked colors and buildings. "Please stand by while generating reality" Great! Got 28,173 according to meter but high score was only recorded at 27,947. Feels like you robbed me of them last points. My record run was about twice the previous record and the reason was I was surfing the mission fail right before check-points. It was way easier than having to deal with the other cars. So maybe some fine-tuning on how the cars spread out in relation to that could make it even more solid.


I think you nailed the mixture of visuals with music! Really nice. :)


I really don't like racing games -- but this is changing my mind! ( I've already commented ) but its a seriously good game and I just got a new high score of 174,547 :D. Love it man.


This game is great! I feel like the penalty from collisions is a little too severe, though.

I feel like I lack real maneuvering control while accelerating, but at the same time I decelerate so quickly that I wasn't able to effectively manage turns by not accelerating and just going left/right.

that aside, the game looks great in motion, and the music, gameplay and visuals all support each other well. Definitely one of the strongest examples in the jam so far 


@DallOner will do. Will play all the games!

I know the lack of menu is can be a drawback. I'm gonna work further on the game once the voting/jam is over.

@BerickCook sorry about the camera. I will add an option to disable it (after the jam) and I already thinking about some powerups :)

I admit, it's difficult, but I believe it's better to be a bit more difficult, than too easy. If you spend some time diving, you get hold of the "rhythm".

Basically there are stages when "learning" how to play:

  1. You die early.
  2. You kinda get it and get to the middle of the race.
  3. You manage to finish.
  4. You usually finish it and try to improve highscore.

At the moment, the game is locked. After the jam (and the voting) is over I'm gonna work to turn it into a full game. Menus, tracks, powerups etc.

Thanks for the comments. I'm gonna improve the game based on you suggestions (but, it's still going to be difficult :P).


The best game in graphics but without a menu. Do it and be perfect.

If u can rate my game will be awesome brou! City of Devil


Looked good, and the gameplay was fun, but the randomly shaky camera messed with me eyes and made it rather unpleasant to play :(

Crashing into other cars was difficult to avoid, and with such a tight time to get to each checkpoint, 1 to 2 crashes just about means game over. Would have been nice to get some boosts or powerups that let you hover over cars to regain the time lost.
My entry: Dead Drop

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