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Siraz Games

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Hey there follow LibGDXer's! I've finally been able to get started on my game today after finishing up finals and some travelling. During that time I did get to think of a few ideas though.

Thought Process

Even though I didn't love the theme I think I found an idea I'm pretty excited about. I've been getting into procedural generation quite a bit lately so I really wanted to incorporate that into the game somehow. I've also known for a while I need to improve my skills at programming combat in games, so why not make a space-themed top-down shoot-em-up with as many hyphens as possible! I'm going to have it take place on a bunch of randomly generated planets as you travel through solar systems.

It generates random colors for random biomes to give each planet a unique and weird feel to it. The other thing I was able to get started on was a cool shader to make the generated image look like a planet as well as a shader to make the zoomed in map have bevelled pixels for added effect.

I'll be posting code for these shaders soon if anyone is interested in how they work. I'm going to try and get started on the actual gameplay really soon and hope it turns out fun!

Noooooooooooooo! Only possible solution is I physically augment my eyes to see the colors black and white as orange and green. I would get used to it eventually and it would make reading newspapers much more exciting.

I might just have to grin and bear it though :/ you could always make some pretty fun shaders using black and white!

Yeah :( maybe I'll just make the whole thing green and orange for myself, and change it to black & white at the last minute!

I happen to have answered this very question online previously, I hope you don't mind me copying my response

"Well it's quite a long story actually, my mind tends to share allegiance between two separate colors! They both get really jealous of each other but as long as I keep them mostly separate it works out fine. Orange came to me early in life; it never let me down all those classes in Kindergarten when all the other markers just weren't doing the job. It stood out. It was a bright shining beacon of the hope and promise that a boy of that age needs so desperately. Green came to me later in life, and I'm not sure exactly why. It could be perhaps that I began to just colors based on their individual merit and not based simply on how shiny their markers were, and while orange stood out to me in that context, green in it's many shades and forms stood out to me more when encountered in other natural organic forms. That mistress orange, however, I will never forget. She came to me in a time when I needed her most, and memories of that sweet, beautiful orange marker will never leave me."

Hello everyone!

I'm Nick, and I've been using LibGDX for a little over two years making one pretty awesome game. I've also used it for the past 3 Ludum Dare's. I'll be on a road trip with the family for pretty much the entire jam but I'm going to do as much as I can (most likely alone) in that time. My favorite color is a pretty even tie between Orange and Green, I can go into more detail if anyone wants me to.

If you want to follow my progress, my twitter is @purenickery, I want to follow yours too!