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Super cool the way the planets move around! Excellent Job!

hard for a mac where you have to use right click to move maybe change that?

Creepy Music lol!

Interesting idea. The background music matches the game pretty well. Maybe some polishing but the idea's there.

Amazing game! I feel like an infantry unit sneeking around those snipers! Really fun!

i like the character's animations! good job!

Great game! I really got into it!

In middle of figuring out how to play... Good effort though.

nice intro music. Addicting game!

I like the fact that you kept the graphics simple which in return made the graphics very proportionate.

the music fits with the game really nicely!

Great tutorial!

I really like the fuzz effect when you kill one of those bad holo guys. Good job!

really awesome idea. lots of fun!

nice idea.

works on android, i also like the flare the ball leaves behind. well done.

solid for a first game jam! gets pretty hard.

nice characters

My highscore: image

nice graphics! I really like the tv screen effect.

cool idea!

cud u write some instructions? couldnt figure it out.

finnaly a different shooting game. Great job!

would rather the controls reversed, but i like it. good job.

dev log?

i like the simplicity of the game

nice depth to game

love those three characters!!!

nice idea to force user to explore slowly by requiring them to stop to refuel.

Very impresses with the graphics. from the front the ship looks like optimus prime lol!


big file :(

gotta think out my moves for this game.

gets me a little dizzy lol

good thinking game where i have to think if i should use some more fuel or not.

Wow! mad cool! lighting effects are AMAZING!!

I like the explosion effect! But game takes a long time to restart?

nice simple graphics. I also like the fact that I have to make sure that the steroid leftover pieces also don't smash into my satellite, makes it realistic and fun.

**the cursor is changed to a croshair on startup but if I hover outside screen sometime while loading game it changes to OS default and doesn't change back**

thanks so much for this! I was recently looking for box2d libgdx inplementations and am really anxious to take a look at the code!

i like the clones - theyr'e cute!