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Sector 2F is full of waste. The garbage-man must collect it all!
Submitted by devilbuddy — 3 days, 15 hours before the deadline

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I also included it in my article of favorites from this jam here!

Very cute, fun game! I included it in my LibGDX Jam compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :)


Love the simple and stylish retro pixel art, feels futuristic. Gameplay is very entertaining, gotta watch each steps. Really like the alien sprites.


Nice little rogue like.

So I'm not the only one that made a round based game :)

I like the turning mechanic (that you need an action to change the direction you are facing).


Fun game! It does have a solid retro look- especially the purple walls! I did agree with the one comment, controls might need a slight refinement. I found it very hard to move only 1 square and take a corner which occasionally got me a bit stuck in the game. One thought, for desktop you could scale it up easily and add arrow key support and the space bar for fire, and then steam controllers and keyboards would work great with it, which I think would go a long ways for it on the desktop making it easy to control.


gotta think out my moves for this game.


It has a very nice look, but it's a bit small for my liking. I'm old - nearly old enough for bifocals!


Love the look of this, and like the turrets, although they always get me!


Beaultiful pixel art, very cool "old game" style. IMO, turning costing 1turn is better because you can't escape, without the cost you can just run. But only playing to see how it goes.


Thanks for all the feedback! I have a build now where turning doesn't cost any move. It alters the mechanics a bit and makes it a bit easier, but not as much easier as i thought.

Once the voting has ended I'll upload the new build (not sure I'm allowed to do it now during voting since I've also added some more features..)

One of my favorite in this jam so far!
The mechanisms are more complex than it looks at first, and gives some interesting management/tactics to handle.
And don't listen to them, I think it's a good point to have turning taking 1 turn :)

Only one thing I have to mention. I played on Android, and I felt not so much accurate with the controls: sometimes the character would move 2 squares in a row, or perform a rotation I didn't intend to do.
But it's just a detail anyway, and didn't affect so much the experience!

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Love the retro look! It's like pac-man in space with guns. Controls are a bit hard to learn!

Great game! However, it took me a while to figure out that it was actually turn-based, and how to launch a rocket, since there were no instructions.

(My submission:


Nicely polished!

I also wish that turning would be immediate :)


Nice game! I am about to understand what every item is good for :)


Nice retro look!


Not too shabby. I wish though turning direction didn't take a turn. Pretty hard game to play too :). Instructions for the game would be helpful though.