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Ha! excellent point. We didn't catch it during the jam πŸ˜…

Thanks! πŸ‘

Thanks for your feedback Mario πŸ™Œ.

This game was a game jam entry and was developed in a week by two people with full-time jobs. Therefore, the time we could put into the game was quite limited. Otherwise, we would have included a few more features! πŸš€

Cool sprites and visuals! The dance floor is indeed very 80s πŸ•ΊπŸŒŸ. The gameplay was solid as well! I did run out of ammo pretty quickly and then I did not know where to find one. There were some items on the floor but going over there didn't do much! Maybe I missed something πŸ˜….

We're so glad you liked it @Burd! πŸ™Œ

I faced a dilemma with the hitbox of the sword attack... The animation has low reach, so the game was too hard. I increased the hitbox of the attack too generously to counter-balance. The problem now is that it's hard to read! Ideally, we would have changed the animations, but they came in an asset pack πŸ“¦πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. Not enough time!

We really appreciate the feedback! πŸ‘

We used a third party asset pack that included the anticipation in the attack animation of the floating brain. I wish it had come with the same for the other enemies, would have make them a lot more readable...

With more time, we would have added some unique mechanic to the mix πŸŒŸ

Thanks for the kind words πŸ™

We really appreciate your feedback πŸ™. If we had had more time, we would have surely spent more time on tweaking the proc level generator to give more structure and sense of purpose to the player's progression. But not enough time! ⏳

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Thanks for the feedback! We did not have much time to balance the game really. For example, bullets/damage and enemy hitboxes may be too punishing whilst the dash is clearly overpowered πŸ˜….

Don't look at the code too much! It was all done in a rush! πŸ˜±

Oh man, it's AMAZING that you played our jam entry on YouTube πŸ™πŸ™Œ. Thanks so much for the kind words and the feedback. We didn't spend as much time as we wanted balancing the game. We also know that it's missing some special mechanic and possibly an end goal to keep you going. However, it was super nice to see you fail at the beginning, then get better and actually get to a pretty decent score! πŸš€πŸ€˜

Super cool take on the theme! 

Fun and simple game, good job πŸ‘Œ

Original idea, simple but addictive. Like others said, it felt really polished πŸ‘πŸ‘. In other to improve the game, I would add some other mechanic that could break the monotony of clicking around on the field.

With a bit more work, maybe leaderboards or achievements it could certainly be on the playstore! πŸ€–

The graphics are very good. I like the newspaper style intro πŸ“°! However, I didn't know very well what to do after returning the birds to the town... 

Love the visuals and the mechanic even though it has nothing to do with reality πŸ˜…. Very interesting interpretation of the theme.

I know others have mentioned it, but I think it could use some more balancing, it's on the difficult side atm.

Good job! πŸ™Œ 

Yeah, this kind of game sounds easy on paper but implementation is always tricky: creating content, deciding when to start the events and balancing the whole thing!

Good interpretation of the theme. I also like how the mouse pointer is your hand and whole arm! Unfortunately I could not get the fish to eat any plastic even though I restarted the game a few times πŸ˜’.

Seems to work for me on Chrome and Firefox. Never tried to play a Godot HTML5 game on Edge.

KUDOS on your first ever game πŸ‘πŸ‘. Keep it up! You could add some more mechanics like infected cells become the virus and infect more cells, for example!

This is amazing πŸ˜±. Super spot on with the 80s theme and the randomness. I love the little stories and nice details you've added. That is a lot of content!

If I had to mention anything, I'd say I missed some more SFX when navigating menus and events taking place in the game.

Wonderful job! πŸ‘

Thanks πŸ™Œ!

Thanks, much appreciated πŸ™.

Given more time, we could have come up and implemented secondary objectives or mechanics. With we'd had the time ⏳!

Thanks a lot for your feedback and playing the game!

The art was from a pack we found on πŸ˜…. I thought the voice samples would add a bit of "fun" or "personal touch" to the game but I had to record them with my laptop's built-in microphone. NOT a good idea πŸ€¦β€β™‚️.

We went for procedural levels because of the "random" theme. Maybe given more time, we would have added extra content/variation and maybe secondary objectives like rescuing friendlies.

Cool! It's like a plague themed version of Reigns Nice music and some of the random events are quite cool.

I kind of wish that either timed moved faster or there were more events taking place that forced me to make decisions. For a while I just sat there and watched numbers change.

Good work!

Amazing UI, bravo πŸ‘!

Love the concept, reminds me of Plague Inc and Pandemic. Good stuff.

I found it hard to progress towards the cure. I clicked on research items but nothing seemed to change in the UI. Not sure if a bug or I was doing something wrong... πŸ€”

Quite an original entry. The graphics are very simple but I think it really works for the kind of celular/molecular theme. Too bad there's no sound! Next time I would suggest getting some background music at least from Jamendo (lots of CC stuff there) alongside an SFX pack from maybe.

Cool game!

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I love the aesthetic. You were spot on with the 80s style, it reminds me of the Stranger Things game.  Full marks for theme! The graphics+audio style is consistent, simple and on point.

To give some constructive feedback I'd say that I kind of wish I could move faster. I know it's "turn" based, but maybe leaving an arrow key pressed could mean that moving to the next tile takes a bit less time.

I think this would be worth polishing, expanding on and releasing. It may work well on mobile or web. Brilliant job!

I think that is because of privacy settings. The game works on Chrome and Firefox.

That may be the reflection of the sun? I think it matches the color of the light...

Thanks a lot for your feedback @tiwa, it's much appreciated. For the voice sample, I simply recorded myself with my laptop microphone, which is pretty poor quality. I then did some processing with Audacity. I can maybe look into cleaning it up!

I fell into the water on the first jump and the character was able to move below the screen. I couldn't come back and didn't know where I was :-D.

Fantastic game!

Love the animations, graphics, the mechanic and the level design.

The choice of controls was a bit off. Enter and Space are too far away. Amazing job though.

Nice beat them up, but I didn't understand why I would beat the shit out of some businessmen or my mom!

Cool graphics!
It wasn't super clear though, how much mana I needed to get to succeed.

Fun game, great use of the theme and very cool control scheme. Awesome job!

VERY original idea. The style and the SFX design elegantly support the design and vibe of the game. I was on edge the whole time. Great job.

Nice and relaxing game, good use of the theme. Beautiful cover art!

Very simple but nerve wrecking, NEAT!