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The Only Man and the SeaView game page

A fishing game created for the GMTK Jam 2019!
Submitted by BuendiaGames (@BuendiaGames) — 3 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline
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Cool game, I've enjoyed it! The music is awesome, and the game is hard yet rewarding, as the real fishing is :) Oh, and kudos for referencing the Hemingway's classic. Great job!


Simple but well executed concept. I like it!


5/5. I really like this game! The art is great, the music is great, and the movement feels really good. I haven't read The Old man And the Sea yet, haven't got to it yet.

I will say that the basic only one button is a little unoriginal, but then with the only one chance to catch the fish, and only one bait, it is very different from other games, and of course the whole game is very original.

I was confused at first, since for some reason I didn't read the description first. You could add in game explanations or also just add, in the beginning of the description, that it's very important and people will sea (get it?) it and read.

One of the best games of the jam!


Oooooooh, thank you very much for your comment! Glad you liked it.

Yes, after the jam we may add better description of the game.. ingame, we got several comments pointing that out.

Again, thank you! :)


You deserve it :)


I got the fish ^^ !

I kinda wish I was supposed to catch the mermans, those were quite funny ^^ !

Nice touch having the music ramp up the deeper you get.


Feels like a zen mix between ridiculus fishing and flappy bird?


This game looks great, and it nice and simple, plus well implemented!

I'm not so sure about the unwinnable state you can get into.  With no satisfying end point, there's a weird end to the game if you miss the Marlin.  The game also encourages playing it safe, as there is no real downside to going slow.  Do you thing you might explore adding in a mechanic to encourage the player to take risks?

I am blown away by how polished this game looks and feels!  Incredible for 48 hours work!


Oooohh... we've not thought about adding a different thing after you miss the marlin. It's true that maybe we can add some kind of ending, even if it is not the "good ending", which can be more satisfying to player...

Thank you for your comment! The game is kind of simple and we worked very hard to have a polished version of it!


Beautiful game! Very simple yet original. 

PS. Those mermaids are 2 good 2 handle


The mermaids are super nice, we love them xD

Thank you very much for your comments! :D


Looks and sounds great! Can be a bit slow but that's not necessarily a bad thing!


This game is beautiful, love the music and the color pallete, the aesthetics fit perfect the intention of this game, relaxing and contemplative experience. :)

We also made a game on Godot if you want to check it out:


Coming from a community thread here :)

The game is relaxing, I enjoy seeing different creatures in the sea. Was surprised by one which looks like mermaid but actually switched the body part!


Superb art. Superb source of inspiration too. Can't say it was fun. But i don't think that was the idea here. It's more like getting immersed in to the world. If you could pull more out of that world in to the game and have us gander, i'd say it would be a really great art game once polished.


LOL the fish with legs xD

I didn't read the instructions first, so when I saw the marlin, I didn't catch it because I wanted to see if there was a better fish!

Mind rating our game? It's a small puzzle game when you can only hold one item:


I really like yor art work, maybe it would some button for restart or the system stop me, because we lost shining fish and go still down and we don't know what do forth.


Nice theme and graphics. The speed curve of the bait was great, and the idea of a music change added expectation. Well done! Check our game:


Very well done! A unique take on the theme with a great context! Nice!


The graphics and the audio was very well made, like most of the comments have stated, good job :) Also, it's good to see more than one implementation of the theme in a game (controls + the goal of the game).

Here's my entry, if you'd get a chance to play + rate: 


What a chill and relaxing experience. Even though I disagree, because catching that reverse mermaid is not a loss in my book! A really cool entry!


The graphics were gorgeous. Props to the graphics artists.
 If you all get a chance, please rate my game.


Cool idea!  I hooked a fish but it said I lose haha.  I guess I didn't do it right?  Please check out if you have free time.   Once again good job!


The only one fish that will make you win is the marlin! You have to wait a bit, expect the music change and try to take the big one :) 

I'll check your game now, thanks for your review :D

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