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I see. Thanks for the invitation, but I'm currently busy working on another game with a friend.
Good luck with the Gnomes!

Hi @minegold! what are you working on?

yeah I got it :P 

Thanks man!!

Thanks!! there is nothing else you can do in the game after unlock everything, sorry about that...

I made this game originally for a job application :D

The server runs out of memory :O it is fixed now!

I really liked the aesthetics of this game! pretty nice!

Thank you so much!

me encantó, sentí la estética como una mezcla entre return of the obra dinn y the witness.

What a beautiful game!
I enjoyed the Chase catch game, it reminded me the rabbit chase from Mario 64. 


Great game, it deserves a place in the top 10 games of the jam! well done!

Fantastic, the aesthetics in this game are so polished! I really like it.
I made a similar mechanic for the game jam but the feeling in this game is remarkable.

I like this kind of concept, the game feels very good and the aesthetics works pretty well. but after some time seen a lot of repetitive popups I close the game. Hopefully you can work in a post jam version creating an end state. 

El arte está muy bueno , lo único fue que luego de masacrar a todos los conejos no sucedió nada, me hubiera gustado que los conejos hubieran sido mas edifices de exterminar. De resto muy divertido!

Thanks for your feedback! You are right, I hope I can fix it in a post jam version

That was very good! it's quite difficult to play it alone, but it's possible I have a good time playing it!

Totally agree with you, I wasn't sure at the end of the jam, but after reading all the feedback it should be something to fix after the jams ends.

Thanks for your feedback!

Yeah, I barely discover how to improve the mechanic at the end of the jam, hopefully I can take in consideration the feedback I received during these days to make the game a little better.

Yes, I noticed my mistake after submitting the game! I couldn't add enough assets at the end, but I hope to update it after the jam ends.
Thanks for playing it.

Good game! I love the graphics, the cover art is great!

Nice mechanic, I enjoy to control the monster but I missed some way to lose.

This is a very good game, I like that at some point I started to shoot all over the place as a defensive strategy.

Good job!

Hi! thanks for your feedback, you are right! the game became imposible once you lost the ability to drag commands, I haven't tested enough to figure it out.

Como dicen los demás la mecánica de la ruleta está bien interesante, me causo bastante gracia como aumenta la tensión dependiendo de la pregunta, al final no pude pasar la parte de las preguntas de si estaba super seguro de no haber cometido un crimen, pero bueno lo disfruté.

A great but confusing mechanic, it took me a while but I could understand it at the end!
Godot FTW!

Thank you so much for playing it. It makes me happy you like it!

Las alas y el cuerpo del ángel

Acabo de pegarle una buena jugada. En general me gustó bastante el concepto. Hay algunas partes que se pueden comprar por muy poco que son un overkill y hacen que ganar se vuelva muy fácil. (algo que funciona muy bien es balancear los items, un punto debil para no hacerlos invencibles)

Al comienzo me abrumo un poco la cantidad de opciones disponibles, luego de un rato fue claro como funcionaba.
Sin embargo se puedo estar viciado al ser un programador y tengo conocimiento sobre esta área, puede ser algo mas complejo para alguien con poca experiencia en esto mismo. 

Recomiendo no entregar todas las opciones tan rápido y crear tutoriales para cada sección, sobre todo la relacionada con la programación de la IA. enseñar o poner retos que no sean explicitamente de batalla donde se pueda aprender como funcionan las condiciones y los efectos. 
No es claro porque hay tantos slots con condiciones replicadas, se ejecutan todas a la vez o en secuencia? 

Interesante videojuego, me gustaría ver que tanto pueden avanzar!

all in!
all happy

Mi parte favorita fue jugar al Doom

Very clever idea! It is pretty difficult but I enjoy it a lot!

Very clever idea! It is pretty difficult but I enjoy it a lot!

Right! I hope to see more of your work!

Interesting concept, good way to present different mechanics only with this movement. I missed more mechanics related with the bouncing. The box for example is a good one, maybe pushing switches, or dodging projectiles could work. 

This is my entry If you want to check it out.

This game is beautiful, love the music and the color pallete, the aesthetics fit perfect the intention of this game, relaxing and contemplative experience. :)

We also made a game on Godot if you want to check it out:

Pretty addictive game, killing more than one enemy in one slice is so satisfying. it would be great to have something to change your trajectory in air just to avoid mistakes.

We also submitted a game on Godot if you want to check it out.

Nice arcade! for future version would be awesome to have more juiceeee.

The mechanic is simple and elegant, good job!

We also submitted our game on Godot if you want to test it out.

I finish the game, it was an interesting mechanic, however the teletransportation makes the game easy, maybe change the force of the torch launching could help.

One of my favourite levels was the one with the entrance close to a pitfall

We made our entry in Godot also if you want to check it out:

Great and addictive mechanic! The graphics and sounds are polished and really nice in this game.
The only think I miss was the ability to recover some life

hey check it out!