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The main character is so funny, the gameplay have some issues, for example: the control isn't clear when you make the transition to the pigeon.

It took me a while but my best time was 56:27!

Great game, I don't know why this game doesn't have more ratings.

Thanks! feedback from other players was very useful to know what things had to be improved.

Maybe the funniest game in the jam!

I love the intro, the game itself is pretty entertaining, the only thing I missed  if there is a way to know if I was winning or losing.

Good theme interpretation, the only thing I missed was a way to change the camera, sometimes I couldn't see what was behind me.

It would be awesome if you can check our game. :)

It was so difficult to win a single race!
I like this concept, the game jam theme was well clever implemented, it has some funny lyrics and it feels very retro.

Good job!

A good retro game! it looks like we played the same games, I like it.
Kudos for made it in Godot!
We also made our entry in Godot.

Interesting concept, it took me a lot to find my match.

ummm, I need to play it again then, because the battles I played show the same cards each turn always.

The pixel art is great! but I agree with previous comments, it would be great if you can remap the controls.

I'm bad at this game T_T but I like it. What about each time you play a card you need to draw a new one and then play with that?

The game feels nice, good job!

The game atmosphere is beautiful but the game lacks of clarity about what to do, It wasn't clear for me how to interact with different elements on the game. 

So polished! I got myself playing for more time that I expected! it was funny, I was looking for some variations on monsters depending on the food they eat, but I'm not sure if that happened.

I like it! good job.

We also made an entry in godot :D if you want to test it

Visuals are great! the gameplay mechanic to throw elements to the robots is nice, but the freeze time makes the things so easy, I didn't find a clear objective in the game, so I ended throwing things around the office.

Interesting concept, it's simple and fun, the combination of drawing with real objects works well.
I wish you can interact with more different things in the future.

Good theme interpretation, I played the two versions, actually it was easier to find the spy in the second one, the music is good.

I played your entry also. I really like the puzzles in your game!

Great theme interpretation, I love the 3d style. it reminds me a lot games from the 90s.

The gameplay is great, it's quite difficult but I feel it more challenging than frustating. 
As summary a solid entry!

That's a great compliment! thank you!

I finished the game! it was funny the hahaha sound when an enemy dies.

Thanks for play it!
I play your game also, great entry as well! 

Great puzzle game, I found myself playing for more than I expected :D
I like the atmosphere, the pixel art is beautiful, pretty solid entry.
Good job!

What a great entry, I like the experience of defending the cargo it was pretty difficult with so many pirates around there ;-)

Really great user interface and inmersive ambient.

Good job!

Thanks! 🙌

All audio is made by @quietGecko 😀

All emotions are composed by 4 or 3 letters, so only one letter for each cartridge will be used. 

In this case you can try to match the cartridges to write one of the previous discovered emotions.

it's true I think this is an issue in the way that the competition handles the scores as anyone outside the competition can rate the game.

I love it! great game

We couldn't finish that part on time 😅
We want to publish a post jam version soon with the victory screen.

We uploaded the build in github:
please check it out

We have this build here

Good job, indeed this feel like two incompatible genres mixed.

I had a good time playing it

Awesome sound design, i like this game so much.

you got a new follower!

I like it! It should work very good as a vr experience

good mixing, i like it!

I like this mechanic but I had some problems regarding the movement in the 2d world.

hahaha, it was so difficult to bat that fish!!!

good one!

This is a very good game!

I love it!

wow! well done

I really enjoyed it!

Good game, I like the way you implement this concept!

que mal, fue algo confuso lo del doble registro... entendí que el registro en la pag oficial era para la gente que participaría de manera presencial