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it's true I think this is an issue in the way that the competition handles the scores as anyone outside the competition can rate the game.

I love it! great game

We couldn't finish that part on time ðŸ˜…
We want to publish a post jam version soon with the victory screen.

We uploaded the build in github:
please check it out

We have this build here

Good job, indeed this feel like two incompatible genres mixed.

I had a good time playing it

Awesome sound design, i like this game so much.

you got a new follower!

I like it! It should work very good as a vr experience

good mixing, i like it!

I like this mechanic but I had some problems regarding the movement in the 2d world.

hahaha, it was so difficult to bat that fish!!!

good one!

This is a very good game!

I love it!

wow! well done

I really enjoyed it!

Good game, I like the way you implement this concept!

que mal, fue algo confuso lo del doble registro... entendí que el registro en la pag oficial era para la gente que participaría de manera presencial

hola! Me registré al jam por medio de, es suficiente o también necesitaba registrarme en otro sitio?

Ya comencé a trabajar en el juego pero no se si este habilitado para participar.


I like this feeling about imagine endless possibilities, lost in your own thoughts...
Cool pixel art.

Awesome, a really good mechanic this one about charge power, a litle bit difficult to fight against the enemies because they appear suddenly.

I spent to many lives fucking monsters! XD

Nice work!
It remembered me the old games for nes.

The two guns movement mechanic is awesome!
It feels good but sometimes the guns don't respond as I expected.

Great achievement

It was very addicting,

Wow!, a very good game, I really enjoyed the music

It was a very nice experience!
I really enjoyed the aesthetics

There is a still a prototype, we design and create all this game exclusive for this jam, the code is open source and is available here:

If you get stuck in some point just reload the game, get in touch for new updated :) Thank you!

Me dio severo susto cuando el monstruo me alcanzó!

Nice game!
pretty simple and very addictive.