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Penguin Wizard: Rabbits out of controlView game page

Submitted by Narwhalcorn (@narwhalcorn), PunisherXA (@puni_xa), Micklen (@jmartinrh), Nisos (@niso_00), Agua Hervida (@H2O_Hervida) — 29 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The theme was approached in a narrative and mechanical way. Narrative: The rabbit population is out of control and we must reduce it. Mechanics: The wizard is too powerful and cannot use more basic abilities. The game is about a super powerful wizard who must use his powers to reduce the rabbit population that is already getting out of control, but you have to be very precise because eliminating too many rabbits will leave the population on the verge of extinction while eliminating too few will not solve the problem.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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El arte está muy bueno , lo único fue que luego de masacrar a todos los conejos no sucedió nada, me hubiera gustado que los conejos hubieran sido mas edifices de exterminar. De resto muy divertido!


this was fun even tho I felt bad killing all those cute rabbits. 

Plus points for the filters for color blindness. Good stuff!


Thanks! One of our dev has accessibility as one of his top things to get down, no matter the size of the game or project, so we had to include it. =)


this was really fun to play, totally worth it.


Thanks you!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

The accessibility options are nutty, and it's real admirable that you guys took the time to put them in. As for the game? Fantastic. The sheer originality of a penguin wizard murdering rabbits for money is just great. I did experience a bug or two, but hey, it's a game jam! That's just par for the course. Well done!


Fun, polished game! It's presentation did make up for feeling bad about killing all those rabbits.


I love my sensei pixelart art <3! The truth: seeing the dead corpses of rabbit people gave me some regret, but everything is to control the population :D. But if it's a little bit sad, bunnies don't defend themselves :c. I do like the concept.


The concept is interesting. It would have been nice to see more variations on the powers, just to have different ways to control the rabbits population.

The pixel art is beautiful as well as the menu music, and the old-style sound effects fits it very good. Would like to see a version of the game were the rabbits say something or try to get over the wizard to kill him.


Neat sprites! Although I think it turning pixel snapping on would've improved the look a lot. The character also seemed to be vibrating as it moved around and that made it look fuzzy.


Interesting concept. I love the artwork and using the explosion spell felt very satisfying. Nice work!


Thanks I did the art :'v We would've loved to had work more on the level design aspect


Great job, guys! I like the art so much and the options menu for different kind of people.
I just got a bug with the killcounter.


i'm so happy to see that someone use the filter TT___TT thank you for playing


Yay! Someone noticed it! >w<)/ And yes the game its a little buggy :'v


love the art style tho i felt guilty killing them ;w;


Its a bunny-people plague, someone had to do it!

The art style is all thanks to @H2O_Hervida =)


yay! :D my art thingy I liked doing bloddy bunnies skulls for the death :3


two bugs i found: 

the killcount doesnt get reseted when starting a new job,

the start new job screen gets bugged when pressing escape.

I liked the different attacks!


Thanks! Yes, completely forgot about fixing some of those issues. Originally we were aiming for 5 different abilities but... you know, 48h isnt a lot of time. =)


I'm kindda feeling guilty enjoying explode this rabbits.
I had some collision problems, but it's a great game!


Remember, you only have to kill SOME of them haha.

Thanks for the feedback


The spells are really satisfying. Wish there were more.


YES we too! We were aiming originally for 5 spells and time just got the better of us. But some more variety would have made it more interesting!