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Another masterpiece! I love how you manage to combine well known puzzles into interesting new mechanics.

Hey that was really cool. The gameplay loop is fun! Love how you put all the art and sounds together. Great game!

Solid game loop, great music and game juice. Another banger!

Simple but enjoyable idea. Presentation is incredibly well done. Great  submission.

Good fun. Really like the take on the theme here.

Lovely little game, love the take onthe role reversal. Great humor :)

Music and art fit well together, good stuff!

This is great! Love the outfits 😎

Great work, art and music is top. I think it needs a bit of work on the controls, it's too fast and bouncy for the size of the levels. It mostly ends up feeling furstrating rather than something you can master.

Concept is cool tho, you should make this into a full game.

this is great! thanks for cnluding the ase files.

Hi, could you upload the music for this please? It's super nice.

Lovely video! Thank you :)

I liked and subscribed <3

I don't know how it is in unity, but in Godot you set one-way platforms via the platform not the character.

Very cool fast paced little game. I really wish the new skills popup wouldn't interrupt the play or at least be dismissible by the jump button or some other button.

Overall it's a bit difficult to keep track of where I am in relation to bullets flying around and enemies moving but I think that's just a matter of playing it longer and getting used to it.

Presentation was really good, nice music, sfx and art was good!

Very cool game!

The level of polish is really high. I quite like how you combine the damage numbers and heals after each spin and how the attack is carried out.


I'm really impressed with how many different aspects to the game you got into such a short time. 

The game feels good to play but I think reducing the aspects to a d3 would've made it a bit easier to keep track of what does what. I also think you can indicate on the UI what each aspect does.

Solid game and impressive for just 26h of work!

Very good looking game. I really like the music, sfx, art style and the way the UI is rendered. Using the inventory is a bit difficult as others mentioned but it's a gamejam! 

Had great fun with it, one thing I'd like to suggest is to put the jump on XBOX A instead of B. I think that's where most platformers put it, was a bit confused at first  :)

Good job!

There's been many games of this type in the gamejam and if you watched the GMTK streams you probably heard Mark say that these games often just end up with trying to move around randomly until the puzzle is solved. Sadly I think this applies here as well. It's just the problem with this particular game type.

Than being said, I really really like your presentation. It looks amazing, starting from the intro screena all the way to the dice rolling and the end of the level.  Easy 5/5 there.

Great job!

Amazing submission, had a lot of good laughs but damn man the board is thirsty for budget!

Great presentation, sfx, music and writing. Loved the dice overflowing. Right amount of game juice and it felt incredibly good to flick some dice around!

Great job!

I really like single screen games that manage to keep the player engaged, and yours did that!

I'd suggest to make platforms one-way platforms so that you can jump through them through the bottom. I think that would make gameplay faster and lead to more interesting scenarios.

Nice game!

While there were many of these kind of games in the jam, I quite like the concept of this one. I really like that the solution to each level is to just put a face-up 2 on the board. You explored a lot of nice levels with that mechanic.

Art and visuals, sfx and music, rendering and UI were all done really well. You've added a lot of polish to this game.

Great submission!

Very cool concept and execution is really good!

I didn't beat all levels but I had a lot of fun playing. It took me a bit to realise the tower is also attackable even though you mention that. An overall HP of the tower would've made it a bit easier for players to grasp that. I like the way you communicate health of each piece, so one like that for the tower would've been great.

Being able to add more pieces onto the board when I rolled a 6 was great but I was hoping the AI would do the same.

Overall solid and fun submission! Good job.

I've also struggled fitting the theme into a platforming experience and it was last minute that I had my idea so I definitely know what you went hrough.

The movement and even the jumping is pretty good. The jump is a bit floaty but it doesn't really feel too bad.  I think making it 3rd person would've made it a little bit easier to not miss jumps in the beginning. 

Congrats on submitting!

hey that was great, especially for a first-time game + jammer!

The concept is fun, I like that the knife acts as a dicer and as a tool to shove the ingredients into the pot.

I think the recipe could've fit onto the screen without having to look it up constantly but no big issue with that either.

The tilt of the ship was a great idea, I think you can increase the speed and motion of it to give the game a comical twist.

Congrats on an awesome little game!

As someone who is a musical potato, beat games are always hard for me.

That being said, I had a lot of fun with this one. I really like the idea of being able to place dices to the beat the way you want.

Add a score or a survival timer and this game would be quite addctive!

Great job, awesome concept.

I've had a good amount of fun playing your game and did several runs. 

Presentation is top notch, everything from art style, UI, game juice, legibility and just overall concept of the level is great.

I think a survival timer, score or kill count of sorts would've added to the enjoyment a lot more.

The control scheme takes a bit of time getting used to, I don't recall playing a game with it before. I think if you had mouse aim I would've played it for even longer.

Overall solid entry! Good job, game is fun and looks amazing.

I love this game! I opted for a run where I optimize for getting as many dice as possible.

You did everything right for this game. Core game loops is solid and fun to do. The game isn't complicated even though you added cards.

The graphics look simple but you added a lot of game juice that immediately makes it feel fun.

That was really cool!

I think you have a very unique concept here that's enjoyable to play. It's one of those games that's easy to learn but really hard to master.  I can see some people playing really fast after some time.

I would suggest to adding controller support and instead of placing platforms free-form to align them more to the grid. That way you can increase the play speed without punishing "bad aim". I think the gameloop of deciding where to place platforms and dodging objects is the main focus, having to aim precisely feels like taking away from the fun of the loop.

Presentation, music and sfx were great!

Awesome submission!

I had a lot of fun playing this. It's quite challenging but the dash helps getting out of a difficult situation.

I really like the design choice that enemies don't immediately die on 4, so that if you end up making a mistake and shooting them again they get back to the fight.  That made it much more interesting that just spamming keys. 

I think it needs some tuning in terms of enemy speed but the concept is good and it's a 48h jam after all.

Good job!

I think you have an interesting concept on your hands. 

I wasn't entirely sure how the dice worked at first. I thought I have to shoot it when it reaches the icon I want to get, but it seems the outcome is just random.

I think it being completely random creates interesting pressure points, you have to keep rerolling and play the level longer and survive longer. On the other hand it can get quite frustrating if RNG is particularly bad for you.

Overall solid job!

I like the concept of the game. It's simple but you managed to combine the dice theme in without relying on randomness which is cool.

As others have said, the meter is a bit too fast to really get a lot of enjoyment out of the game. I think if you slow it down a bit and make it trigger immediately you'll have a neat little game.

I really appreciate the voiceover tutorial, something which I haven't seen too much. It's also nice that you can turn it off.

Regarding the theme, I think if you had made the people dices instead it would've fit better with "rolling the dice".

Good job!

I enjoyed playing this quite a bit. Sadly I 1-shot Berserk'd my entire team right before the king. Oops.

The game has a lot depth to it. In a way it reminds me of doing dungeons and raids back in the WoW vanilla days.

The fact that movement is free-form instead of grid based makes positioning and tactics around that interesting and playthroughs are more varied. 

I'm sure you're aware of the issues around the UI when all the characters are clumped up but I'd suggest adding character portraits to select them instead of having to select them by clicking on them in the playfield.

I had a lot of fun with this!

It's really nice seeing a platformer this jam given that the theme doesn't lend itself well to this kind of game.

Music and SFX are top notch and the art is very clean and solid. I also like the simple UI you chose to display the jumps left.

The core mechanic is neat but quite difficult to pull off given the scale of pico8. I think it's a little too fast.

I like how you interpreted the theme and used dices as a resource while also keeping the "roll" in it. I have a similar concept but my dice does not roll.

Great submission!

Neat little game. Especially cool as it was done in Pico8!

I quite like how much UI you got into such a tiny space while also having a visual representation of Godzilla running around destroying Tokyo!

I like the various cards you came up with.

Given it's a 48h jam, I understand it's quite hard to balance so many variables. I would have like a bit more pressure, especially around dice resource management.

All in all, cool game!

Hey that was a cool game! I love to see a Puzzlescript game.

As others have mentioned, it's a bit hard to explain the mechanics fully so I also got stuck misunderstanding how  it works.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed this! Good stuff.

I have to admit I was a bit scared by the introduction/tutorial. There's a lot to take in in pure text and it's hard to remember all the constraints.

I'm really glad I stuck around to give the actual game a go.  Everything started clicking after 2-3 rounds of the Alchemist walking their round and I found myself enjoying  picking out which cards to place where.

Since there are several constraints to balance, I think having a little tooltip when the player hovers the toxicity, radioactivity etc to explain that particular constraint.

Very cool submission, impressive what you put together in 48h. 


what a lovely game. It ticks so many boxes right. The gameplay is interesting, I really like the constraint that you have to pull the white blocks through other walls.

Art style, music and sfx are on point.

I also like the minimal instructions on screen!

Very inspiring <3

Incredibly polished experience. You guys knocked it out of the park. I love the tradeoff between keeping a high dice value and rolling away to survive. Very clever!

Art, music and SFX tie in perfectly and it feels very satisfying to play.

Heh, this is exactly how development in AAA studios goes :)

That was great fun. Good job :)

I got to build 12.16!

Congrats on your first jam!

It was a bit hard to connect it to the theme and understanding how that ties into strategy.

The visuals are really nice! I suggest making it so that the enemy missiles have different color to our missiles. At times it was hard to know who shot who :)

Good job!

Thanks Zemeck for playing it and the thoughtful feedback!

Yea I agree, the level design needs some work in general. It becomes hard really quick.