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Thank you so much for the kind words <3

Take care as well!

whoa thanks :D

Your words mean a lot - thank you ;w;;

i loved this idea a lot - glad to see someone else do a game relatin to mental health

great job!

Thank you for your kind words and you take care as well~

It can happen to anyone at any time o:

Thank you so much!!

I'm glad you were able to relate to it (though, I hope your situation has improved/is improving by the day)

This was based off of some of my highschool experience, so it makes me happy that people comment that they felt the same - makes things feel less lonely

Glad you enjoyed - thank you so much!!

Thank you c:

love how all the tasks would stack up!

it was interesting how it'd switch between different levels o:

Thank you so much!

Yea I figured that'd be the case, but I wanted to be consistent for they are ducks afterall xP

Thank you so much that means a lot ^^ (my wrist still hurts haha)

Thank you so much >w<

Thank you so much for your kind words ;w;;

Ahhh thank you so much :D !!

Thank you so much >w<

thank you so much ;w;

loved the appearance and the idea!

i wish there was a restart button (or if there was one i didnt see it) whenever i messed up on a puzzle ;3;

loved the artwork and the lil tasks to do!

Thank you so much ;w;

this was pretty original and i love the controls - good job!

glad to hear that - thank you!!

Thank you ^u^

this was pretty amusing - good job!

Glad ya gave it a try - thanks for the kind words :D

this got out of hand fast - loved it!

this was really intriguing! though, I'm not sure how to get rid of the evil personality :c

this was so cute - good job!

love how there are random modes of gravity n energy - nice job!

love how you have to take advantage of its states - and the art is cute too!

this idea was really original and pretty overwhelming o: 

love the concept and the audio is so fitting haha

love the artwork and idea !

it works smoothly and the art is nice - good job!

love the use of the lil clock and the artwork!

Thank you so much ^w^

love the little details of the monster being watched and how they're providing commentary of it being out of control 

cute artwork - good job!

the voice is so scary haha :D

love the artwork and the idea of it overall - good job!

nice visuals and the idea is pretty neat o:

the movements are great and the artwork is wonderful - great job!