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Happy to hear! I'm considering making a game built on this foundation, but longer and with progression. Thank you for the comment and playing!

Most-used mechanic in the jam, but pretty well executed.

Not sure what to say. Not sure why I tried so hard to complete it.

I think linking the roll of the die to an action that you are required to make is pretty neat. I would have like if the particles of the shots were a different colour from the shots. But otherwise great!

If I had had the time, I would have curated the events - right now they appear totally randomly. Thank you for playing!

Very cool and novel idea! I feel like you brute force your attacks a little bit, instead of plan them out, but the mechanic has a lot of potential.

Quite a trite mechanic, and I personally find it too hard to figure out the solution, and end up trying to brute force it. Alos, a change I would have made is to show the side-facing die faces all the time, not only when you hover over it.

But I will say the graphics were charming.

Binding the "roll for a new weapon" to an action you depend on (in this case "roll away from danger") is great! And the fact that both actions are called a "roll" is just added sugar. The presentation is also great. Good work!

Very cool idea. I think if you made it so a die that's 1 or more above the other dealt 1 damage, and a die that is 3 or more above the other dealt 2 damage (instead of x above the other deals x damage, as you have it now), the choices you'd make of which die to match with which dic would become more interesting. You might have to experiment a little bit. But the idea has a lot of potential.

I would have liked a little more feedback when you damage enemies, and when enemies damage you. I also didn't quite understand the point of the die roll system. I think if you had made it the only way to heal (I mean so you heal when you roll the die AND you get a new bullet type) and the enemies dropped rolls instead of hearts, it would make it more interesting. Otherwise a pretty neat little game.

I was hooked immediately, but unfortunately the mechanics didn't hold up. You don't have much incentive to roll away from your spot if you have the six face up, and the ultimate ended up getting med killed instead of helping. I really thought the idea has a lot of potential, and I think you could live up to it if you added mechanics, and maybe made the layout of the terrain have an effect on the gameplay. But in any case, the presentation was great. 

This mechanic has been used so much already, but I think this is the best rendition I've seen. The rotaters were a nice touch, and it was nice you could rotate and see the die. A subtle but nice touch is the simplicity of the levels, so you have a chance of planning your moves without getting overwhelmed, which is a pitfall the other similar games have had.

Good work!

Very cool idea, it just needs a little more to be great.

I think what the game lacks is more interesting decisions. Right now you can choose to attack or roll (and who to attack of course), but there's not much oomf behind those choices.

You could for instance add a mechanic that made some dice deal more damage the more of the same kind that are on the board. Or you could add a die that changes face when used. When it's used it deals a lot of damage, but when it's just staying on that face, it buffs adjacent dice.

Maybe more mechanics would show up if I played it more, but I bailed after a short time, as I already found it a bit tedious I'm afraid.

All this is to say I think the idea is super promising, and I wish you had done more with it, especially since the execution is prettey great already.

I don't know if something went wrong for me - I could only interact with the dice on the first level of the tutorial. The idea looked promising though!

It's an interesting idea. I wish the tutorial was a bit more thorough, I never understood why I took damage. Otherwise cool.

It's pretty well made, but unfortunately the mechanics are the most used in the jam as far as I can see, and they don't really work for me because you just end up trying to brute force the puzzles. But yeah, the idea is trite, but the execution is good.

Really good idea for the jam, and very well executed. My only point of critisism is the graphic for the dice roller - I thought it was a garbage can :)

Neat little game!

Unnerving entry! The idea is a little to the simple side, but the AI generated images does make it interesting if nothing else.

Very good idea with a lot of potential. I think it's a little too punishing though. I have a good chance of dying the first time I let the enemies get a turn where I'm too close. Another thing I would change is the distinction between the dice. The number is not enough I feel, maybe if you coloured them according to their max value, they would be easier to differentiate at a glance.

I'm actually a little sorry you didn't get to flesh it out more. It really has a lot of potential. Good work!

Oh, and I wanted to say, there was a UI bug that made me unable to read the How To  Play text (all the text was superimposed on each other), but you made the game so intuitive that I learned it immediately, which I thought was cool.

Very cool and novel idea! I think you could add some depth to the game by making the movement of the characters depend on each other. So for instance, there could be a rule that says if the king moved forwards, the queen has to move backwards, etc. That would make each decision carry more weight. But great work!

Hard to sus out what to do. I think the problem lies in the presentation. If you cleaned up the UI, I think it would do good.

Nice, novel idea! The only thing I can really critique is the controls. I know you've made this for the gba, but being able to use the mouse would be a lot more intuitive I think. Otherwise nice work.

Lots of games this gamejam have had the mechanic of the dice changing face when rolling, and this feels like a fresh take on that, that feels a lot more novel. The presentation is great, the level select is great, and I liked it a lot. Good work!

Cool interactive story!

Thanks so much for playing!

I did

Nice idea. I would've liked a more thorough explanation of the mechanics, but I could sus them out somewhat. Good work.

Neat little game. I think enemy variety would do a lot for the game.

Thank you for the feedback! I've never actually played Oregon Trail, so I'll take it as a good compliment when you say I've captured the essence.

Thanks, and thank you for playing! :)

Very impressive that you created a resource management game in a weekend. And one that feels challenging and balanced and fair at that. Well done!

Super great idea for the game jam, and just perfectly executed. I only wish there were more levels. You hid the nail on the head with this entry!

Neat game, but maybe a little too hard? :/

Nice concept, and nice presentation. I wish you had spent more time teaching the mechanics, because it shows a lot of promise, but ended up kinda confusing.

There's been some entries with the same mechanics I've seen already, and I think they are just too hard to sus out the answer to, so you end up relying on the layout of the levels, to kinda get at what the intention of them are instead. Or maybe I'm just bad at such games. In any case, the execution and presentation is great.

It's a pretty complicated system, so maybe you should've put more effort into explaining the mechanics. But a neat idea nonetheless.

If the random jump direction had a fixed jumping height, it would feel more fair. But neat little game.