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That's great! Thank you for the comment :)

And I should've made it that way :) glad you liked it, thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for playing and the feedback!

Thank you! I think it would get too hectic if the enemies could hurt you, but maybe it's a good fit for a hardmode. I agree that winding the towers get tedious in the long run. Thanks for the feedback!


I like the idea with the ammo! I should experiment with that. Thanks for the feedback!

No no, your criticism is welcome :) the game has a lot of room for towers, enemies and mechanics, but I ran out of time. It came to feel a bit more like a prototype or a proof-of-concept. Hope you still liked it, and I appreciate your feedback! cheers.

Between all the z-fighting, the red dots seen through the walls and the robots that stare at you without apparently doing anything, this makes for a quite confusing game. I think the main mechanic of sucking bullets into your gun (and maybe shooting them at enemies later? Didn't get so far) has a lot of potential. I was impressed by the animations, but confused that the graphics were otherwise not that good? But again, it has a lot of potential.

Fine little game! I had a hard time knowing what I'm allowed to hit and what I'm not. Especially the pacman ghosts, since I feel like most people intrinsically know you shouldn't touch those. Otherwise cool for a first game.

I like how the rewind mechanic isn't mandatory like in many of the other games in this jam, but still extremely useful. It feels super satisfying to how more than one enemy with the photon at a time. I would've liked an easy difficulty level, but that's the only criticism!

Some interesting ideas - thought it got a little intrusive in the end. And couldn't quiiite see how it fit the theme?

Sweet little game :)

I would perhaps make the platforms you can stand on a different colour to better indicate that you can. Especially in a game jam where the average attention span is short, it'd turn less people away with a little more clarity. Walking backwards and forwards became a bit tedious as well - maybe the character speed could have been heightened? Otherwise good job.

There are some really clever ideas, and I really liked the character portraits. I will say however, that the conversations became too tedious for me to read/wait through. Otherwise nice!

Actually the exact same concept I had for my game :) Interesting to see other people's take on it. I couldn't quite get the towers rewinded. The controls stated you had to right-click, but nothing happened for me. I also would have liked a way to exit the game without using alt-f4. Otherwise fine job!


thank you so much!

I like the idea a lot. In a post-jam world maybe you could strip out the shifting controls, and focus more on the "explode yourself to kill enemies but not grannies" part, because I think that has potential for a nice game.

Cute little casual game - very simple but that's okay. I like the music, and the graphics remind me of WoW haha


Very good looking game :)

What I'm most impressed by is how effortlessly you teach the player the controls. Very impressed!

The game looks really polished, but I will say that it feels like half of my inputs are ignored. Also, being able to cancel a choice by leftclicking would be a great quality of life improvement. Other than that, it was nice :)

Couldn't for the life of me complete the second level. The difficulty is a bit too high and the controls a bit too finicky. But I really like the concept, and it's a gorgeous game as well! good job!

I really like the aestethic of the game!

Interesting idea! the gamplay gets a little tedious (unless I'm missing something), but with some refinement it could be good :)

If I end up working on a post-jam  version, that is definitely on the to-do list. thanks for the feedback!!

thank you so much Jupiter, that's awesome :)

See a ranger pick a ranger. I played this for way too long. I will say that it gets tedious waiting for the right roles, but the concept has a lot of potential I feel, and you should definitely explore it more!

Fits the theme well! Thought it was hard to find a good tactic, and kept losing, but maybe I just didn't get the gist?

Way too hectic for me, but the idea is nice :)

Nice idea and well executed! The replays aren't fully deterministic, and different stuff sometimes happens from time to time, but otherwise great!

Genious idea for the theme! Only thing is I'm not sure what to do when you're stuck outside of radio distance, but still very impressed!

thank you so much!

I'll still keep it in mind, thank you so much for feedback :)

Cheeky game, I like it xd

this comment makes me go yes!

I was stunned when I realised it was 3D. Amazing work. I like how the camera works for the most part, but one suggestion would be to raise the view a little. It felt restrictive that I couldn't see further ahead. keep it up!

thank you, that's so nice of you to say! I'll consider making a post-jam version :)

Really good idea for a game. I'll say that it get's a bit tedious waiting for the right moves in the long run though. Maybe you could make movement free when all enemies are dead, and also make sure you'll always get at least one attack pattern and one move pattern per turn. Really liked the chess inspiration in the patterns and the enemies' movement, it felt very intuitive. Oh and also, the bats don't show how much health they have, but the tombstone looking enemy did - I wished they all had a visual indication when they lost health. All this is to say I liked the game. Well executed. Well done.