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Thanks for the comment. And for saying that it is a Samorost-like. We love Amanita Design games.


Muchas gracias por el video y el comentario y la actuación de voz durante el video. Nos alegra que le haya gustado el juego y el contraste entre los diálogos y el diseño gráfico.

o(^^o)    (o^^)o

<( :D)> ¿Por qué un pequeño paso para los pixeles?

Nos alegra saber que te pareció bonito. Gracias por el comentario.

¡Muchas gracias por el comentario! Es que la ilustradora es mucho lo áspera. Y qué chimba que te haya hecho reír.

Más luego le ponemos un botón pa' reiniciar el juego.



Nos alegra que le haya parecido lindo divertido. Gracias por el comentarios. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

へ║ ◉ ᴥ ◉ ║〜


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Nos alegra que le guste. Gracias por el comentario.

Gracias. que bueno que le gusto :D !! 

se viene la actualización prontoooo

Espere muy pronto una actualización llena de drama :D 

Gracias por jugar!

It's an interesting idea and made good use of assets. Liked the grenade launcher, because is difficult to handle and can hurt allies, and the way the map shows too. It is simple but quite clear ... and also does not get in the way of the player.

Good sound effects and main menu music. The game world music was a bit repetitive and boring.

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Thanks for playing and commenting. Maybe some future levels will have doors.

Good atmosphere and the use of the assets. Too bad it doesn't have a more challenging goal and more visual effects (though the bullets were cool!). It is also missed that there is no music in the game world and no sound effects for the things that the player kills.

Thanks for the comment. The turbo is only working with the UP key and we uploaded level 3 with immortality turned on. A new version of the game with that turned off will be uploaded in the next cuouple of minutes.

We're glad you liked it. Thanks for your feedback. Do you remember why the third level didn't work? That will help us to fix any possible issues.

Thanks for playing and comment the game We're glad you liked it.

Enable high quality graphics: we'll check that.

Very good idea and interpretation of the theme. It was a bit disappointing that after closing all the pop up windows nothing else happened. Maybe it was because it took me a lot.

The pixel art and the music were pretty good, and some images in the pop up windows made me laught, but I didn't like the look of those windows.

Pretty rough and nasty game (in the good way). The mustache looks pretty good but it was really hard to get to it. The idea of a clicker-hell is good, but it needs something to help the player feel less frustrated.

Loved the visual style and the feeling the sound effects provoke.

The concept is interesting. It would have been nice to see more variations on the powers, just to have different ways to control the rabbits population.

The pixel art is beautiful as well as the menu music, and the old-style sound effects fits it very good. Would like to see a version of the game were the rabbits say something or try to get over the wizard to kill him.

We leave a comment and rate in the GMTK Deadline Missers Jam submission.

It is a bit broken but it was good to see a duck that weren't interested in fighting at all. The music and the visual style were fine, but the sound effects' volume was a bit low. Liked the idea of training the duck before the fight.

Thanks for playing the game and leaving us a comment. We've plans to keep working on the project later, so knowing players liked it motivates us more to do it.

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, we had to run to integrate all the assets at the end so we didn't have the time to fix those things.

As a graphic adventures passionate player I really liked the dialog lines selection mechanic, looks like an interesting thing to do to give players to know how the characters are feeling. The change in the music and the light when there is more tension during the interview is clever.

It made me laugh, the music reminds me of Undertale, and the visual style looks like El siguiente programa. After a couple of tries I made to get "the passionate ending" 😏😏😏.