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Me rei mucho con la voz del Gecko :v Que bonita experiencia muchachos

Fuah!!! I need to know how did you guys do for the animation and art! What  did you use and stuff O:<

This is great xD I seriously love the visuals

Just wait for a full release my bros *finger guns*

I know is super hard! xD I will release a level version or something after the LDjam voting is complete.

Thanks for playing :)

xD :v

Nombreh, pa' que le digo que no me lo goce si si lo hice :v que simple y guapo

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Game is quite nice for an alpha, after understanding the yo-yo mechanic(it cost me work) it was quite simple to go through the levels, although I did died a lot and I think it would be better not to go back to the start menu :/

The game is quite interesting, although I think it is somewhat difficult to learn the controls, and as the other comments say it, it is a pity the lack of music and effects, but once you have them, the experience will be better.

I also bugged the game a couple of times but my favorite time was the arm  :v , I’ll show you:

Hope to see the full game soon

Yeah, the game is kinda buggy :c we are going to make an update to it once the voting is over.
And yes, the V and U are really confusing. Thanks for the feedback! :)

This is like the nicest thing someone has tell about our game, thank you so much :3

Now I'm sure I want to make a complete experience from this game game jam.

Yup, I mean there is no tutorial or whatsoever so it is kind of hard to know what to do when nobody tells you anything. For the record, you are supposed to complete the game  as the gosht by moving stuff around and working while the game developer is making something else, like sleeping or walking.

I made most of the art for the game (so thanks :3), it was actually a rough week for us. We are trying to make some good old pixel art for our games; but yeah, buggy game, we might make a complete (not buggy) experience of this game.

Your ex?  xD well then have fun letting him die (if that's what you want: v).  Thanks, tried to make something simple but I think it must be simpler. 

It is nearly impossible :c (maybe you could if you were like a super human with super human abilities) I'm thinking on that, maybe adding some cover mechanic or something, the player should have the possibility to choose between getting hit and NOT getting hit. Thanks for the feedback.

There is just so much of them! (although I like it that way), so I´m working on making the bullets do less damage because the can feel overwhelming or something, idk, maybe adding more space to walk. Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it :)

Thanks 😊.

 I'm currently writing this response instead of making the game better :'v

I know D: I had no testers, when i was playing seemed nice :'v but when (after the submission) I put some friends to play, they all said the same, thanks for the feedback :)  Right now, I'm tweaking some stuff for the game and I intend to upload a "complete" version once the voting ends. 

Awesome game! love the mechanic lthough I ran into the fact that you can also change places with the chain, which is fine, I could leave the toads trapped on the walls.

All those comments are right, pretty difficult game. Loved the second level, how you teach about the corpses over the spikes. Really nice work you make a really good use of your mechanics.