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He visto que mucha gente hace eso de volver por el mismo lugar que se entra, me toca cambiar eso O: Lo de las pierdas ps nada :'v toca aprender a dibujar mejores piedras :v

MMmmmmmm... entiendo, revisare mejor las colisiones (aunque igual si se que estan cacas)

El camino oculto debia de ser un "camino de vuelta" por esto estaba alto, pero el tiempo no me dio y todo el mapa tiene un solo colisionador grande :'v entonces todo es "tierra" el wall jump es sin intencion. Las 'larvas' eran mi intento de piedra, al volver por el camino desde el final al inicio, se veia muy vacio y no se sentia un avance entonces las agregue :v.

Observare el salto con mas detalle para ver que se siente raro O:

La musica la hizo el Gecko sin ver nada :v y la mezcla del 3D/2D es algo nuevo que quiero mejorar con el tiempo.

Gracias por el feedback senior nalgas!

gracias :D

I liked the art :v, although I found the movement  speed  somewhat slow/frustrating

The screen also made me a little uncomfortable, I had to play very close to my screen to see the game well, good choice of music, it goes well with the game.

The difficulty curve increases considerably from level to level and I think that the collisions (at least with objects) are somewhat out of phase.

Overall nice game. Good work guys, I hope to see you in more game jams.

The game is prettu complete, although I really did not know if I ended the game or not, is just that signs stopped coming out.

Some kind of way to show progress would be ideal, I think one attempt at it was changing colors in the art, but being so focused on closing pop-ups I didn't really have time to notice it until they were out so I was like "I am doing this right?".

I think the experience could be improved a little if the "game" you are trying to play had a simple objective such as entering a house or taking 5 coins and you can "play" when no pop-us are in the screen.

At the end I enjoyed it, good work people

It's still kinda buggy :v

I find the mechanics interesting and the fact that I have some control over the situation despite not having total control, the art looks good and the sound effects were great too. Something better is needed to denotes the progression of "levels", also sometimes I cannot move at the desired speed on the Y axis, maybe a dash or increase the speed there would be good (The zombies killed so many times just because I couldn't move that fast unu).

Good job people

I played for a long time :v me eyes hurt a little :'v

Great mechanic did spent some good time playing it, music, sound FXs, some camera shake and some particle effects will enhance the game by a lot, keep it up!!

I had fun playing it good job (I got to the end yay :v)

Cool game! really enjoyed the art and the sound FX. I did get to the end of the game but didn´t get all the coins, enjoyed the difficulty

What a great game the art is amazing and the mechanic very original, great thing you got here, it was quite difficult to play and the particle effects were great really complete game for a jam O:<

Cool concept, maybe adding some kind of balance risk/reward to it like going slower when crunching I was like crunching aaaaall the time and it just kept working :v

Really complete experience, I enjoyed it

I liked the idea but I felt like the movement could be faster, felt kind of frustrated when playing because of this specially when the levels become bigger and more complicated, good experience keep it up

I liked the main mechanic, although the controls were a bit difficult, maybe rearranging them in a different way, I couldn't use the arrow keys as they move the page up/down so I had to use the WASD but the Z/X/C and Space are too close, I would recommend something like

WASD - Movement

J - Jump

K - Grab

Keep it up, the game has potential

I had fun playing it, although I would've liked some level design, reaching an objective while doing the same dodging thingy, great game the glitching effect is awesome and the art althoug simple was really cool

The game was fun although it felt reeeeally hard the mechanic was interesting but I would make that maybe the plants dont reproduce at that speed or that a farmer could do 2 or more things than just one, great game tho keep it up!

yay! :D my art thingy I liked doing bloddy bunnies skulls for the death :3

Yay! Someone noticed it! >w<)/ And yes the game its a little buggy :'v

Thanks I did the art :'v We would've loved to had work more on the level design aspect

It looked great! :D the art style is really cute the spining card looked amazing xD Really cool mechanic to work over keep it up!

This looked great O: really interesting take on the theme, the camera felt like too quick when moved tho but other than that it felt good to play

It felt somewhat unfair when the sword randomly damaged me :/ the idea is interesting but should be review, the randomness of the game is too high there was this time I got damaged when taking one of those little floor lights

The idea is interesting, but felt kind of difficult to manage my minions over such a large board, I'm also complaining about the 'ctrl' key as an action key I also closed my tab :'v I liked the idea but it shoulb de worked a little, keep it up!

Cool concept of a game, I couldn't reach the berserk mode very often tho, liked the art and the sound effects, keep it up with the work!!

Cool idea  had fun playing with it, adding some sound would definetly increase the experience, great job, keep it up!

I really enjoyed the experience, and had a lot of fun reading the outcome of every decision XD great writing, would love to play it when its complete

I liked the game, had fun playing it, maybe adding some checkpoints as the game became kind of stressing after a bit, but great game, I also loved the 'Lamp' sound

Freaking great music, I would try to make hte characther movement asi if it were running from the enemies, I also liked the art it looked cool :v

Very interesting game and the sound effects were great xD but maybe adding something so players could find the water, I felt kinda cheated when I burned without even getting to take a look at a piece of water UnU Great game for a first time!

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Cool concept, the music goes great with the game, but I felt like although I could disable an action the avatar would still have a lot of choices it could make so it felt it didn't matter if I disabled an action or not. Overall I liked the experience, keep it up! :)

Music is really grat and the art is good too, it's a shame there are no more levels or maybe a really big one with checkpoinst, great work.

Me rei mucho con la voz del Gecko :v Que bonita experiencia muchachos

Fuah!!! I need to know how did you guys do for the animation and art! What  did you use and stuff O:<

This is great xD I seriously love the visuals

Just wait for a full release my bros *finger guns*

I know is super hard! xD I will release a level version or something after the LDjam voting is complete.

Thanks for playing :)

xD :v

Nombreh, pa' que le digo que no me lo goce si si lo hice :v que simple y guapo

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Game is quite nice for an alpha, after understanding the yo-yo mechanic(it cost me work) it was quite simple to go through the levels, although I did died a lot and I think it would be better not to go back to the start menu :/

The game is quite interesting, although I think it is somewhat difficult to learn the controls, and as the other comments say it, it is a pity the lack of music and effects, but once you have them, the experience will be better.

I also bugged the game a couple of times but my favorite time was the arm  :v , I’ll show you:

Hope to see the full game soon

Yeah, the game is kinda buggy :c we are going to make an update to it once the voting is over.
And yes, the V and U are really confusing. Thanks for the feedback! :)

This is like the nicest thing someone has tell about our game, thank you so much :3

Now I'm sure I want to make a complete experience from this game game jam.