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Yeah~ I'll have to make more clear that too~!

thanks for playing and the feddback UvU

Huehuehue U: si me falta como mas jugo ahi

he he he gracias! Debo de ser mas claro en el objetivo del juego dentro del juego hue hue hue

UvU gracias por jugar~

Which room? O:

Maybe its unclear too~ The idea is to have zero (0) roots when you touch the flower so you can advance, It does lack some visual feedback right there

Thanks for playing~

O: I'll check the music. I thought I add that just fine but guess I did wrong lul, thanks~

YES pretty simple UvU I want to expand a bit more the levels and u'know, fix some stuff~

thanks for playing!

oh geee Nate~! thank you for those kind words~

I did try to make it that way UvU Still had a hard time being this my first time with PICO8

Con 'X' eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I had fun playin it~ It sure would make a fun click smartphone game with more

That said,  I never could buy anything in the store everything was always too expensive, after a while I got items but didn't know how~ Also, the lack of music and SFX always hits~

This game is pretty polished, the UI, the effects, the "I dont crash and work". Besides, is pretty complete, it has an inventory, a skill tree and stats, some of them where self explanatory so one just kind go with what sounds fine~

Some minor things:

 When played on Full Screen UI does not scale

After a while the game brokes(or maybe I'm impatient) but I'm not taking damage and just killing everyone~ (my combination was speed and strenght)

Can't wait for the next thing you'll test!

Thanks! This is the second time i have worked with a 2.5D it has been fun~

I had fun! I found it hard to hit the enemies although shooting and the movement is fun I couldnt beat the game unu The music is also great, adds a lot to hte environment, congrats!

This is fun, found it a bit hard to kick the Soul, buit I think is because I'm not used to play on keyboard. Looks great, and is really polished! congrats!

Thanks! I'll do my best to be better next time!

Oh! this is great words~ I still feel like the fact that is toooooo easy makes it somewhat boring. I do need to work on my design abilities.

<3 This doode UwU We want to make the game more challenging tho, it feels way too easy. thanks for the wordssss.

thankssssssss~~~~ Yes we have to work more on the levels so they are more challenging. Maybe re visit the mechanic to see what can be improved here too.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we have to add more time into actual design next time!

this was great, I had fun and learn a little. It reminded me a little bit of 'baba is you' congrts on this 

Way too cute for this world. The level design could have some work but this was fun overall, the art just amazing and you added a cute story, GREAT!

This is some great educational work! you HAVE to expand on this, congrats

What a fun puzzle game. Difficulty raised a little to fast for me tho, congrats on making this on your own!

I erased everything! Great and fun game, I would make a little visual change on the "weird thief" just to know it is different from the normal one, other than that this is great! 

Great game, the mechanic is a little hard to control and the difficulty raise a little fast, but overall i had fun, the art is great and loved the SFX!

Ihad fun, but after a while it became somewhat monotonous even though the speed was going up, the art style looks amazing, just like a kids book uwu

I enjoyed the game, the art is great. The mechanic is fun although the difficulty curve may be a little too inclined. This game is great, thanks for making it.

I loved it! The art is good, the mechanics are great, a bunch of levels. For a game jam game this is out of league.

 reading comments about twitch I though I was special TT_TT

This is haaaaaaaaaaaard~ I had a hard time learning the controls and in managing to play with them. Loved the artstyle, fun experience but I wish I could play better. *Pssst* Hi Stoff~

This is haaaaaaaaaaaard~ I had a hard time learning the controls and in managing to play with them. Loved the artstyle, fun experience but I wish I could play better. *Pssst* Hi Stoff~

I loved it! I found it hard to understand the mechanic at first but once I got it it was so much fun! Congrats guyssssss~

True words, we got the enemy late in development so we did not have real time to play test the levels. The idea is that you can only kill the frogs by stomping on them while being a rabbit, but as you said, is reaaaaaaaaaally easy just to fly through.

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate the truth, this helps me grow.

He visto que mucha gente hace eso de volver por el mismo lugar que se entra, me toca cambiar eso O: Lo de las pierdas ps nada :'v toca aprender a dibujar mejores piedras :v

MMmmmmmm... entiendo, revisare mejor las colisiones (aunque igual si se que estan cacas)

El camino oculto debia de ser un "camino de vuelta" por esto estaba alto, pero el tiempo no me dio y todo el mapa tiene un solo colisionador grande :'v entonces todo es "tierra" el wall jump es sin intencion. Las 'larvas' eran mi intento de piedra, al volver por el camino desde el final al inicio, se veia muy vacio y no se sentia un avance entonces las agregue :v.

Observare el salto con mas detalle para ver que se siente raro O:

La musica la hizo el Gecko sin ver nada :v y la mezcla del 3D/2D es algo nuevo que quiero mejorar con el tiempo.

Gracias por el feedback senior nalgas!

gracias :D

I liked the art :v, although I found the movement  speed  somewhat slow/frustrating

The screen also made me a little uncomfortable, I had to play very close to my screen to see the game well, good choice of music, it goes well with the game.

The difficulty curve increases considerably from level to level and I think that the collisions (at least with objects) are somewhat out of phase.

Overall nice game. Good work guys, I hope to see you in more game jams.

The game is prettu complete, although I really did not know if I ended the game or not, is just that signs stopped coming out.

Some kind of way to show progress would be ideal, I think one attempt at it was changing colors in the art, but being so focused on closing pop-ups I didn't really have time to notice it until they were out so I was like "I am doing this right?".

I think the experience could be improved a little if the "game" you are trying to play had a simple objective such as entering a house or taking 5 coins and you can "play" when no pop-us are in the screen.

At the end I enjoyed it, good work people

It's still kinda buggy :v

I find the mechanics interesting and the fact that I have some control over the situation despite not having total control, the art looks good and the sound effects were great too. Something better is needed to denotes the progression of "levels", also sometimes I cannot move at the desired speed on the Y axis, maybe a dash or increase the speed there would be good (The zombies killed so many times just because I couldn't move that fast unu).

Good job people

I played for a long time :v me eyes hurt a little :'v

Great mechanic did spent some good time playing it, music, sound FXs, some camera shake and some particle effects will enhance the game by a lot, keep it up!!

I had fun playing it good job (I got to the end yay :v)

Cool game! really enjoyed the art and the sound FX. I did get to the end of the game but didn´t get all the coins, enjoyed the difficulty

What a great game the art is amazing and the mechanic very original, great thing you got here, it was quite difficult to play and the particle effects were great really complete game for a jam O:<

Cool concept, maybe adding some kind of balance risk/reward to it like going slower when crunching I was like crunching aaaaall the time and it just kept working :v

Really complete experience, I enjoyed it