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Thank you so much for playing it. 

Unfortunately I couldn't fix this problem before the submitting time, but I intend to work on it for a little longer this week. =) 

Thanks! =) 

Thank you for playing. 

Unfortunately I couldn't fix this bug before the jam submitting time. =/

Thank you 

Thank you very much =) 

Thank you very much. 

I intend to work on this one for a bit longer 

Thank you! 

I'll fix it next week =) 

Great concept. 

It's hard to keep tracking where is the best place to put every block, but after a while I realize some strategies. 

Congrats for the solid entry! =)

Thank you so mush!
It's a shame I couldn't solve this issue, but I'm proud of what I could publish in time.

I had a lot of fun playing it! It was a great idea, and the game is well polish for a 48h project.

I really liked your 12 games challenge! Excited to see what's coming next.

A simple idea well implemented.

And it's not easy!! I played for a while until I could win!

Great idea and well implemented. I always thought racing game's IA was a nightmare to implement, and you did it very well!

with some post jam polish, it could be a great game too.

That's a simple idea well implemented.
I really liked my time playing it!

That's so fast!!
I had to take a cup of coffee to keep tracking the targets

I always thought Tower Defenses was a reverse idea already, where you play as the stage, not the players. You just reversed the revere!

Great idea, but some stages I could clear by only keeping the left button pressed.

That's mean. That's so mean.
... 10/10

Beautiful artwork and a well done implementation.
Congrats! =)

Great job!
Rethinking Vampire's Survivor was a bold move

Great ideas!
All levels has it's unique feature was a clever move.

Well done

It's a very creative idea. 
Great level design too =)

Thank you! =) 

Thank you so much for your review. 

I pretend to continue working on it and implement some other ideas. 

Thank you for your review. It made my day. 

Every jam is a crazy thing, but that was the first time my project had a problem that prevent the player to run the game to the end. 

I'm very pleased that people can still enjoy it. =) 

I'm really sorry about that. 

I took a lot of time on the art and music, and had some problems during the coding that I couldn't find a solution in time. The  game still had tons of issues at the deadline of the jam, but I chose to publish it as it was. 

Just a beautiful pico-8 shmup!
I'm exiting to see where this project is going

That's a great rage plataformer. I dyed a lot, but I felt all the times was my fault. It's not a game to complete in one seat. 

The controls are preaty responsive. (As someone said before, I would love to use the WASD, and a controller suport would be great! But this isn't a problem tho)

The only thing I felt a little off was the camera. Because of the low resolution, the camera correction when you stop walking get a bit flikering when playing in fullscren. Other than that, great job! 

Thank you for making it available for everyone. =)

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Hey @MichiganStar!

Unfortunatly, the Windows Defender is not very friendly with low profile softwares. That's a well known problem for tiny indie devs like me. 

It sees the software as a non usual program, and blocks it because the game isn't at Microsoft databases.

The only solution I know is by making lots of people to play my game! XD

You can click at "advanced settings" on the messege and allow windows to run the game. (You can scan the software for malwares and viruses with any anti-virus if you don't feel safe running it on your pc)

So Cute! ♥

I loved the gameplay! Do you pretend to continue the development? 

I'd love to see more enemies and weapons and stuff. It have a lot of potential!

That was a great concept!

i loved the puzzle ideas. Great job! =)

I had a great time playing it. 

The rolls a very unfair sometimes, others you get very lucky! 

Well done!

I love tower defenses!

You did a great job! congrats!

What the rack did I just played?! Hahahaha

That's a 5 stars for creativity for sure!

It is a nice RPG style concept. The game is very well made but quite difficult, tho. 

I had some trouble to see the side value for the attack, and my strategy was to avoid combat.

The music is very good too! Great job!

Thank you! 

I though I would see more tabbletop dice games at the jam when I had the idea. Didn't played any other yet, besides some casino based.

Thank you =)

Great concept! 

The eletroswing at the soundtrack is just amazing!! The gameplay is very fluid, but I was a bit confused with some enemy colors, tho.

Great job!

It is such a complete little game!

I liked everything! The puzzles, the art, the music, the gameplay and the game time. Look like you managed your dev time very well.


You got to be kidding me! For real?

That's awesome! Will you post the rom to?

I had quite a difficult task to understand the mechanics. =/