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I loved the gameplay! Do you pretend to continue the development? 

I'd love to see more enemies and weapons and stuff. It have a lot of potential!

That was a great concept!

i loved the puzzle ideas. Great job! =)

I had a great time playing it. 

The rolls a very unfair sometimes, others you get very lucky! 

Well done!

I love tower defenses!

You did a great job! congrats!

What the rack did I just played?! Hahahaha

That's a 5 stars for creativity for sure!

It is a nice RPG style concept. The game is very well made but quite difficult, tho. 

I had some trouble to see the side value for the attack, and my strategy was to avoid combat.

The music is very good too! Great job!

Thank you! 

I though I would see more tabbletop dice games at the jam when I had the idea. Didn't played any other yet, besides some casino based.

Thank you =)

Great concept! 

The eletroswing at the soundtrack is just amazing!! The gameplay is very fluid, but I was a bit confused with some enemy colors, tho.

Great job!

It is such a complete little game!

I liked everything! The puzzles, the art, the music, the gameplay and the game time. Look like you managed your dev time very well.


You got to be kidding me! For real?

That's awesome! Will you post the rom to?

I had quite a difficult task to understand the mechanics. =/

I liked the concept. It was made with Pico-8?

Sometimes the character get out of the grid, but that is not a real problem.

Good job! =)

I liked the idea, but I though it is a bit hard to see the combination chart and select all the things on time.

(So I print screen it! haha)

You really need guts to make an Idle game for a Game Jam. I appreciate your courage, soldier. 

That said, it really is an interesting idea! A little more work on that and you could addict a lot of folks with it.

First of all, I love Pico-8!

You did a great job. I liked the progression system, and the art style. That's an impressive effort for a 48h jam =)

That's such a great puzzle concept! 

You get it really nice on the theme too! 

Congrats! =) 

Simple and effective! Well done.
I just get confused with the table-board, but I had a good time playing it =)

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So cute!

It is very polished for a 48h jam! I really liked it!

Just missed a score system, cuz I'm good. Like, the best player of all times, but I can't compare my performance to prove it. =/

Good game! I love this kind of shooter! 

The art and presentation is great too.

The theme could be better implemented, tho.

Thank you so much! 

Yes, the project have a lot of potential! I pretend to continue working on it on next weeks. 

That's unfortunate that 48 hours isn't enough to make a full game! XD

Thank you so much for playing it! 

The gameplay had some huge flaws because of that you said. I had a system to show the player the sides of each dice, but I couldn't finish it on time and had to cut it off. 

Each dice have 3 sides that are randomly generated at the start. Knowing the possibilities of each roll changes all the strategy! 

I'm really sad I couldn't implement it.. =/

But that's the life at a 48h game jam! Haha

Thanks! =)

Actually, the dices have not truly random values. Each one of the five slots have a "real dice" with 3 sides. Unfortunately I couldn't implement a system to show it. You probably had bad luck at your dice deck generation. =/

Thank you for playing it! =)

Thank you for playing it!

Actually, the dices have not truly random values. Each one of the five slots have a "real dice" with 3 sides. Unfortunately I couldn't implement a system to show it. =/

Thank you so much!

I'm a visual artist and musician. For me, the actual challenge is to make a code that works! XD

Thank you for play it!

Actually, the dices have not truly random values. Each one of the five slots have a "real dice" with 3 sides. Unfortunately I couldn't implement a system to show it. Probably you get unlucky at your dice deck.
Knowing the values that can appear at your dices make a huge difference at the gameplay. =/

Wow! That was your first game?! 

You should be very proud to start at a 48h game jam as big as GMTK! It is a giant challenge! 

My first game was a 3 weeks project, and I was not happy with the result, so I never published it. 

I'm glad to have the opportunity to play your first one! =) 

Thank you for the words!

Make everything in 48h was hell! I chose to sacrifice animations and put more effort at the art it self. Reading your message made me feel like it was a good choice. =)

Every Pico-8 game must be praised!

it is a good concept. I was a little confused at beginning too! A better explanation of the arrow buttons for each slot wold help.

Good job!

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Making a game in 48h is hell, but totally worth it! 

I think everybody had the same anxiety at the finishing line. I submitted my game almost 3h before the finishing time because in 2020 and 2021 the itch io server crashed at the last hour of GMTK Jam. 

At the time I  uploaded, the jam had almost 1500 submissions. More then 5000 games was uploaded after that! It is wild!! 

It is unfortunate that you could do just feel levels. 

I would like to see some progressive puzzles. The idea is great! 

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That was the prettiest and most polished game I played from the GMTK 2022, by far!

It is really amazing what you all did in 48h! Great team work!

I loved it!

EDIT: By the way, it would be nice if the game had a windows port. The game took forever to download on my browser, but I totally get it!

That's a neat idea and would work great as a mobile game!

Had a lot of fun playing it

I liked it.

I get struggled to understand the mechanics even after reading the tutorial, but I get it after some time playing it.

Great idea!

I get some struggle to play it on browser (don't know if it is my PC or a bug), so I had to download it.

I liked the simple idea.

I see that you had some struggle putting the idea at the theme, but if you simply put a dice animation in the dialog balloon it would work!

Fun game!

it was kinda complicated to understand the differences between the bullets, tho.

And I had to reduce de sensibility of my mouse. XD

Good job!

I loved it!
I did wish that was a better way to access the fish table. And I don't know if it was designed but after a while the fishies just stopped appearing, so I had to refresh the page (thanks for the saving feature!).

I played for longer than I anticipated, and I'm excited to see if you will continue to work on it.

I'm slowly working on a fishing game too! The basic idea is already on itch, if you'd like to play it's called Fishing Rush: Cerrado.

Great job! =D

"Oh no!" Hahahaha
The sound effects made are gorgeous! XD