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Thank you very much for the kind words! We thought the rating system was a good addition, and we're glad you think so too!

Haha, sorry to disappoint on the title front! And yeah, that bug's listed on the game page, but still, sorry you had to experience it in-game!

Thank you very much! We think so too, and are gonna keep working on this post-jam!

Oh man, this game was super entertaining from beginning to end! Every time I messed up and murdered a perfectly good robot had me in stitches, haha. It's nuts how you were able to come up will all the different puzzles with just one simple mechanic, props.

The UI is incredibly clean here, and it really helped get me into the game. Art is definitely a strong point, and I loved the vector graphics (not to mention the smooth transitions!). Of course, the gameplay was fun too! I definitely enjoyed seeing everything crumbling around me as I desperately tried to save the world, haha.

Thanks for giving the game a play! And don't sweat it, we absolutely appreciate the feedback, even if you didn't make it to the end!

Haha, thank you for the whimsical review! That was such a treat to read. And of course, thank you for the feedback!

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Hey, thanks for giving the game a try even though you're not a 2D fan. We really appreciate different perspectives, so it's great that we got to hear yours! Thanks for the comment!

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Oh no, sorry to hear that! Yeah, there's an invisible spike hiding in level 6, and unfortunately we didn't catch it in time. Apologies. As for the bugged animation, that one's on us as well. We noticed it during development but didn't quite have enough time to fix it. Although I will admit, it is a bit funny seeing the skeleton bonk its head and get stuck in the animation, haha.

Hey, good job completing the game! And that's a good suggestion! I'm definitely gonna steal add that to the notepad file of all the changes we've got planned for a post-jam version, haha. As for that spike, sorry about that! That was an unfortunate oversight on my part during development.

So glad you enjoyed the game! It's especially good to hear you enjoyed the animations, since I did them, haha!

Wow, you've got a really creative concept here! I'm always impressed by games that can take simple controls (cardinal grid movement in this case) and use them to build complex puzzles. The difficulty curve was very satisfying, with 1 - Castle in particular requiring me to actually stop and think about my movement pattern. This game definitely has the potential to grow into a full release if given more levels and a bit of graphical flare!

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Right off the bat, I absolutely adored this game. There's an incredible amount of polish here for a jam submission, especially in the graphics department! The strong dichotomy between the peaceful music and vibrantly colored graphics against the stressful gameplay had me smiling the entire time.

Man, the minimalistic graphics and atari-esque sounds are so charming, and immediately bring to mind classic arcade games. The bright visuals also compliment the gameplay real nicely. As for the gameplay itself? It was super hard, haha! Trying to go in guns blazing made the levels near impossible with bullets going every which way, so I ended up approaching each shot cautiously instead. Due to the short length of levels and the instant retry, difficulty was a fun challenge rather than a nuisance, and progressed smoothly from start to finish!

This is a neat concept, with some impressively fleshed out systems! The inventory items were real charming; any time I saw the inventory option I immediately selected it, wondering what the guard might be holding! This is the kinda concept that I feel has a ton of potential, so if you're thinking about developing this further, I say go for it.

While simple conceptually, this game's oozing with personality—and polish! The special attack provides a nice way for the player to balance their own difficulty, since using the ability frequently means keeping the enemy count to a minimum (but at the same time, also minimizing score), while using the ability sparingly creates riskier gameplay, but ups the chances for a higher score.

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Oh man, this might just be the most out of control game I've tried so far, in a good way! Separating my cat from the rest of the pack was a ridiculously hilarious challenge, and despite my best efforts to strategically place fish and cucumbers, the best I got was second place... The cat names and descriptions are a fantastic touch; just knowing my cat's backstory pushed me to try and bring them to victory!

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I know it says you used pre-existing audio and visuals, but I gotta say: the choices you made for this were spot-on. The neon lighting combined with the ocean background music lends the game some super surreal vibes. The aesthetics combined with the solid puzzle design made this a fun submission to play, real nice work!

The concept of switching between platformer and top-down movement (or being unstable in the context of the game, haha) on the fly is real neat! I could totally see myself playing a bullet hell or rogue-lite where this concept takes center stage.

This is one of those games where the more I played it, the more I fell in love with it. At first I was a bit intimidated by how huge the map was, since I wasn't sure what to expect. But man, after I saw how the time loop worked it all clicked. And there I was, feeling real smart, when I realized that your previous loops could get in each other’s way! Unreal.

Aw, thank you very much! We're so happy to hear that!

Ah, yeah, that darn invisible spike. Sorry about that! With that said, thank you so much for the kind words. It really makes the whole team so happy to hear such positive feedback.

Oh man, you have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that you checked out the game page! The invisible spikes were an oversight on my part during development, and I've tried so hard to let people know that they're in the game. We're thrilled you enjoyed the game regardless of its faults; thank you for the feedback!

We're so glad you enjoyed the game so much! And hey, congrats on beating all the levels!

Thank you very much for the feedback! And yeah, we all agree there's definitely a better way to puzzle out the solution rather than just placing down one tile at a time and seeing when the skeleton dies, haha. As for rewards, my our current idea going forward is that getting a three-skull rating on a level would unlock a filter or chroma players could use to change up the color palette!

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Man, it's so cool that you managed to have such good voice acting here. I mean, most of the lines sound near-professional! And there are just so many unique lines, it’s nutty that you guys also had the time to make the gameplay as theme-fitting as it was.

I'll admit, it took me a bit to understand the shell system, but once I got the hang of it this game became real unique! Strategically placing your shell in preparation for a quick double-swap leads to some really cool gameplay. If you polish up the visuals and tweak the balance a bit, I could definitely see this being expanded upon into a full game!

Oh man, I really liked the blocky artstyle. I suppose I'm a bit biased towards 3D submissions, but I legitimately enjoyed the simplicity here, haha! The game felt well-balanced too, making blowing up waves of viruses more fun than frustrating (with a nice explosion animation, to boot). It's real impressive you were able to make a game this polished during the jam, props.

This game is a great example of using a lack of control to create tension! Depending on your speed, reacting to oncoming cars can feel real tense. And I shouldn't forget the headlights, which (in addition to being a nice contrast to the moody aesthetic) were a crucial tool for reacting to oncoming traffic, and a great counter-balance to what would've been overwhelming tension. Saying this game is underrated doesn't do it enough justice!

It's kinda amazing how quickly just tweaking the spawn rate ramps up the difficulty. At one point I had to start herding batches of sheep into corners and trimming them all at once just to keep the population under control! Simple and fun, I'd wager this just needs some minor animations and effects to complete the experience!

Oh man, I love the dual purpose enemies have in this game, being both your greatest strength as well as your greatest obstacle. The fact that enemies can be attacked to cross multiple tiles in a single turn is brilliant! It makes for such interesting gameplay choices. The final level plays with these choices real well, and had it me stuck for a decent bit until I finally got it, haha! There's heaps of potential here, and I'd love to see you guys turn this into a fully-realized game.

This game was a treat. It's both refreshing in concept and in sound design, which really helped contribute to the stellar experience as a whole (especially enjoyed that sneaky Megalovania reference, haha!).

I've seen a couple of submissions similar to what you've got here, but yours is easily the best, hands down! Man, the game just feels so good to interact with, whether it be through its movement or the drop down menu for the modules. A creative entry through-and-through. Not to mention the solid visuals!

I really enjoyed my time with this game! Simple concept, cute art style, nice vibes, and all-around fun gameplay—what's not to like? I think you've really nailed the prompt in a way that isn’t aggravating or frustrating (like some other games, haha), but instead, in a real wholesome way.

This is a cool concept! It's like this billiards and golf combo, with a clean aesthetic and super tough levels. The camera angle made it a bit rough to line up my shots now and then, but it wasn't serous enough that it made the game any less fun. Real nice work!

This game constantly forces you to keep repositioning, sometimes having to weave between walls of enemies just to line up the right shot. It's hectic, frantic, and absolutely fun. Only feedback I've got is that you might want to add some end lag to shooting, so that players can't just spam it. That aside, real nice work here!

I'd like to think I'm pretty decent at typing, but holding two random keys at the same time made it infinitely harder for my brain to process, haha. I think you've got a really interesting mechanic here, and I'd love to see a post-jam version!

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This was a fun, chaotic game. The short timers on each level kept it fast-paced, not to mention it made it much les frustrating to mess up (which I often did, haha). After about 5 levels or so the game wouldn't let me move on to the next level after I beat it, which was a total bummer since I wanted to play more!

The character art here is top-notch! I mean, stuff like the carrot-guns, the robot's floppy "ears," the small bounce when running—every detail gives the character so much life. And having enemies speed you up instead of killing you is a neat twist! I really dig this.