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Give your controls to machines.
Submitted by MVLN — 1 hour, 8 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
It's quite literal! Maybe you'll be surprised to find yourself giving and taking controls.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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Really wish I had discovered this earlier so that I could've rated this. 

I love how the control transfer mechanic works. It's like a better version of my game.  I wish I hadn't made it a platformer.

The puzzles are simple but great. Like the art style.

It does need a few QOL upgrades. It crashes a lot.  The diegetic UI is good on paper but the icons that pop up after spacing space interfere with pick up. You don't need that at all. You already sort of show your current modules on your sprite. You just need to make that bigger so that there never any need to press space. You can definitely improve the UX by using the mouse more. as well. Like getting prompts to transfer controls by hovering the mouse over enemies.

The idea to restart by dropping the life module is cute and reminds me off Nier: Automata.  But an additional one click restart button would be better for game flow.

If I found this one week ago I would've dropped a perfect 20 rating. Keep going. And I'll be rooting for you.


Damn. This is such a thorough comment. I really appreciate that you went out of your way to play my game, despite the jam being over.

You raise excellent points, and I only find myself more motivated to just go back and remake certain elements to eliminate potential game-crashes. Thank you for this! It feels a bit undeserved to have my game be so wonderfully and constructively analysed, but if I ever find myself working more on this game, I'll find this comment again, for sure.


Loved the game!! Solid art, sound effects, and level design. I'd love to see this concept expanded on!


Fantastic! Thanks a lot! And good news: I just released MMM+, which includes one new mechanic and a few extra levels. 


I've seen a couple of submissions similar to what you've got here, but yours is easily the best, hands down! Man, the game just feels so good to interact with, whether it be through its movement or the drop down menu for the modules. A creative entry through-and-through. Not to mention the solid visuals!


Wow! Big compliments; thank you! Glad I could make it a worthwhile experience for you.

The art is spectacular and the idea is very clever and fun to play, great job!


Much thank!


This is one clever puzzle game.  I love the simple graphics.  Excellent job.


Thank you very much!

Submitted (1 edit)

Regarding the graphics, seems like I'm not the only one on the dark side xD I love it!

Really good mechanic, I simply love it. Nice levels, had me thinking while not being hard to understand. Seems like I managed to drop life-module without restarting, but overall it's pretty polished game. The tutorial text could be a little closer to the center, it was sort of hard to notice when you're focused on the puzzle itself.

Overall, excellent job!

Developer (1 edit)

Dark backgrounds* for life!

It sounds like you're another victim of softlocking the game. Sorry, my bad!

If I make something similar, tutorial-wise, I'll be sure to make it more visible. Thanks for the heads up!


Yep. Seems you can drop a LIFE module on Inactive Machine. That causes game to halt.


Spot on!


I love it's Pixel-art, it's so beautiful. Puzzles are great. And a reverse option can be helpful.

I had so much fun, Well done :)

Also, I'd be thankful if you play my submission. (if you have time)


Glad to hear that my pixels resonated with you! And a reverse option would absolutely be good to have -- hard resetting is pretty harsh.


This is an excellent submission! the mechanics are superb, with a good progression and the minimal art and sound combine very well!

My only comments are quite small, and could be easily fixed if you want to do an iteration of this magnificent game: is that the interface is a bit hard to read, its 2 modes having sometimes overlapping, and that there are some game breaking bugs when you drop elements (for me, the r for reset was not working and i was forced to drop the core, and at some point the level did not stop, and was unable to continue).

If you want, you should push this a bit further, it is an excellent base for a game.


Nice! I was pretty satisfied with the visuals and audio -- glad it clashes well with others as well.

That softlock was a big oversight on my part. I should have added an "R to restart" button as well, given that jam-games are prone to bugs. I'll take your words to heart, though! I might polish it up sometime. Either way, thank you for your insights!


Nice game! I'm impressed by the quality of the puzzles, it's really clever. Great job!




Really well designed puzzles! I felt like a genius every time I solved a level. The art and concept is really good too! A great experience overall


I'll have you know, I always 100 % absolutely make sure that my players' true brains is exposed to themselves when they play my games!

Honestly, I'm happy to hear that you found the levels worthwhile!


This is a really smart, polished and good looking puzzle game! There is a lot of potential here for a variety of different modules that perform different actions of different machines. I found the UI a little confusing as I thought i had to drag the modules into the slots instead of the robot itself but that could just be me being weird. Overall a really good game that needs more recognition!


You're definitely not weird! I had my friend try this game, and he did the exact same thing, trying to put the modules into the slots. At some point I've done it too, to be frank. I would have made it this way, had I not been such a doofus at programming. And boy, would I have added more varied modules had I been better! Thanks for the wildly positive compliments, though!


Well there's always time to add things and refine the UI after the jam!




Really fun idea! And it's pretty hard to build a puzzle game for a game jam, so I'm impressed by the level design. The look is super cool too. It feels super polished, but I think I can give control to blocks that should be out of my reach? So I kinda cheesed some levels by doing that. Great game tho!


Hey, thanks for giving it a go! It kind of turned into a puzzle game before I knew where I was going with it, but I'll take the compliment! And yeah, the game is certainly prone to exploits; as long as you found the premise fun, though, then I'm content! 


Serious, fun, well thinked, feling like finished. Congrats!


Thank you! Happy to hear that it payed off.


I'm a little sad that I already finished the game. The concept is fun and promising. The game already feels quite polished and I think there is a lot of potential for more. I'd love to play some more levels.
Your game definitely deserves more attention.


I'd love to include some extra levels, if not some new mechanics as well! Had I planned things better, there would surely have been some more. Thanks for your heartwarming comment!


Really love this game. My favourite so far. Great concept and nice visuals.

A little side note from me is, that I find myself clicking on the arrows on the bottom of the screen instead of pressing space to chose which I want to drag. I don't know why this is, but I did it up to the last level.


Goddang! Thank you so much!

Sometimes, I'd find myself attempting the same; honestly, those arrows are easily misleading. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!