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Oh damn, I will try to take a look tomorrow.
Sorry for the lack of support in the past month.

Yeah, I got sidetracked and did not focus on the story... I have the core working now so i will focus on work on that.

Hey! thank you for writting to check on me :)
I'm doing fine, I have been in the middle of a job change in the past weeks so I did not have the time to work on the project.
I check the scores once in a while, you are rocking it, I would love to have the time to do the replay system so people could see your plays.

Incredible, honestly! But how can I be surprised, it is your usual quality.

The art is just perfect as always (character design, animations, lights), and you even managed to have a good feel with that crazy control scheme.
I like that you focused on the narration. The puzzles work but they feel an excuse to move forward.
Again, superb job!

No worries, it was a valid argument and friends that tested also pointed it out :)
I still dont love the return, but it is less punishing for nothing (holding a piece is already punishing enough)

I added that tutorial but did not give enough love yet...

Thanks for all these corrections.
* The scores are still separated per patch (the last one was grouped only because there were not that many weekly plays at this moment). It is normal there will be an inflation in points until things get stable, I will add a way of navigating previous patches.
* the new way of dealing with the drop piece needs to be fixed, I will look at the hotkey at the same time.
* all blocky pieces were turned into more tetris-like, as the puzzle was not that interesting with them. Maybe i'll remove the piece stacking to make it more interesting. I dont know what you think.
* i will check that breaking bug you mention, plus the resolution in the next patch (probably this weekend)

Yes, now pieces dont move while on the hand, as people complained of the yanking.

Hey! So glad you like it, as you are one of the regular players, do you have any deep insights about the game? Things you would add or remove? Things you look forward to? Things you dislike?

Hey! Thanks as always for the feedback. Sorry about the map size, I am looking for a way to make it adaptative to work also in mobile but so far it only got worse. 

I saw you other post, I will get back to bug fixing once we get a solid art identity.

Hello there!

Is there any features you would like to see added to the game? Here is the place to share them!


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Is the game not working as expected? please let me know!


Do you have any questions, please post them here!


Ok, I am pushing a hotfix with your comments: Now you should be able to play as before but also do drag&drop, I also fixed the scoreboard and added a small line showing the piece connected to the cursor.
Let me know what you think.
Thanks again!

Just arrived from work, thanks x 1000 for the feedback.
I will do a quick-fix tonight for the most critical of the issues you found.

Max grass is broken, my friend.

Thank you for pointing the bug out, I will add it to the backlog. I added a fix to it but please let me know if you see it again, as I was not able to reproduce it myself.
BTW, I added you to the game acknowledgements, your feedback really helps!

Oh you are absolutely right!
I did not test it for higher levels, hot-fixed for now, I will find a better solution later on.

hi! you have a pause/exit button on the top right (or you can also pause with ESC key).

Well, you certainly are part of the process! It also makes me absurdly happy when people explicitly enjoy my jam games, and the fact that you and others continue playing is what makes me continue the project.
So, thanks again!

Ending: for now it was just a sandbox test, I will use this to build a given challenge, and have a build-path with per-level-up decisions (e.g. buy piece/lose something/expand map).
Refresh: You have a little cross on the top-right corner to go back to the main menu.

Thank you as always for being so reactive :D, if you have anything you consider would improve the game, I am eager to read about it.

Done in this hotfix. Again, thanks!

Good catch! I added a hotfix. Last night's patch was a bit rushed, I will start spacing the patches a bit more.

Hey! I see you are first, congratz!
What do you think of the new difficulty curve? 
Is there anything you would like to have ?

Hi there! leaderboards and hotkeys are online!

Hey, glad you liked it! 

We are seeing which game mods we will work on, and a sandbox one would be East to add, maybe with some classical city builder gameplay.

Hi! leaderboards and hotkeys are online!

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Another serious scorer also recommended hotkeys. I have it in the todo list for some quick testing.
Thanks again for playing, i will probably do a few weeks of experiments and see how well it goes... for now working on an online leaderboard to see the global scores.

glad you liked it! level 12 is crazy good! What was your score?

Woah, you make me so happy! This was just a proof of concept that ended better than expected, so I will probably spend some proper time extending it. 

The randomness (probably like in tetris, with a randomizer bag) would be a good add, I just need to tweak it well as a small change can have a big impact in score and level progression. 

Thanks again for playing!

Yeah, doing a controller version would be a good idea. I just need to find how to handle the juggling of pieces.

Thanks a lot!

Yeah the top being cropped was a bug with the water growth, it should be better now.

Thanks for the feedback!
I made the roofs smaller, and when I have the time will do the same for the castles.

I am happy it had an intense reaction ,but I am not sure about being devious!
It is like the hardest possible version of the game, I need to add a progression and tutorial to make it less frustrating.

Oh thank YOU!
I will try to add a tutorial... the stars propagate over the same type of tile, the red thingies under the pieces are the price in gold (expensive pieces are better for points).

Ohh thanks!

Thanks for the feedback!
I will try to add a tutorial in the next days, there are too many implicit details.

Glad you liked it!
I will try to improve the progression to make it less frustrating.

I tried it on edge but it works too. 

Sorry about that.