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super glad to read that! we did one afternoon of paper prototyping before the implementation, so it originally was a physical card game.
If we do a cleaning pass, we could give the cards as  "print to play

yep, we wanted to have the equivalent of a draw, where each ship just flies away and you neither win nor lose cards... well, maybe in the future :

very realistic retro experience

hey, i enjoyed the humor and the cyberpirate theme.

Not sure if is a known bug but the game says "missing image" once i managed to get past the guard and tried to enter the facility.

thanks for playing! i will tell you a secret, the draw condition is not implemented and it just make you win when you pass eachother...

I agree that, in general, the game is too confusing

Hey, you have a very good base here, i like the minipirate, the animations are expressive for such a low res!

You should do an iteration if you have the time!

Okay, this game is super sweet! the art and narrative are super lovely! 

My only complaint is that the controls are a bit cluttered (i would prefer a different button for jumping, or alternatively supporting also the arrows for movement).  A side effect of this was that i constantly tried to kiss the characters you can talk to, but they were very polite and did not complain of my eagerness for smooches.

Super nice work!

thanks! I was just adding some sound effects right now. Just pushed them :)
We will try to add some variety in the music. Thanks for the feedback!

hey, thanks for testing it!
The darkness was supposed to be the core component of the game (sound becoming noisier as the storm arrived) but  I agree that ended very badly solved... i knew i was gonna only work 1 day but still extended the scope too much.

Thank you again for the feedback, i hope i will have the time to return to it after the LD.

Hey, it seems that at some point we removed the win version, you should be able to download it now

I got to one where you have 3 groups (2,1,2) and i could not do it fast enough

Thank you for the feedback!
Honestly, I did not finish this submission as I wanted, even though I ended up submitting it, it is very incomplete.

If at some point i do a revision of it, i will apply your suggestions, thanks again :)

cute:  check
novel: check!
challenging: the right amount (check!)

The production value of this one is incredible, the ambient and character designs are beautiful.

Gameplay wise, it is a bit rough but it deserves some iteration if you have the time!

Two small comments:
+ thank you for also providing a desktop version, the WebGL one requires too much RAM and does not work well on my PC
- as a left handed person, having to use arrows/WASD + space + mouse is a bit challenging, so if you could also map the dodge to right button would be greatly appreciated :)

You submitted a WebGL game, and in order to be playable; you need to tell itch it is "browser playable", otherwise it just gives the downloadable rar.

Made me laugh out loud, good work!

Very nice concept, the puzzles work well, the exploration of element combination feels nice (and the destructive power feels awesome)

The only critiques I have is the sound, the clips interrupt each other, and that the counters  on the bottom left felt like buttons and i kept clicking on them.

(1 edit)

Well done, the art and sound work very well together.

Given the saves, I imagine that there is a rather long progression, so i will let it running to see where it goes! EDIT: 5 days before dying, not that shabby.

Thanks! glad you enjoyed it. I spent waaaay too much time with the weapon system, but since I ended up recycling it for the enemies ended up working well.

Okay, i took the time for a second, correct play-through. 

This is a seriously good result for 3 days of work, congratulations! the narration and ambient are great.

My only comment is that, the first pass felt like a walking simulator, and there are way more details and interesting places to explore than the ones the cat guides you to. I feel that a more loose help, and the capability of activating the statues out of order would foster more exploration of such a magnificent scene.

Again, awesome work!

Interesting game, I haven't seen this mechanic before, and the progression is well very smooth (even when the first level is confusing)

Also the art for the aliens and the backgrounds is great! 

I love it, the art and sound work super well, and the challenge is high!

Nice, I like the idea of chasing the decrease of sound.  The cabin scene was quite spooky!

Good work :)

I liked it, the art is solid, the human movement is smooth, and the multiplayer support is a nice addition.

My only comment is that I think the controls have a bit too much inertia and the ghosts slide around. 

Good work!

Congratulation in submitting!

The character design and animations are nice, and I think if you add some more elements, plus menus you would have a very solid endless runner.

Keep it up, game-jamming is the best way of learning!

Hey, good work! The music is a nice touch, and the bad ending is super dark!

I have a small advice, if you do low resolution pixelart designs, make sure that Unity does not smooth it. To have crisp pixels, use filter mode = point

Nice design, I like the art and the platformer controllers work actually quite well.

A way  you could improve the feel of the controllers is to add animations when jumping/landing. You can use that with actual animations or with some simple unity Coroutines (something super nice to learn to do simple procedural animations, info and exmples here).

Good work!

hey, nicely done!

I love the music, it is a very good unique touch


Each enemy patrols at different rates, to give an artificial sense of variety.

I replayed it with the changes, it feels way better!

I managed to finish it, in general it is more engaging, between the sound, the improved  progression and the additional checkpoints.

Nicely done!

Hey, thanks a lot for all the encouraging feedback, super glad you enjoyed it!

I will check your gameplay tomorrow!

Thanks again!

Oki, I pushed the improved gameplay, it honestly feels better, each piece of feedback was super helpful!
If you try it, let me know if you see something else that should be improved.

Thanks again!

Thanks! very happy you enjoyed it. I wasnt sure if the whiskey as spirit was clear enough.

That helps a lot :D. All that is very much true, I will try to do a pass tomorrow for that.

Ahi le rehice el arte (recomiendo testear), aun mas Sunset Riders... le falta un fantasma gordo y unos barriles en la ciudad, pero unos toros fantasma suenan bien!

Hey thanks!

What do you find sluggish? If it is the reload time, it felt nice during development but it is true that it kinda breaks the dynamism. 

Even when you used text, It has a lot of potential. I loved the animations

I got a bug with 2 souls, and even without that, a restart button would be good as it is puzzle dependant.

Keep the good work!

I really like the art style.

I struggled with the jump strength/short vision range, but i guess that is part of the challenge.

Nicely done!