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Super nice work! the ambience is excellent.

Very nice work, the puzzle aspect of the lights is great (even if as like the others, i did not see it at first).

My only comment would be that a simpler level before jumping into using the shadows would ease the progression.

Great job!

Thank you for the feedback! 

The stair limitation is intentional, but it should be clearer

Thanks! The ui is very poor, what bugs did you found? 

I am very glad you liked it that much!
As Daniel mentioned, exposing the expected outcome of each biome would make it clearer the consequences of your actions.

Thanks a lot! great you liked it <3

Wow! Thanks! that is super good feedback

The limited time was mentioned but dropped priority during the development, but it would be clearly a great addition!

What you mention about enemies is actually a great point, and exposing the possibilities before an action would be also a nice idea.

We will probably change the way probabilities are handled, it is true that is a bit too random.

Thanks again!

Super polished work, particularly the art!

The controls felt a bit unresponsive given that the grid is quite large, caching the inputs and using them as soon as possible would help.

Good Work!

incredible work, super polished! The feeling and art are amazing! 

i am not a big fan of the key bindings for the dashes, but beside that, top notch!

hey thanks!!
I did a build for android (available for download). Right now i am doing monthly projects, so when i am done with February's project, i think i will do another iteration trying to add the missing features, and go for actually placing it at the Play store.

Hey, thanks! I did the support for 2.5d levels, but I'll didn't have time for level design (plus the level readability suffered :( ) 

Very nice game! art and feeling are amazing, and the progression is quite smooth.

The contrast between tile-based movement and free movement is interesting, but i found the platformer controls to be a bit too slippery (make sense theme wise, but still a bit frustrating sometimes).

good job!

I mean, I  not sure it was intentional or positive for the experience to have these control syst. I feel the puzzles would work better with tank controls (rotate and forward back) or simply directional movement and no mouse look) 

Great to read that! I am sincerely happy with the result :D

This is a very extreme development approach, I have to admit I struggled to launch the game (5-10 minutes to realize it needed a password, and not a trivial one), and then the gameplay is cryptic.

I admire your resolve to do a game using bat scripts, but sadly it is too challenging to distribute.

This is an interesting idea, a good take on the theme.

I agree with the comment the controls are a bit crazy, I am not sure it was your idea.

hey, good submission! 
very good ambience, the controls feel just right, and the mini dudes are awesome to stomp on!

A very good base for a few more levels an enemies, if you want to extend it.


Perfect interpretation, super solid submission.

Very nice atmosphere, the narrative aspect works quite well too! has a nice "classic Japanese game vibe" 

Good work!

Stunning! A visual novel using this style would be something I would love to see!

works very well, i like the minimal yet catchy approach for puzzles.

Welcome to the jamming community! I hope to see you around!

It is a good submission! 

it caught me off guard when i got attacked right away and was not turn based but a clicker, but then I was happy it was more a spamming game with strength/weakness mechanics.

super smooth! between the respawn, music and lvl reshaping the playing flows very well.

The controls and the overall polishing are superb, great job!

Hey, good work, the shrinking idea + rotating is interesting. 

I must admit i was quite bad at it, and the visual effects of rotating and zooming almost gave me a headache... i must be getting old.

hehe, glad you enjoyed it so much. In fact, I just joined the Finally Finish Something jam to give a full iteration over it, I wanted to finally do a longer project, and this one seems to be the right one.

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It is a super solid work for the amount of time you had, art sound and controls all work very well together, and you even managed to be funny!

Solid game, the art is very neat and the time based piece is stressful enough. I would like the little goblin to get a price (or a beating, poor thing) depending on how well they perform.

It was a bit criptic at first but the eye mechanic is a super interesting, good work.

Really great idea and realization, and you did that on BASIC, all the respect!

Woah, interesting use of the theme! dungeon within a dungeon, clever!

I think if you want to iterate over it, you can try to improve the platformer controls, they feel a bit heavy and unresponsive. For guidance, you could check this gamasutra entry on platformer control, or this GMTK video.

Horrifyingly scary and funny in equal parts, good work. Controls are quite good!

If you want to improve the feeling of responsivity of the weapon, you can add some onhit particles.

Very neat rogue-like! I loved the art style! 

some puzzles were actually harder than i would have expected.

good work!

Very good submission! simple yet effective, with awesome graphics. 

The pattern based enemies work very well. I am a bit intrigued about the options, are them deck based or just defined by the tile you are in? A layer of deckbuilding like in Slay the Spire would be interesting, if you end up pushing it as a mobile game (this is a great candidate).

Hey, good work! great take on the theme, funny and with good enemy design. It kept me engaged the whole play through .

Very nice work, the asymetric puzzles worked quite well and the connection with the other character felt nice! the backgrounds are beautiful but the best part is the character animation, very expressive and snappy! great game experience overall.

If i had to make a recommendation for improvement, is perhaps to iterate over the contrast/perspective. Sometimes it isnt easy to know the right height, but this is such a small thing for such a pretty game done in such a short time.

Good work!

Hey, very nice submission! 

The overall aesthetic and sound create a very nice ambience as usual, and the size swapping gives space for very interesting puzzles!I very much liked the fall mini-puzzle one.

I very much like the per-level card mechanic, but it felt a bit disconnected with this specific type of level design. That is not a bad thing, but i guess it is extremely hard to balancing puzzles and character builds. Mark brown has a very good talk about that that can inspire you about puzzles vs problem solving if you want to make flexible puzzles:

As usual, superb work for 3 days, super polished.

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Hey @fmlad! Super glad you liked it! 

I had a best score per-level with a retry button but it caused bugs so I hidden it :/.  And the  color cycling thingy, is on the tasklist. 

And surely I will test your game, I am on a trip but I promised myself to do a pass over the jam games when I go back to my pc on Thursday. 


Yeah, then it was a chrome+mac issue. 

Glad you enjoyed it! 

The thief cube is my favorite feature too :)

Hey! Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! 

That is the last level, I added it to pump up the complexity, but you almost solved it (hint: you need to dance after you get the key, first with one, but then with both)