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Great job!
Gonna try the build asap.

Great job Sol!
The new menu is slick and I really like the new art style. 
Definitely want to try out the experimental version.

Small feedback about the devlog itself : I know the font fits with the theme of your game but it's pretty hard to read.

Good luck!

Hi! For learning purposes, I'm playing the games that won game jams and taking notes.

Here are my notes in case you're interested.

Very funny game, I really like the humor, the art style is simple and very cute. The introduction is really well made, you directly get what you need to do without hesitation, it’s natural. This game leaves me with a little more joy and happiness. Great Job!

- Very nice use of the screen shake when the frog is very big. It emphasize the weight of the giant thing, and combined with the slower movement speed, it feels really heavy.

- The idea of getting bigger, and then eating bigger things is very good. I was not expecting it at first and was very surprised (even more with these horrible cries and sounds). It makes a nice progression during this 2 minute game, we don’t have time to get bored.

- Big part of the screen is black and white, it was hard for me to know exactly where my mouse was on the screen. I suggest adding your own custom cursor so that it’s more visible (maybe use something green like the frog?)

- The progression bar at the bottom is not very clear. It’s hard to really understand when the bar will be complete. I would suggest using a more traditional progress bar, and work on it so that it really appears as a UI element, and not an element of the game world.

- It’s a nice idea to have this little texts popping off the frog to tell us “hungry…”. Maybe you can use it to indicate the progression, like “really hungry! ”, “hungry...”, “a bit hungry…”.

- The small particles are very welcome!

- Your introduction into the game is very good and smooth. The small tutorial in the menu, the frog saying it’s hungry, and the menu disappearing when the player finally gets he has to eat the frog. Perfect for a jam.

Thanks for the feedback!

No problem! Don't take the cons to seriously, I need to work more on my presentation. The progression thing is very subjective.
Sorry, you're the first game I've tried! But I'm adding all the games to a collection named "Game Jam Winners", I guess you can follow me and get notified each time I add a game to it. Once I got more games I'll try to remember and send you some of them!

Hi! For learning purposes, I'm playing the games that won game jams and taking notes.

Here are my notes in case you're interested. Very great game, congratulations! How did it end up?

pros :

- Nice animated gif of the game on the page

- Progression page in the level, kind of like the map in Mario.

- Nice fade in/out animations between levels

- An optionnal collectible to collet: the sushi. Levels are interesting to do without the sushi, and way harder with it. You feel really clever when getting the sushi.

- Camera control allow to see below you!

- Very few ingredients that are well reused : mirrors, controlled guys, doors. I really liked how you reused the door/controlled guys as platforms and the mirrors as kind of doors that can block the way.

- The game is very static (not a lot of animation or effects) but still achieve to give all the necessary feedback.

- Scrolling background is a nice effect.

- The particles around the player are welcome, giving this magical aura and also letting you know who you are currently controlling.

- In game tutorial, mechanic were very easy to get (jump, control or interact)

- Game pad control is perfect!

- Not too much UI, tutorials are written on the walls.

- Very nice animation at the start of the game

- The relation with the theme is very clear.

cons :

- Some difficulties with the collisions sometimes, got some frustrating moments.

- More animations would have been great, more movement etc... (but game jam).

- Can't leave the level.

- To be more rewarding, I would have just put the sushi in black, and then when you have it, sushi full colored, like YOU GOT THE SUSHI OF THE LEVEL THAT GREAT! And keep the 4/8 thing on the progression page with a sushi displayed at each level in black or colored depending of If you had the sushi of this level or not.

Very nice work! Eager to try the Android version. It's a very nice idea to add a bonus at each level, even if I think we already had a nice feeling of progression with the map growing up and our land taking shape.

Amazing game cover! Thanks for the log please keep up the good work.

Hello, can I have a copy of the game with an autograph plz? <3 <3 (great job!)

So nice to see your games getting out there, good luck!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for you feedback Kaldrin!

Glad you like it!

Thanks for your feedback. :)

Thanks a lot Itooh!

Thanks for your feedback and this great feedback.! :) Would you be able to explain a bit how you did that? I'll send it to the server owner so he can fix this.

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

Thanks for your feedback!


I've just written a post mortem where I explain how I created BBB, with some tips etc...

I hope it can help! Any feedback is appreciated. :)

Thanks for this nice feedback!

Thanks, glad you like it!


Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the answer! I was just very surprised that no one tested my game out of the randomizer (and i'm not the only one) during the GMTK when a friend got more thant 100 in one night for it. I wanted to know if this could be because it's not really random, but if it's random then it's possible, so no problem.

Thanks again.

Thanks a lot for this great feedback!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks A LOT for this nice feedback, I will keep it all in my head for a future version. :) And of course your opinion means something, its thanks to people like you that we developers can grow and get better at making games. Thanks again, and don't hesitate to try my latest game for the scorejam, BBB: Boost Boom Boots, would be honored to get feedback from you.

Wow thanks a lot, I'm really happy to hear that and its thanks to people like that I'll continue create games. :)

Thanks a lot for this very nice feedback!

Nice game! I like the take on the theme and it was fun playing it. A little relaxing music in background and perfect! Good job. :)

Thanks for the feedback, and yep that's definitely a good idea. :)

Wow thanks, I really appreciate it!

Oh nice! I mean, getting an animation/visual effect/sound effect that warns the player that the ennemie will attack soon. This is used so taht the player can react. Here's a nice from Mark brown about this subject :

Ok I see, thanks for the explanation! :) Great job again!

Nice game! It was interesting to use the mouse to change direction. This way, you have to look where you want to go, so you cant see the rocks and have to plan where you move, when, where are the next rock.

Funny game, nice job and keep creating games!

Cool game! Very interesting gameplay, it got me thinking very differently while playing because it's not common to be able to change path by teleporting, it was very funny! I got a little bug, I was stuck several times by a complete row of spikes or space. But anyway it was a really funny game with a funny aesthetic. The music adds so much humor too!

Very good job, keep creating games!

Well done on completing your first game jam, hope you've learned a lot and had fun. You can be proud, you made a nice and relaxing game. :)

Keep creating games!

Very nice game! I love this take on the climbing tetris, great idea. Fits perfectly the theme and was fun to play, very nice job! 

Very nice game! It's a really interesting take on the theme with this climbing shooter. Would be nice with some more feedback (a telegraphed attack for the bad guys would be cool as our capacity of movement is very limited). Eager to see a version with sound! Wonder how it could be port on the phone? Touch and the left to climb and touch on the left to shoot?

Very nice job, keep creating games!