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Thanks so much for the great feedback!

Thanks!  The idea behind changing the rules was to minimize the confusion from two maps and give the player move agency in how they solve the puzzle.  The sort of changing plans in the middle (kind of like making a hand in Rummy style card game) doesn't seem to happen enough to make that increased agency actually interesting.

Thank you!  Yeah, I'm definitely going to need to onboard the player better in a post-jam version.  That backtracking point is also a good one to keep in mind.  I don't think it's always possible, but those instances are very rare, though definitely worth looking at.

Thanks so much!  Yeah, it's a little rough around the edges, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks!  I hadn't even thought about having a standard follow camera; that's a great thing for me to consider.

Thanks!  I guess roguelikes seemed to obvious with the theme that people didn't got for them.  Glad you enjoyed it.

Yeah, hit me up if you want to make sure that issue is resolved.

This is super interesting.  Really neat level design.  Learning how to roll the D4 was a pretty cool puzzle in and of itself.  Great work.

This is such a goofy game, but very fun.  Nice variety in enemies and combat encounters.  Simple upgrades.  It all comes together very well.  Great job.

I quite enjoyed this one.  I thought I understood the rules a bit better than I actually did, but I could see myself coming back to this one for some interesting meditative puzzle solving.  Fascinating mechanic, great presentation, and good execution.  Nice job.

Very impressive for 48 hours.  The combat is interesting and presentation is very good.  I felt like I couldn't really intuit where I would need to move to access which attacks without hovering over to check, so I'm glad that was added.

The presentation is just excellent, awesome character designs and fluid animations.  Sadly, I couldn't get too much into it since the game was running at about half the speed of the GIFs on my machine.  That amount of sluggishness to the controls really hurts a game like this.  It sounds like other people aren't having this issue, which is great.  My PC can certainly handle it, so I'm not too sure what the issue is.  

Having speed be your HP was a very smart choice since you don't have that much control over where you end up going a lot of the time.  It sort of has the same problem as Breakout when you only have one enemy left.  The collisions are also very small, making hitting things more difficult than you would first expect.  Giving the player some other way to use speed to improve their odds of hitting an enemy (like a small AoE burst or homing attack) might be a nice addition to give a little more control to the player.  The core is quite fun, but seems like a matter of polish and details to me at this point.  Great work for 48 hours.

This is a great concept and the execution is also very good.  My only real complain is that for something called Critter Casino (which is an excellent name, by the way) I felt like I had to really rely on the stacks of cards to get much done.  The critters felt relatively underpowered (except for maybe the bee, but it's hard to notice exactly how the bee is helping you), though that just might be my lack of knowledge with the systems.  Impressive work for 48 hours.

This is excellent.  It's hard, but very satisfying when you get it down and start on a good run.  Great presentation and pacing too.  I think it might be easier if dice start off only coming from one side at the start and then ramps up to get more hectic.  Super well done.

Thanks!  Yeah, the random levels keep you on your toes.

This is just great.  I had a great time with it.  Fun risk vs reward that eventually turns into some massive unga bunga huge number power fantasy stuff that's pretty nice as a reward.  Lovely presentation and atmosphere.  Awesome job.

Excellent puzzle mechanics and great level design make this an absolutely gem.  The visuals are cute and readable (which is perfect for 48 hours), but I would love to see this expanded into a full game with nice coat of paint.  This concept really feels like lightning in a bottle, so I would run with it if you can.  Amazing game.

It's certainly a bit overwhelming and tough to follow at first (things that tooltips and more gradual animations will help with considerably), but having watched people play it on stream, I was able to jump into it fairly easily.  I only really needed to double check a couple of the aspects.  Managing the aspect is a really interesting wrinkle into the card battling formula that adds a lot.  This absolutely has promise to be something really fun if expanded upon with more cards and the deck building meta component.  Really impressive for such short time.

The art style is phenomenal and the core gameplay is simple yet interesting.  It's a tad on the short side currently (48 hours, totally get it), but I think if this were to be expanded (particularly in regards to design) it would really sing.  Great stuff.

The mechanic of putting stickers on the correct sides of the dice make this stand out from the other dice rolling games and the levels progress nicely.  The clear dice and isometric perspective make seeing all sides of the dice as easy as possible.  The gates needing the exact amount is a clever touch.  Very nice job.

The core mechanic of placing down tiles is really dynamic and expressive.  I like the choice to make the rooms basically your health as well, it tightens the game a fair deal.  I found myself wishing that the room slots were numbered; I accidentally placed the wrong room a couple times since I pressed the number on the dice instead of the number of the slot it was in.  There is a lot of room for this to grow into something insanely fun.

Thank you so much for giving it a second chance!  I'm glad it was better once you knew what was going on.

This combat system is so cool and interesting.  I would love to see this fleshed out even more; I think it could be something really special.  The art is simple and charming and the music phenomenal.  Awesome stuff.

Thanks!  Yeah, a tutorial is the #1 most requested thing, you aren't wrong.

Thanks!  I glad moving around was fun.

Thanks!  Yeah, I didn't anticipate how confusing that would be to people.  I'll have to rethink that.

Thanks so much!

Thanks!  Yeah, I would have liked to make the rooms a little more memorable, but time constrains (as you would imagine).

Thank you so much!  I'm glad you enjoyed the movement.

Thanks again for playing and for the stream!

Really cool dual purpose design done very well.  The presentation and game feel is great too.  It's super fun and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  I would have like the ability to use the double jump after falling off of a ledge.  The dynamic of the game changes rather dramatically once you get past 1200 or so.  Blocks are overall less common (which makes total sense and I like how you have to start jumping on to falling blocks more, that's super cool), but bullet blocks seems to be less common as well, instead replaced with an abundance of nuke and healing blocks.  Combined with the nukes appearing to only damage the black skulls, this makes the game at this stage more challenging in a way I didn't enjoy as much.  The bullets are a core part of interacting with the world, so by limiting them so much, the player has fewer methods of interaction to chose from.  I'm not sure what a solution to this would be, if you even consider this a problem (because if this is entirely intentional, that's totally fine), but having blocks that mix and match faces with bullets, health, missiles (which I felt were very rare), and nukes might be cool since it would make strategically shooting a block potentially more meaningful and let you have even more control over the ratio of block faces at any given time.  Sorry, that was a lot and perhaps too much in the weeds, but hopefully it's somewhat helpful.  Overall, this is wildly impressive on practically every front for something made in 48 hours and I would love to see where it could go with even more time.  

This is super cool and very well done.  The polish is superb.  I tried both control schemes and feel like I wrestled with both of them; the added complexity of trying to visualize the collections of falling 3D dice felt overwhelming to me and I couldn't quite get the hang of it.  Regardless, this is very impressive. 

The presentation and concept are great.  This is quite impressive for such little time.  With more time this could be really compelling.  The one thing I would look to improve is that currently it doesn't feel like the player has too much agency since the dice completely superseded them; finding a better balance would be key.

Thanks for the great feedback.  I completely agree with everything you said and they are great things for me to think about.  I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless!

Thanks!  Yeah, it definitely needs to be a bit clearer at the start.

Thanks for all the feedback!  I definitely agree it's a little difficult to puzzle out what to do.

I absolutely adored this game.  Amazing work.  The puzzle were excellent, the aesthetic is wonderful, and every new tile made me go "OOOOooooohhh..." in the best way possible.  I can't say enough great things about it.  Thank you making it; I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is pretty cool.  The first level really doesn't give the best first impression since it's kinda repetitive and difficult.  After that the game is way more interesting.  Nice work, especially with the more interesting scripted patterns.

I like the simple aesthetic and tone of the game.  Very impressive to make multiple modes in 48 hours.  There is just the right amount of randomness, enough to keep you on your toes but so much you can't strategize.  Good stuff.