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Woww, I am grateful! Well, it's here now, so blast away!

The first post-jam version is definitely much more slippery. You see, I was into skidding! I think the new version is closer to the jam-version in terms of feel.

Yes, that! I assume you played the jam-version.That bug occurs when your back is against the wall and you turn right, regardless of whether you jump or not. The hitbox is flipped along with the sprite and ends up inside the wall, teleporting you to the bottom of the room. You end up standing on some tiles I put outside the room.

This is fixed in the first post-jam game, as well as in the upcoming finalized version.

I'll have to pick up the pace!

Heck yeah! This is clean. While it's just as feel-good mechanically, it is wholly better than before! New details and slight environmental storytelling makes me love the new bug zooming around!

Happy new year!

Thanks! There isn't a lot more to it other than reaching that door, so all-in-all you got to the end. Moreover, fullscreening isn't an option! Apologies for smol game

I'll take these points with me! Lots to learn, and lots to improve upon. I believe I'll be able to address all these issues in due time, given that the game is slowly being remade from the bottom up.

Thanks a bunch! Maybe I have a little stage-based trait!

How dope is that! An any% I'll note down in my book.

Pleased to see that the platforming bugs are advantageous to some. Besides, thanks for going so in-depth exploring the bug, in the sense of finding the cause!

Yes! I plan to do that -- though, with an emphasis on 'plan'. I've got some general ideas for it; currently, I'm revamping the movable blocks, but it's quite a hurdle to get it to work right. If I manage, I reckon it's smooth sailing from there on and out. And, since I'm restarting the project with the same principles, the bugs will be different (cough), and there will be more room for additional features -- and more rooms. In short, I'd like to expand the game anew.

Awesome! I too hope to advance this to another level; it'll be a prioritized project that I can work on in my spare time. I could post a devlog here on once I've managed to get it rolling. That'll likely notify you in some way or another -- probably not anytime soon, but sometime!

Thank you kindly!

Holy moly, it sure seems that way. Thank you; I'm very honoured! Goes without saying I fell off my chair at that point. I'm bummed out that Bug Link wasn't featured, but I hope you take to heart the fact that it is an amazing game, regardless of the outcome. gg!

Much obliged! Yes, there were a handful of inconvenient decisions that gave birth to these issues. If I get around to code some more, I'll make some changes. Regardless, I appreciate your insight and bug explaination!

I'm amused to hear that you found that bug! Couldn't find a good fix for this in time, so I reduced the chances of it happening, but alas, here comes Glecho ...!

Thanks a lot! It means plenty!

Makes me happy to hear that! Unfortunately, I've got no link available; however, I've uploaded a .zip-file containing both soundtracks, in case it suits you as a different solution.

Hopefully a continuation doesn't stay a dream forever! In due time, it may return anew.

Yay!!! Good thing the aesthetics clashed nicely and the levels paid off well! I'd love to make a continuation, granted that I'd have more time. I'll also have to up my dev-game!

I'm shook; can't say I ever anticipated an interview. Thank you for the kind invitation, but I'm afraid I must respectfully decline. I'd be stuttering my teeth off ...!

It's you! Thank you very much!

Thank you, thank you! Two space invader monsters is good enough in my book.

I'm proud! Though, there are multiple makeshift game functions at hand, hence only being able to properly restart certain levels, for instance. And the opportunity to backtrack didn't work as ideally as I had hoped it would, since you essentially lose progress. Misstep on my part, but thank you regardless!

Yus! I definitely bent the nail on this one -- frankly, my adherence to the theme was lacking. Glad you appreciate the game despite that!

Thank you very much! Yes, it's become apparent that I've rushed past most players, but it was an insightful error to be learned from! Moreover, I too like this style; it's easier to be coherent with a limited palette. Cool that you found it eerie as well!

Thanks for playing! Took me more than a day!

And you're correct. Rooms with collectibles have been set to be persistent in order to remove the possibility of collecting the same piece multiple times. This affects all objects, hence why the blocks don't go back to their original positions. I didn't realize the battery could be moved into a no-return position, though! Most decisions were made in the spur of the moment, hence various issues.

Fun that you retried and succeeded in round two!

(1 edit)

Golly! These are buckets of insight. Firstly, thank you for that! I'm surprised that you reviewed it from a game designer's standpoint; you've among other things made a point I hadn't realized about the movement, which I'll have to keep in mind for similar future projects.

Moreover, I definitely see the issue with presenting the mechanic. I believe I could have made it more clear with more experimental opportunities for the player, in due time. Next jam, I'll get quicker to the point!

I'd love to take this a step further. We'll have to see how that goes. Regardless, thanks again!

Dodging a swarm of objects made me feel -like- the coolest! Very straightforward and very effective!

Bigger screens -- noted! I tend to make confined screens, but that can be fixed! Great to hear that you enjoyed the game either way!

Satisfying movement; the (loco)motion feels just right!

Very inventive, with a dash of explanatory characters to top it off. Magnificent!

Frustrating! Frustratingly good! With time, I could become a master at this!

The controls does everything for me. So precise! Controlling the bullet almost felt innate. If there is one game I'll be rooting for this year, it's definitely this one! You did everything perfectly.

Visual indications and sound queues shine strongly in this one. Obviously it was short, but it was just as quick and easy to learn. Great quality!

I found the controls to be straight forward and easily understood. Didn't take long to realize that flinging cargo would be as dope as it sounds!

Nice! I'm thinking more opportunities to have it click, as it did for you, would be the way to go!

This is excellent! Aside from needing a little balancing, this is nothing but a perfect timesinker.

Feeling obedient, might delete later. What a soothing game, though!

I like that you took into account the meaning of breaking the theme in addition to upholding it. Made for a nice game!

Woo! Stoked to hear that somebody realized the environment wasn't all for show!