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Golly! These are buckets of insight. Firstly, thank you for that! I'm surprised that you reviewed it from a game designer's standpoint; you've among other things made a point I hadn't realized about the movement, which I'll have to keep in mind for similar future projects.

Moreover, I definitely see the issue with presenting the mechanic. I believe I could have made it more clear with more experimental opportunities for the player, in due time. Next jam, I'll get quicker to the point!

I'd love to take this a step further. We'll have to see how that goes. Regardless, thanks again!

Dodging a swarm of objects made me feel -like- the coolest! Very straightforward and very effective!

Bigger screens -- noted! I tend to make confined screens, but that can be fixed! Great to hear that you enjoyed the game either way!

Satisfying movement; the (loco)motion feels just right!

Very inventive, with a dash of explanatory characters to top it off. Magnificent!

Frustrating! Frustratingly good! With time, I could become a master at this!

The controls does everything for me. So precise! Controlling the bullet almost felt innate. If there is one game I'll be rooting for this year, it's definitely this one! You did everything perfectly.

Visual indications and sound queues shine strongly in this one. Obviously it was short, but it was just as quick and easy to learn. Great quality!

I found the controls to be straight forward and easily understood. Didn't take long to realize that flinging cargo would be as dope as it sounds!

Nice! I'm thinking more opportunities to have it click, as it did for you, would be the way to go!

This is excellent! Aside from needing a little balancing, this is nothing but a perfect timesinker.

Feeling obedient, might delete later. What a soothing game, though!

I like that you took into account the meaning of breaking the theme in addition to upholding it. Made for a nice game!

Woo! Stoked to hear that somebody realized the environment wasn't all for show!

Thank you very much! And you're not the only one -- that hook could use some introductory clarity.

Zomg, they really are space invader guys. I really appreciate your bundle of enormous compliments, but I'm going to have to lay down for a minute.

I'm afraid that can happen. Hope it didn't take away too much from the game!

I'll have to be more general with input-buttons, perhaps having multiple buttons for one input. Thanks for the heads up! That really helps!

And I see your second issue; my friends experienced the same thing ... Definitely going to create better clues next time!

Super-thorough feedback -- much appreciated! That first collectible piece is one of my proudest moments.

Thought it'd be a little different!

Thank you!

Thanks! Good thing it payed off.

Happy to hear that you do!

You know your comedic timing!

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Looked like a little ghost riding strange creatures. That in itself felt wholesome; I'm just going to imagine the creatures who fell down the pits went somewhere they had to be.

What a sweet game.  Seeing the buildings light up made me light up as well!

You went a step further with the theme, and I can't do anything but give you props for that! All in all, this is well crafted.

The control scheme gives me a nostalgic feeling, both in fortunate and less fortunate ways. But the voice acting is to die for! Overall, I really like it!

I was hoping I'd be able to have you move and conjoin entire rooms, but alas, I lacked the expertise. Either way, I'm glad you found it worthwhile! Thank you!

Thank you very much! Sounds like you had a blast!

Yeah, I'm afraid the platforming isn't tip-top. Thank you, though!

I didn't know I needed this. Redirecting callers was strangely thrilling. Probably because the atmosphere hits just right in this one!

Sounds like you'd easily be punished for spamming towers. I'm glad you went with a different kind of limit, which seems more forgiving!

Clean concept! It really adds to a fun little party of wacky fantasy characters. Also, clever healthbar design!

That prison ball has a nice sense of weight. It's such a satisfying element, because I could feel that it was falling -- and that I was going down with it.

Boy, that was simply satisfying! So punchy!

More than your adherence to the theme, I'm impressed by your idea to turn to the tower defense genre and knock it out of the park!

Hey! Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it!

The cow will never cease to be my favourite feature.

Thank you, and I like your suggestion!

Making this game was a neat learning experience, and it's a shame I hadn't thought about it during its development, 'cause your suggestion is a great quality-of-life improvement. Unfortunately, I don't plan to update the game anymore. Had it come to mind then, I would have been glad to try and make the controls a little more intuitive, given that it shouldn't have been too difficult to change it up -- and honestly, maybe not even as it stands is now.

I'll have to try and think a little more intuitively in the future. Thanks again, though; I appreciate your insight!