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Thanks! Check @mourilo on Instagram, all the art credits for him.

I agree with you on the game pace, in fact our plan was to create other challenges for the player despite the people to avoid.

Thank you so much for the feedback!

The game was supposed to play the noise music before starting get out of control, but unfortunately we could not sync the sound correctly in time.

Thanks! Glad you liked

Its hard, but well thinked. Great job!

Cool game design. Just loved the music, so funny! Maybe needs some more graphic work.

Cool concept, a little too hard to master the controls, sad the game its in a tiny window.

Serious, fun, well thinked, feling like finished. Congrats!

Serious puzzle game with great level design. I feel like I learned the mechanics with no text and this is awesome. Altought I dont really felt out of control, its a great game. Congrats!

I just clicked and it was fun...

I just clicked and it was fun...

Cool out of control concept for  a classic maze game. I would just add some graphic references on the map so the player could be a little more strategic.

LOL! Very good concept, I really had fun playing it. Sad the graphics are a bit generic, but its a nice game idea, perfectly fitting the theme.

Its a 200mb game that asked me to restart the PC for installation.
Maybe its not ideal for a game jam...
Unfortunaly the game runs VERY slow on my computer, but I liked the way the tutorial presents the WASD controls.

Love the jokes, unfortunaly Ive got stuck on the wall lol

F U N, thats it.

I like the idea. Maybe you could make the gameplay speed a little more faster.

Great level design and cute intro, but I think the theme mechanic is not original or fun neither. Too much gray, man!

Man, nice job! At the begining I thought that the dice was not fiting with a fun aproach, but when it turned into more than one dice I started to catch the ideia.

I laugh a lot playing, the idea is well thinked. Maybe Ive indentified myself with the gam character lol

A little hard to understand but a nice use of the theme. Good Job!

Thanks for the feedback! We are looking forward to keep working on the game.

Thank you for the feedback! We are still working so solve some bugs.

Thank you so much for the feedback. An improved build is coming soon.

Thank you, we are working on a proper tutorial.

Thanks for the review. We are truly working on an Android port, soon a build will be released!

Super fun! I laugh a lot playing XD
Really like the idea and the art, also the screen shake is a cool feature.

Thankyou for the feedback! Cheers!

Thank you so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed.

Really solid gameplay, feels like a well finished game! Serious level design...
Maybe the theme its a little generic, but damm the dunuts lol

Great score but I think you shurely can do better XD
About the theme, is awesome to see so good feedback, thankyou!
I just cant play the game anymore without thinking about the crashing sound lol!

Thankyou!  A really cool theme inspired us : )

Glad you had fun! 

You're right, great minds think alike XD
Thank you for the feedback. Cheers!

Cool ideia! Hard to get, but nice concept.

Thank you! We are really looking for some ideas to future update.

Glad you liked!

Nice graphics, theyre really cute. I feel like the gun pointer should follow the mouse, it would make the game faster.
Good Job!

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S  O  L  I  D     G  A  M  E  P  L  A  Y

Great art, sound and simple but fun concept that we already know. I just feel like it needs some info on the items...

Cool idea,! Great game despite some lag issues. Congrats!

Thanks for the feedback! : )

Fun game! I've passed thru some levels doing absolutely nothing lol