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Posted in DEMO TALK!
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Finally got the chance to play it. Great work!

Some things I've noticed:
No introduction of controls after <, space, >; would be nice to show inventory (E) shortcut somewhere.
You could stuck on the "basement" between Gnarcier "rocks" and the trigger (or next block) when you jump over, until it kills you. I can't say it's a bad thing but penalty is high for the first 10-15 minutes of gameplay.
Taff for some reason tells you: "You're the only being in heptaverse that can use it" (even if it's true it's kind of weird to hear/read, very cliche). Maybe something like "the only being left", or "the only being we found" (depending on backstory etc).
I like the save mechanics, but it saves even enemies locations, hope it won't backfire.

Great Game! But tree location at the beginning makes it so annoyingly repetitive.
At the end I've started to kill myself just to skip running back to save point.

Maybe RNG gods just mean to me, but I'm often stuck in a situation when I have only 1 bar and there's no one around. Tried to jump on same place but that won't helped.
Once, however, spawned like that: 

The title soooooo confusing...

Just set both teams to CPU. That was interesting.