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Hint: The vases are not just randomly blinking - they show a direction.

2 things:
- the layout for intro is broken on my 16x10 screen

- the fire particles if they exist (can be even squares) need to have opaque material to be rendered in depth/normal buffers, this way you will have embers visible

- What is most evil thing in this game?
- Bashing spacebar.

Found a cabin!

Great game. But...
That causes game to halt.
Interesting mechanics and art.

*Hope that issue will be fixed later.

This game logo made me remember dark post soviet time..

Yep. Seems you can drop a LIFE module on Inactive Machine. That causes game to halt.

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Great mechanic! I was really hard to learn not to release keys or to release proper one when needed.

p.s. this page BG is a bit owherwhelming, maybe just use same pastel colors as in game?

I like the idea, but collision is weird. I often landed on spikes while character was clearly on the ground. And it would be nice if there was some hint, like beam or trail, to show where the character teleports.

Great game! Tasty sushi, tight doorways.


Thank you!

How did you made pixel perfect assets?
I wanted to make some pixelart game in ue4.

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I've just seen your gameplay VOD on Twitch.
There's one thing was not mentioned on this page. But it was mentioned in Game Help.

Right Click - Grappling hook.

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You only need emails in the Submission form that you filled to participate the Jam.

Look at our game, no emails there:

Open your game's page:

There will be the button (Edit this submission):

There will be a field for them:

We are looking for the best email address in which to contact you. This does not need to be your Epic Games account email. (This information will be kept private.)

Make sure your emails there.

Agree. We should have more of this weirdness!

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You should remove the Emails from description.

The game is great! Who did the art?

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Masterpiece! Kids, remember, don't do Drugs!
Music was especially nice (the main track).

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Thank you for feedback. Have you played original or patched version? I have not tested p2. So i just want to make sure it's possible to finish it.

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Great narrative! 11 out of 10.

Sanik game for kids! Nice job!

It's so sad to see submissions for Mac only. ;_;

It's just a white screen and music playing after I press play.

Mere 4 days. I remember this game was one of the first ones submitted.
Yet I won't speculate about how or when it was made. Quality is quite superb, nice job!

It's only me who feels sorry for their legs?

You're not the one who put Emails in the description. But you better to remove them.

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You probably should remove the Emails from description.

You forgot to attach a game? Or publish it?

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New version available here:

Few hints:
Grappling hook can be used on ground to help you gain speed.
You can toggle Grappling hook mode and Dive mode when in the air (you may gain speed by switching between them).
Slide can help you to get under some obstacles, but it also helps to unstuck.
Scan often and look around. If you miss a package it will be harder to find one again.
Intro can be skipped by pressing Space.
Respawn (Z) can be used not only for respawning when you stuck, but also for fast travel.

Art is amazing. The sound effects also cute. I wish the game has more gameplay in it.

Um. You forgot the game files unfortunately.

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Red blocks are EVIL! The game over scene is a masterpiece.

Great art. Sad story. Annoying creepy enemies.

Great game! Reminded me S.C.A.R.A.B. that has similar control of the projectile (I think it was the first one that has it).

Incredible game. Solo dev! One of the must to play of this jam.

Can you upload working version?

Great game! Somehow I feel it very similar to our ones.
Played on Shadowriver's stream.

This game is sick. Made just by 2 people!

I like the look if it. Even tho assets were from MP. As for wish list, I recommend you to make a proper house interior, like put some windows, pillars (on the walls). I think the mentioned asset packs have all those. Make or find a UI toon fonts.
Good luck!

There are 2 maps. They are randomly picked on server creation. One is open space, and other one is corridor like.

One player creates the server, everyone else should join. You only can see servers in your region (steam API limitation). Generally when you see a server you should just click it an wait for 2-5 seconds to join.

You may search for players on UnrealSlackers discord.