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Gracias por jugarlo y por el feedback :D Esperamos trabajarle un poco para dejar el juego en un mejor estado y que se siente realmente bien. <3

No es un juego para todos, pero es un juego bastante sólido y bueno para jugar entre estudio o trabajo!! buen trabajo :D

Love the assets, but first error made me restart the whole game, the pacing of the game is a little bit slow and I couldn't notice the theme, hope to see more from you guys :D

Gracias <3 y para la pregunta: Es totalmente un perro

thanks Kirby | Dank Memes Amino

UwU person (@Nichola78201863) | Twitter

<3 Gracias :D los artistas son fantabulosos

Gracias! definitivamente los artistas hicieron de las suyas <3

Oh Stop It , You - Publicaciones | Facebook

Gracias!! es solo una muestra pequeñita de lo que queremos que sean los juegos en estos eventos <3 

Tiene toda la razón! nos apresuramos en subir y no me fijé en ese detallazo! muchas gracias!
Luego de la votación intentaré subir una nueva versión con los sonidos y un panel explicativo!!

Loved it!

Nice work!! impressive use of the minimalist art

Love the aesthetics of the game!!! Awesome!  but I just don't see clearly the Out of control theme

Even when I achieve a win statement it feels really out of control haha cool stories!!!

Really cool! you totally nailed the adpocalypse in the old PC. Would clic "Hot single chilli sauces" again

I didn't get the whole idea, but I loved the mechanic implementation

Cool idea and execution! very satisfying to play!Loved the supertanker

Nice idea, very cool mechanic but some things were difficult to see and be aware of with the camera view. Hope you can update it

Very fun to play, a little bit unfair but I guess is just my perception 

i'm so happy to see that someone use the filter TT___TT thank you for playing

Honestly fir 2 minutes I wanted to leave, then it became soooooo interesting, really nice job 12/10 Metacritic would get carpal tunnel in a foreign language again

Really great idea! and well managed, this is such an adventure 

I love your game!!! definetely!! so clever, nice drawings! cool music and the mechanic was really awesome! added to my collection and will copy the mechanic 11/10 GOTY

Sooo fun!! you nailed it haha it was very clever to use the theme that way, almost impossible to get to the door 11/10 IGN

I love the models but I was expecting an enemy or something to be aware of

Really interesting! hope to play with someone soon :D 

The music was a little bit loud, but how you achieved to manage everything it's really good, I'd love to play this in a future

I loved the presentation and the grphics, but I couldn't play it, it's a little bit confusing

I loved the presentation and the grphics, but I couldn't play it, it's a little bit confusing

The game cannot be played, you only upload the exe but not the data folder :/ Sorry

Its really really hard to play until I discovered that I can use the arrowsI love the models and the executions of the game, but please consider the input

Cool graphics, UI, everything well assembled.

I'd love to face more enemies at once!!

Gracias! xD yo siempre he querido hacer empanadas pero usar brazos falsos es muy duro

Muchas gracias por tomarte el tiempo de jugar y tratar de hacer las empanadas!!! lamentablemente nos pasa lo mismo, cada miembro del equipo es hábil en una sola mecánica y por si solo nadie lo completa jajaja

This is a nice concept you guys have.
As player I had some problems with the keyboard gameplay, there are too many buttons in different locations complicating the gameplay. i'm a terrible platformer gamer, but the yoyo mechanic is a pretty cool touch to this genre.

Some of the features, like the slow and the parallax enviroment, need more "juice" and feedback to the player.

You need to implement the audio ASAP in order to achieve a whole inmersion in the atmosphere you created here.

Go for it!! Can't wait to have the whole game published.

Thank you so much for playing our game, it really warms our heart.
We think the same, we need to improve the feedback about those parts, maybe we can make it glow(?).
Again, thank you for playing and give us your experience <3

Hi! thank you for your comment, we hope at soon at the ranked time runs out, release a new version, more stable, more fun!!

Hi! We love that you played the game, we know there's a lot of issues with the game, that was our first approach, at soon as the ranked time runs out we'll release a newer version! <3