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Sorry, it might take a while to load. I can try to fix it if you let me know what browser and OS you're using.

Cool, thank you for playing!

Thanks to everyone that participated in the jam! Best of luck!

Cool idea, you ought to develop it more to make it even better.

I like the visuals. Could be polished more, but it is a jam game :P Regardless, good base.

That's a great idea. I wish there was a circle to show where my paddle would move though.

Fun idea. Looks stylish too!

Cool mechanic, nicely done if a bit hard. Personally, I'm a little sick of that faux 80s style.

Nice game! Lots of room to add more levels if you intend to continue development.

Looks and sounds great! Can be a bit slow but that's not necessarily a bad thing!

Great idea, though I found it hard to get the ball to go where I wanted it to.

Not a bad idea. I feel like the cop game can be a bit too difficult.

Fun arcade-shooter. Clever main mechanic!

Cute endless runner game. You did good!

Sorry for explaining stuff you already know lol. Best of luck to you!

Nice concept. And I love the enemy designs! Obviously, there's more you can do with this idea but what you were able to implement over the weekend is great. Good job!

Also, if you're thinking about sticking to your art style, I'd suggest trying out vector art. Vector art stores images as lines instead of pixels, so your illustrations will have smoother lines that can be exported at any resolution. Adobe Illustrator is good if you have it but I'd recommend Inkscape as a great open source vector art program.

Cute idea. Plus it was made with Godot!

Fun game!

Feel free to try out my game! It's another arcade-y, single-screen, run around and blast enemies kind of game.

This is fun! Cool style, fun gameplay, very difficult! I wonder how it would play if your meter increased with time rather than having to collect items.

Good concept. The character controls are a bit loose for my taste (too much inertia) and it might have been better to cycle through the lights with a key press so you don't have to take your hand off the keyboard to use the mouse. But it is a good idea with lots of design space and room for improvement!


Give my game a shot if you get the chance!

Not bad! A bit like Hotline Miami with a very bouncy axe.

Couldn't get it to run through Wine :( If it's a Java program, why not upload an executable jar for Linux and Mac users?

Excellent music and pixel art! I love the idea behind the gameplay! But I couldn't beat it. I'm not sure if that's because the ingredients need to be prepared in a specific order (as in cook then chop then clean, rather than any other order), if the ingredients need to be assembled in a set order, or if it was because the ingredients got boiled about 5 times. Aside from that one issue, I thought the game was great!

Give my game a shot if you get the chance!

Interesting take on roguelikes. Good job!

Cool! Take a look at my game if you get the chance!

Exactly what the topic says. You rate my game and in return I'll play and rate your web or Linux game. If your game only has a Windows port, I will try to play it in Wine but I can't promise it will run!

Anyway, you can find my game here:

I look forward to playing your games!

You need to be very precise with a lot of the jumps from about level 7 on. For me, more wiggle room would be welcome though I feel that the main appeal of the game is also its difficulty, so maybe it's good the way it is?

Very difficult. But I like it. It has potential.

That's pretty clever. Nice.

You call it a shitpost but it's actually pretty fun. If you put a little effort into the presentation it could be great.

Hi all! I'm interesting in playing and talking about your games that feature a single reusable resource. For example, in my game, Lose Your Head, you have a single exploding head that you must collect every time it blows up. You can play it here by clicking the gif:

What about your game? What design challenges did you come across? If you're thinking about continuing development, what would you change or add?
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Hey, I'm a solo dev! Here's my game:

Tbh I feel like team jams kind of go against what makes a game jam fun, or at least what I find fun about game jams!

Great idea, I like it. It runs a bit too fast for me.

Looks and sounds great. Fun at first but the levels can get repetitive.

I love this idea and most of the implementation. The problem is that the game lags so much. I feel like that might be why it's impossible for me to turn around.

Great game. Looks and sounds good. I don't see how it fits the theme though.

Pretty fun. 49's my high score.