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A Metroidvania with only one Upgrade at a time.
Submitted by Hoodead — 1 hour, 33 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#3894.2284.228

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Nice graphics! I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


I like the visuals. Could be polished more, but it is a jam game :P Regardless, good base.


Great art style and controls, you have good material in your hands, nice job!


A very polished metroidvania with only one ability .

Well done !


It is a nice concept and I enjoyed it but I still cannot find the exit.  I just spent my time turning on those purple orb but I don't know if this is the goal of the game. However, it was fun to play since navigating the world felt good for me and I like the pixel art, the dithered sky and the sound effects. Nicely done.


Visually and audible on point. I do think the controls are a bit too slippery and maybe due to coming off that Celeste episode of GMKT, there is a few times where I said "I wish I had a ledge grab." because I was clearing jumps but not above the ledge fully? Like the tip of the body will below the ledge and I would suffer for it. 


The art is really cool, the concept is interesting, this game really stood out for me as "oh well this is gonna be neato", and it was, it's just that the failed jumps feel like a big waste of time because you have to go so far back and the controls are a bit slippery feeling, there were a couple of times I ran off an edge without jumping because I was a moment too late I guess.

overall though I liked it, dunno how it would work out for anything past a minigame kind of thing though.


Very fun to play! It feels responsive and polished overall


Placing the action key at "E" and the restart button at "R" is a dangerous thing... Well, on my second run I settled for "Shift" instead. ^^ Could have used some form of visible progress (like how much orbs you still have to activate) and a bit more variety in environment, but other than that: great game! Very nice soundtrack, impressive pixel art and a overall interesting twist on the metroidvania genre. Though I have to agree with krazysourlemon: it's a bit against the charme of it all.

My game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I really liked this game. Despite the acceleration sometimes stopping you I felt like the movement was really good feeling compared to other jame games. I also really liked how a combination of unlockable doors allowed you to progress with certain powers and come back later with others. I feel like the map does look the same too much and think you should add in decoration in different parts to fix that. Overall this is an amazing jam entry!


This was great fun. The art and sound are brilliant~!

Platforming was a little bit tricky at times: Yrw's seeimingly instant acceleration did hinder precision some. But well, other people have mentioned the result of that. And to be honest it didn't bother me overmuch~


The pixel art and sound effects were impressive and work well together.

I think this game was pretty difficult, and backtracking / ability timings were a chore. 

Having only one upgrade is an interesting take on the theme, but a lot of the fun in metroidvanias is collecting various upgrades. So, the genre is not working in your favor for this one. 

(1 edit) (+1)

The sprites are really nice and the animations for the main character as well. I think it is sometimes too punishing to miss just one jump and to have to go all the way around again. But I like the idea and I also liked that the level design made me go backwards to use a previous ability.


The concept is very well executed and the art is great! I would've liked to know which switch went to which door but that's really my only complaint.


The game splash art / pixel art is really pretty and interesting.


The level design is top notch! I had a blast trying to map in my head the best route to take with each power up


Very clean game! I had a blast and it certainly was rewarding to memorize the map and backtrack using different abilities. My one suggestion would be to show which doors open when you hit a button as i found myself struggling t times to figure out where to check out next.


I feel like you had this rit 2 go as soon as the game jam started. however that being said i have thoroughly enjoyed this. the theme idea was simple but great in its use. would love tot see more of this title you made.  


The assets look amazing and the gimmick is fun!


I liked the art a lot. Once I traded out my abilities, the theme hit me straight in the face and I was like "ohhhhh!"