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A jam submission

Lose Your HeadView game page

An Action Arcade Game Made for a Game Jam
Submitted by Kai Ruma (@kairumagames) — 2 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#6913.9303.930

Ranked from 43 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This was very fun. I like the simplicity of it, and the music/sound may not be what you want but they're fun.


Simple yet well made game. I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Cool, thank you for playing!


Nice concept! The controls are very smooth. Maybe the characters are a bit big for the screen, but I enjoyed you game! :D


This one looks good and feels satisfying to play. nice work!


Took me just a little bit to get used to it. After that... it was a blast. Combo-ing those penguins was satisfying. I liked how the head went flying randomly, to keep you on your toes. You could say the multitasking between bombing and moving your body was... mind-blowing. Okay okay, that was enough, I'll show myself out.
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Btw, I totally dig the art style.


Good design, very satifying.  The gameplay loop is small, yet engaging.  


Very interesting and original game ;) even though the difficulty curve is very abrupt, its deffinetely very fun! Love the attention to detail, suc as deiifernt coins for how many enemies you kill at once (Storytime: I once killed everybody with one bomb, pretty far in the game and I am very proud of it :) )


First of all, I think those are the most amazing enemies I've seen in the jam. Second of all, this a a great game and I loved the bomb mechanic. Overall, well done!

cool little game youve got here


I've played many "one weapon" games so far, but the fact you're proposing to play with a bomb is a really good twist on that. In fact, it gives the players 3 things to do instead of 2: setting up the bomb, exploding it, then retrieving it. 

Moreover, knowing you were alone on this and seeing how good looking the game is, I must say I'm impressed. You did a really fine job, here.


Really nice game! The idea is interesting, and the head as a weapon and pick-up actually serves as a nice bit of dual-purpose design! The only thing I can critcise really is the fact that the enemies acually pathfind around walls, along the shortest path, wich makes it pretty unintuitive to judge their behaviour. But that is really a minor point.


Very nice game! I liked the combo system where multiple kill = more score. The idea is very funny and I liked how you ramp up the difficulty by placing walls. Thank you for making this game, I had fun playing it!

music deserved 15/15 ..unique fun addictive game... 

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Submitted (1 edit)

A great game. I got a high score of 1,268,000 and had a lot of fun!4.66... stars (removed 1 star in adherence to the theme since it is a little bit loose. It was really had, since I felt like you deserve 10/5 stars).

EDIT: played it some more and got a high score of 2,244,000

this game is really fun. the game has good looks and sound. the music is also good.

i like the creativity. it feels wacky, and i like it. the controls are good and simple. the rooms are a bit to small for the last waves, which spawn to much enemies for the room. talking about enemies, they are way too slow, and not really fun to fight. i'd suggest adding more types, like a fast one and a shooting one.

this  would make a great mobile game.


I love the upbeat style of the game. Nice work!

It is look very good, realy nice artwork, simply and fun playing 

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Yeah, interesting idea! The game was a bit difficult though.


Hah, this was fun! A solid and original game! I really liked the disco theme!


I really love the graphics with this one! Such fluid animation, great color choices, and just overall a fun theme! Simple, fun and addicting! Great game!

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