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Wow, you managed to create a randomly generated roguelike in just 48 hours? Awesome!

Not my favorite game genre -but I like your retro-cool music :D

Impressive work! This would be super nice as a mobile game!

The tutorial levels are pretty clear, the design is good, the music sounds nice, and good sprite art! Definitely a nice job! :D

The game seems pretty fun, but I would improve the camera movement to make it smoother, specially when you return into the cannon, and near the walls.

Also, have you considered converting it into a 2-player vs game? Like, skeletons of two teams try to get the wall on the other side!

This is the fusion of two classics, I can see it!

The idea is pretty nice! I really like it! The only complain I could have is the mix of 2D/3D art, which seems strange to me. But the game is very well executed! Some extra enemies, as well as some different distributions to play with the acorn physics, and the game could be a very nice mobile game.

Interesting dialogue! There're typos, but I've enjoyed it. In fact, maybe you wrote too fast during the 48 hours...

Also the art is very beautiful!

I could not play it... I own a Linux and Wine does not want to execute Unity stuff :( Sorry for that!

Don't worry... but I would have liked to check your game, since you liked ours so much (and I love chess) :(

Hope you get your 100 ratings!

Oooooooh, thank you very much for your comment! Glad you liked it.

Yes, after the jam we may add better description of the game.. ingame, we got several comments pointing that out.

Again, thank you! :)

Very good game!

Beautiful art, and the controls are very smooth and well executed. The design is pretty good. My congrats on the game! 

If you continue working on it, I would like to see an arcade like thing (with monster waves, new enemies, and a score...) or something Zelda-like. It would be fun!

As I indicated in the post, I cannot run most Win-only games... I own a Linux system :(

As I indicated in the post, I cannot run most Win-only games... I own a Linux system :(

Wow, the idea is original and well executed! One of the best multiplayers I've played this jam!

Also I like a lot the art style! :D

Wow, my head exploded by playing this xD The idea is superb, I believe it is very original and fits very well the theme. 

I felt like a bit more of polishing is needed... or maybe I'm very bad at coordination hahahaha.

Nice concept! The controls are very smooth. Maybe the characters are a bit big for the screen, but I enjoyed you game! :D

The game is really difficult to control! I'm afraid that I didn't fully grasped the idea of the controls... *sigh* I believe it needs way more inertia to make it more responsive... It's a shame, because the idea looks fun, specially for a multiplayer game!

The 3D models look very nice!

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Our game is just 7 ratings away from the 100 ratings!

We cannot believe we got so much attention in this jam. It's absolutely wonderful! To celebrate it I'll open a new rate x rate thread!

I've been playing and rating more games (around 20-30). I have 2 free hours right now, so this is the deal: I'll play the games you leave here until I run out of time today, if you rate also our game! Help us to reach the 100 rates! :D

My game:

Good wishes to all the jam participants, happy Sunday everybody! :D

IMPORTANT: I own a Linux so I cannot play Windows-only games... :(

Oooohh... we've not thought about adding a different thing after you miss the marlin. It's true that maybe we can add some kind of ending, even if it is not the "good ending", which can be more satisfying to player...

Thank you for your comment! The game is kind of simple and we worked very hard to have a polished version of it!

The mermaids are super nice, we love them xD

Thank you very much for your comments! :D

Nice, thank you! I could finally try it!

The game is pretty fun! I got 63 points by playing patiently hahahaha. It's difficult to parry the one that tries to bite you!

Also the sound design is nice, and helps you to sincronize the perfect defense. Nice job! :D

The concept is pretty nice, but I feel like that the controls should be smoother. Sometimes is a bit frustrating to control the spaceship.

Good idea though!

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We believe our game is juicy enough for this thread! At least you should take a look to the beatiful art our artist made :)

We played yours and left a comment there! I encourage everybody to take a look to it, it's one of our current favorites of this year's jam!

Unfortunately, it gave us a black screen after loading :( We were using Firefox on Ubuntu 16.04... Sad, because the screenshots look very nice!

Being developed with Godot, a Linux build would be wonderful!

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We've enjoyed a lot playing your game!

Polishing a bit the controls and collisions to give a better feel,  some other puzzle elements, and it could be a wonderful game for mobile.

Also, nice art and music!! I specially like the intro theme, is well produced. Did you compose it yourself? Do you have the soundcloud of the artist?

I really like Godot. We usually work in 2D, and the engine is pretty well optimize and easy to use for 2D. Version 3 did also a great improvement for 3D games, but I have not proved it, still...

I have been many years proving different engines and libs and Godot is my favorite by far, and also libre software, so... for me is the go-to! Also 100% compatible with my Linux :)

Here is my game:

PS. Glad to see some other Godot users that I've met before in this thread! Let's show Godot rocks!

Ok, it's our game and it's self-promotion, but I strongly encourage you to take a look to our game:

The artist (elenoideart in Instagram) is SUPER NICE and did a wonderful work with the fish animations. Also, the art is free under a Creative Commons license, so if you dig inside the GitHub repo ( you can find the spritesheets. You may learn how to animate fishes (?) or any other pixel art trick.

But you game looks also very nice! :D Keep improving your art!

It happens also to me... Many games exported for Windows only. Linux user here...

I always try to export the game to every possible platform. I could not get a native macOS version from our game (done in Godot Engine) but you can play it in browser!


But one of the problems I had rating other games was simply that they exported for Windows only. I do not own a Windows, and without a cross-platform deploy (as browser, for example) or Linux version, I cannot give a rate back...

It makes me sad, but I cannot respond to all the rate-2-rate request even when I want to :(

Let me do some self-promotion. Here is our game, a relaxing, beautiful, fishing game:

But here is also a game made by some friends, which I found very fun:

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Here's Victor Seven, the composer of BuendiaGames, writing about music! Nice thread :D

Even when I think that my music does not fit perfectly the game, many comments say that the music it is very beautiful... So maybe you can take a look to it!

 I had a big problem -I had no available piano during the composition, so I everything was recording on-the-fly, first think I thought of... It was difficult, but the themes are catchy in my opinion :)

It's also on SoundCloud:

Our game was kind of easy but has some interesting stuff...

1. The color of the background changes little by little as you go down, and it's done in a procedural way!

2. The BIG FISH you have to take has a basic lightning shader I did. It is the first time I write a shader without copying all the code from the Internet, so I'm very happy.

3. And the code is free in GitHub! So you can take a look to it to learn the details :)

Take a look to the game:

The only one fish that will make you win is the marlin! You have to wait a bit, expect the music change and try to take the big one :) 

I'll check your game now, thanks for your review :D

Wow, thank you for your detailed opinion! :D

We use Godot to work for our games, and I think that it is not as easy as Unity for the shader stuff... But at least I'm learning some shader scripting ,that's always useful.

Hi! The music is uploaded here in SoundCloud if you want to listen (and download) it:

If you want to use them for your proyects, look for the loop-ready samples in the GitHub proyect. The license is Creative Commons, so you can use them in non-commercial proyects.

Thank you very much!

Enjoy! ~

The embedded browser thing needs you to click it first so it can receive the keyboard, but in our case click also works to start the game, so yes, at the end it is like the first key press does not work.

In the native version of the game, however, it does :)

Thank you for the feedback!

Nice to hear that you like the music!

Of course there is a SoundCloud! And the jam music is uploaded! Take a look here:

Regards from the composer! ^o^

Wow your game seems to have a super nice amount of shaders!

I'm still a beginner in that. I wrote my first shader for our game about fishing (look at that nice golden marlin. that is shader-scripted! It's basic but I'm proud)

Interesting concept, fun to play with somebody! The AI is very well designed!

It is good to see also multiplayer stuff!

It has the potential to be a very fun puzzle game! I enjoyed playing it :D

The game is fun to control, although there are some problems with the physics (I believe the elements should not be allowed to rotate). 

With a bit of polishing for the smoothness of the control it can be a very pleasing game!

Moving around and smashing the bad people is always fun! :D

(Our game:

Excellent graphics, better design! Incredible game. 

I really enjoyed it!

(Check also ours: