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Pixel art games

A topic by Xiris created Aug 06, 2019 Views: 309 Replies: 34
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Hey :),

I am just starting with pixel art and I am looking for inspiration and motivation. I will be more than happy to have a look at your pixel style game and leave some ratings and comments if you do same for me :).

If you are interested, here is my game: 


Airship Adventure

I too haven't done much pixelart but feel free to check out my submission.


This might not be quite what you're looking for, but here's an great set of tutorials that helped me out a lot.


the pixel art/animation to show off is for the main character, I had never had to do something like this so fast so went for the simplest design i could think of for the body and an expressive face.


I did pixel art for my game and it's probably the first time I really like what I managed to do!

I'll play your game right now, and your pixel style looks way more complex than mine, but if you want to give it a try here's the link!


Pixel art is the most fun for me to make and I loved this project for that reason! Gonna check out yours and I hope you enjoy mine!

Platformer where you can only have one ability active at a time, and can only use it once per room! Also one hit and your dead ;) Hope you like it!

Your pixel art cavemen are very cute. I like how curled-up they look.

Our game also has a pixel art themed artstyle, although we were going for a more sci-fi feel with it:


I went for a retro vibe with mine

My game is called One Shot In The Chamber, a wave based survival game where you must fight off hordes of enemies with the catch being, you have only one bullet. Fortunately, the bullet is magic and you can summon it back to you or teleport to it. Using this unique ability, you must survive as long as possible in the chamber. Here is a screenshot of the game and the link to the game page:

Check my submission out if you like : BOB DOES NOT CARE

I adapted and used some tiles from Kenney 1-bit and Explosion Animations Pack + I've made some by myself. Feel free to ask me any question.

I worked quite hard on my game's pixel art and I'm happy about the result :


My game uses pixel art, it isn't great, but it's my first time doing art for a game and I had to do it myself.

My game is Broken Robot, which is a puzzle platformer where you can only press each button once per stage.




Pico8 games are all pixel art :D

Submitted (1 edit)

Not an art style you'd want to emulate, but maybe its badness could give inspiration.


I have nothing original or fancy looking (I'm not artist... yet), but here's a simplistic one: I'm relatively happy with the animations since that's my weakest area.


I used a pretty popular free pack, and it looks pretty good in the game. The link on this pack you can find on the game’s page.


You can do that? Man, this would have been easier if I knew I could use internet art assets.


Unfortunately I had to jam by myself, so pixel art was really the only option. I love getting better at it though with each small project I do!


mabie this is not great but

I usually always do pixel art. This jam I even restricted myself to 4 colors ala the classic CGA palette. Take a look if interested.


I've made a game called If, is an Gameboy RPG narrative based game. My only one's were: one action button, one character, one place, one enemy, one NPC and one battle. 

My game being from Game Boy, rom / emulator to play, is all pixel art style. I hope it helps you.


I am "meh" at pixel art (you can look at my other game, Animal World).

This time I used a minimalist pixel art I found on

Here's my game:

We also use a pixel art style with a 8-bit aesthetics hahaha. All the character were made by us and we take the background environment from this page . I really recommend it because all the asset are fre to use and modify, grat page :D.

So, for our game, we made a roguelike were all the values and stats epend only on one value. It was fun to balance it all, with all the mathematics equations hahahah. Check it out if you like!


I used pixel art as well, i wanted to make something that had the retro look, i don't know there's something about the limitations that has some charm

Here it is if you want to check it out :



I made a cute little black and white zelda style game. A lot of people say its got a lot of content and really polished for 24 hours!  Each weapon has only one hit, so you have to find a new one every time. It can get pretty intense swapping in and out of combat whilst enemies swarm around you! I hope you play and rate! Thx



I give you my game with black and white pixel art (downwell inspiration)

Nice game (every game with a dwarf is automatically nice :) ). I played and rated it yestarday already, good job!

We used pixel art in our game too, with some minimalist sprites (32x32):

Here is an example: 


My game has a few sprites, but I've tried to maintain a good aesthetic using a limited palette.


Hi! I also used pixel art in my game. It's pretty simple but I'll be glad if you take look.


Here's some simple pixel art from our game!

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this is our game made with pixel art 16b if u want to have a look


Ok, it's our game and it's self-promotion, but I strongly encourage you to take a look to our game:

The artist (elenoideart in Instagram) is SUPER NICE and did a wonderful work with the fish animations. Also, the art is free under a Creative Commons license, so if you dig inside the GitHub repo ( you can find the spritesheets. You may learn how to animate fishes (?) or any other pixel art trick.

But you game looks also very nice! :D Keep improving your art!


As pixel art goes, my game is as minimalist as possible........

The cherries are still tasty though

Rate :

Game :


I wouldn't say ours is really pixel art, it's actually all 3D but made to look 2D and 1-bit


A dungeon crawler where you can only recruit one member at a time! 


With Palette Fighter's design I was limited to only two colours per sprite but..
Honestly, I think it came out pretty well as a result:

Kinda funny that my best sprite work (yeah I don't do it much) used the fewest colours possible ^^;