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yeah I totally agree, definitely wish I added in a combo tracker just for the visual pleasure of seeing it!

Looks like we have very similar mechanics for our games xD nice work!

Thanks!! that is an insanely high score well done haha. A kill number and combo tracker is definitely something I want to add!

Yeah if you just reload it should be all set

I really like the idea of creating an educational resource management game. It's a great way to teach people a lot of the issues and problems with pollution, and since games are such a popular medium right now in a younger age group its an awesome idea. I will say the barrier of entry seems to be rather high, and I was slightly confused/wasn't sure where to put certain buildings when I hadn't seen the entire picture yet. This was fixed after a few sessions though. A little tutorial of placing maybe 3 buildings that benefit each other at the very beginning would be awesome. Overall good job! keep it up!

Heres mine, Step By Step, checking yours out now :P

Step by Step. Simple game about taking one step at a time :P Checking yours out now

Heres mine :P Step by Step, checking yours out now!

Thanks for checking it out and the kind words Sean! The record scratch and music stopping was almost an improvisation to fix that fact that I didn't have time to do the art and everything for a death sequence haha. Thanks a ton for the suggestions to! I'll definitely check those out, especially Bfxr, that would have been great for this haha. Also, the Red guy actually doesn't actually have a unique sound when he spawns (although he should!) he does have softer footsteps and an insane yelling sound when he dies haha. Cheers!

Solo dev here.

I'll try my best to return the love to all of you!

First timer here:

It was a ton of fun. I definitely want to try and get a team together for the next jam I do, because art and sound design eat up a lot of time that could be used for the actual development and game design portions. It's easy to get caught up in wanting to make everything extremely polished even though its a jam all about design :P

You really made the gun shot and killing enemies juicy, feels great! well done

Really like the atmosphere of this one. The sound and background art work great together. I really liked it when more keys started to show up in close proximity, I didnt want it to end! I think this could would be really cool to push a little further to the point where I'm rapidly smashing keys to get a few flaps in before the next flag. Sweet game!

The GIFS look awesome, checking it out now! heres mine:

Definitely a cool concept! I almost wish the good engine was more visible, I kept thinking the blown engine was the good one every once in a while, but great job!

If you are just starting to do pixel art your definitely on the right track, the art is awesome! sound effects are on point as well. Really like the challenging platformer with the unique way you use all the dwarves

Unfortunately I had to jam by myself, so pixel art was really the only option. I love getting better at it though with each small project I do!

Yeah it does seem very difficult to get ratings, I'm hoping the ranking of top 100 has to do with more of an average like others have said. Although I somewhat doubt there is a complex algorithm behind the scenes haha. I'll check out all these games and start rating the unranked ones!

I can see why you mentioned sound, sound effects are awesome! I really like the one for simply changing the crystal too. Art is great too for such a short amount of time, well done!

Looking for sounds is always one of my favorite part in making a game. People often overlook the importance it has in every aspect of games. I've never really gotten into making my OWN sounds but I really want to attempt it in the future, especially with simplistic game music.

Step by Step is mine, just use that space bar :P

Damn! that is freaking awesome dude! I wasn't expecting such high quality haha, thank you, your the man

Just one button: the space bar.

Step by Step :P

Awesome little puzzle game! Reminds me of English Country Tune and Steven Sausage Roll. Really like how the menu's utilize the gameplay, like the level select (very much like Steven Sausage Roll). Animations feel great and sound effects are on point.  Only feedback I'd really have is to maybe put a cue into the game to show 'R' is to reset once your out of turns, or maybe just force a reset when your out of turns, since everything else is baked into the experience try and add that in to! Awesome job!

Whatsup everyone! I feel the need to try and get more ratings like everyone else, so post your games down below and I'll check them all out after work today! Someone else had the good idea of posting another game that you enjoyed as well, so let's all post our games as well as one other game. 

Heres one by Pyrecraft that I really enjoyed. I stuck out from the rest of the games by being a small text adventure. It's somewhat short but still shows a ton of character im that timeframe:

Annnndddd heres mine, Step by Step. Simply take things one step at a time, and avoid obstacles and enemies in the bad part of town:

Love the sound effects and the roguelike elements of being able to select upgrades after each level! I found myself needing to select health almost every level. If there was some other way to get health to alleviate that need that would be awesome, or I'll just have to gitgud!

Step by Step: take one step at a time :P rating yours now!

Just gotta keep rating these step at a time

Art, simple animations and sound effects/music were awesome! 

Yeah I do agree with that, I love the pixel art in your game! and that thumbnail/title screen with the perspective tunnel is awesome.

Really enjoyed this. Much different from the rest of the games in the jam which was a nice change of pace. Had me constantly thinking of the one way to win....I found it....

That was awesome man! By far the most "meta" game I played on here by far haha. Has a lot of character for a simple narrative game. Unfortunately, I couldn't find your hash but hopefully you became a little richer from my hard work!

haha I'm on the case!

My first jam as well! I somewhat regret not trying to form a team with anyone, because I feel like that could have made the experience a lot more fun and could have gotten a design/game even further.

It was extremely satisfying to have something finished at the end though, even though there wasn't a whole lot of sleep in that 48 hours haha.

Love the sound effects and the different enemy types! feels really satisfying to drive your sword into stuff!

Because you had an idea that attempts to help others :P

Playing yours now!

What was the biggest problem you had to solve in your design???

When doing game jams, I usually find it difficult to NOT latch onto the first somewhat decent idea that pops into my head. I decided really early on in the jam that I was going to focus on a game where you can only take one step at a time. The problem I had was what to do next....walking isnt really a game on its own and I wanted to do something somewhat out of the ordinary (rather than just making a plain old endless runner game).

I then figured I wanted the game to be about taking steps, so I really tried to make each step as juicy as possible, and then went into adding a somewhat comical tone to the game with some of the obstacles and sound effects.

I'd love to hear more about what problems others ran into, and if anyone else had issues working with that first pesky idea that comes into your head.

Check out my game if you want, and link yours and i'll check it out!

It's funny how a game jam is almost turning into a full blown indie game development cycle!

I regret putting too much detail into my main character art, think he would have looked a lot better if I stuck to a more simplistic theme (like the red bad guy :P)

I also regret not making more of the levels easier, because some people come with the feedback of it being pretty difficult, when I really just wanted  a game that made taking a step satisfying on its own!

Sweet game! made it to wave 8. Really like the variety of weapons and how some of them need to be used in different ways. Loved the sword 1 shot as well. If you keep working on this, some crazy powerups would be awesome!

I'll shamelessly post my game if you care to take a look at it as well :P