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Let's talk about sound!

A topic by Sean Ryan created 73 days ago Views: 322 Replies: 37
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I'm a sound designer/musician looking for more sound nerds to geek out with!

Also, I'm of course looking for feedback on the first game i've ever done sound for:

Please check it out and let me know what you think!

lastly, I encourage you to post your game so myself and others can talk about the hard work you put into making your game come to life!


Here is my game:

Im not a sound geek but I have had 10 years of piano and 1 year of singing lessons. Pico 8 has limited but surprisingly nice sound. You get 4 chromatic scales and I typically make the noise I want with my mouth using a pitch monitor and a keyboard to try out pitches. Finally I used the resulting waves to map out the notes in the pico 8 sound editor.

I havn't tried Pico 8 yet but i'll give it a try! I typically use Bfxr or pulse boy for all of my 8-bit needs.

The sounds definitely made the game fell like a classic arcade game! I loved how you tied the theme into the main mechanic in a unique way that was fun and also taught me something. Great job!



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Hey Sean!

I really liked the music, that kind of chill vibe works well for a puzzle-platformer like yours which is more about planning than execution.

I chucked a comment on your game page!

As you're a sound guy, I'd be interested what you think of the way we handled sound for our submission, Negative Nancy:

Trying to get the feeling of people talking without full voice acting is always an interesting challenge!

Thanks Crime dog!

I played through your game a few times and let me tell you, I LOVED IT! The story made me laugh multiple times and the back ground music was very relaxing and I think it fit the theme well!

As far as sound design goes, I’m impressed! Y’all really packed a-lot of sound in there for just two days of work! Everything scene that I encountered had ambiance that felt natural to the environment and didn’t distract me by standing out. 

I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t like the voices but as I kept playing they grew on me and set a great comedic tone from the beginning! I also think that with only two days, recording each line without professional voice actors could be disastrous. So that was very clever on your part and I’m curious how you did it!???

Lastly, I loved Nancy because of the sass in her voice. I think if each character spoke their own lines with half of the emotion that Nancy had it would make the game that much better! 

Haha, Thanks Sean!

I would need to chat with the sound dude for more specifics, but I believe he recorded himself making a bunch of little sounds, then we basically detected how many syllables were in whatever word the character was saying and played the same number of tiny mouth sounds at random. There might have been some pitch randomization and other post-fx as well.

Yeah, we spent AGES on getting the NO's right! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


That is an interesting take on abstract vocalization  (if that isn't already a term i'm coining it). I've personally never had to do it but i've reversed vocals before just to see what would happen and you can get some pretty cool/spooky results. I believe this is how the voices for "Shadow of the colossus" were done.

Those No's were splendid and are the most most important part of the game!

Thanks for sharing! 


Looking for sounds is always one of my favorite part in making a game. People often overlook the importance it has in every aspect of games. I've never really gotten into making my OWN sounds but I really want to attempt it in the future, especially with simplistic game music.

Well said Muximus!

For someone who doesn't make your own sounds, you have a good taste for them! I just died over 50 times trying to get passed those damn spikes and that record scratch kept me going back for more! It was the perfect sound for stopping abruptly and restarting the music. I loved the simplicity of the music too, it showed great restraint which i personally struggle with. Correct me if i'm wrong but did the red runner make a noise before coming on screen too?

If you are looking to make your own sounds there are LOADS of great programs out there! I personally like to use my Reaper, cubase or garageband. I'll either experiment with software synths or record raw sounds with a handheld mic and edit them later.

Also there is a free program called Bfxr that allows you to make custom 8-bit sounds!

Great job! 


Thanks for checking it out and the kind words Sean! The record scratch and music stopping was almost an improvisation to fix that fact that I didn't have time to do the art and everything for a death sequence haha. Thanks a ton for the suggestions to! I'll definitely check those out, especially Bfxr, that would have been great for this haha. Also, the Red guy actually doesn't actually have a unique sound when he spawns (although he should!) he does have softer footsteps and an insane yelling sound when he dies haha. Cheers!


This is only my second jam game, but with my game, You have One Shot, I made a script that applied a pitch shift and low pass filter to all of the sound based on the time slowing down and removing it when you speed back up! Alongside that I spent a good few hours working on sound effects and music for the game with Air Hybrid 3 ;)

(The time slows down when you jump ;) )


I suppose the fact that I wrote the music in mine makes it kinda fits here, though I didn't write it during the jam. I really like the feel of making everything that goes into my art, or at least as much of it as I can, but I got into music rather late. To compensate I've been periodically just going into LMMS and writing whatever comes to mind as practice, always with game/vn background music of the sort I like in mind, then labeling them with a number to indicate how many attempts I've made. The track here in game is attempt 91, "slow river".

I actually did write an attempt during the jam, because I spent a whole bunch of time brainstorming via creating assets, but I cut most of the ideas for time. What was supposed to be a horror game that starts relaxing as contrast became just relaxing. The one from during the jam was going to take place in a haunted mansion/castle thing, preceded by a track with occasional music box isolated measures with a grandfather clock sound, and cuing the moment a poltergeist started throwing chairs and pianos at the player. I'll go ahead and post it in case anyone would like to hear:



in my game the voice is completely synthesized. computer generated, but i got it to sound drunk by intentionally mis spelling things, and putting punctuation in the wrong spot. Then editing the pacing after the fact to slow some syllables down.  I was proud of it.

Ebrius maleficus

This version is a bug fix update after the deadline (about an hours worth of work the next dat) so its not really judge-able for rating, but i would love feedback on it.

I also tried to give the background music a drunk feeling.  Starting with a track from “deadly roulette” and playing with strange echos and playbacks and fading in and out to unsettle it

I'm a professional composer and sound designer, and the game we did for this jam is actually my game design debut! Let me know what you think of both the audio and design!

Our game is Einnsámr: The Lone Warrior, a game about preserving your soul in a hostile world. We'd love it if you tried the game out :)

If you do, leave a comment with a link to your game, and I'll be sure to play it!


Your music was so good! It really helped create the atmosphere of the game. I'm a fan!!


I didn't make the audio myself but the creator, Subspace Audio, is credited in the game. Check out his tracks in my game, they're really good.

My game is called One Shot In The Chamber, a wave based survival game where you must fight off hordes of enemies with the catch being, you have only one bullet. Fortunately, the bullet is magic and you can summon it back to you or teleport to it. Using this unique ability, you must survive as long as possible in the chamber. Here is a screenshot of the game and the link to the game page:


Made the sounds myself using audacity and breathing into the mic, while it had 2 socks on it :)

Its a cute little black and white zelda style game. A lot of people say its got a lot of content and really polished for 24 hours!  Each weapon has only one hit, so you have to find a new one every time. It can get pretty intense swapping in and out of combat whilst enemies swarm around you! I hope you play and rate! Thx


Well, I am not a sound designer but I think I found the perfect music in the internet.

What do you think? I would be very happy to get feedback since I am working on a better version and music is really important.

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Hi there, we made rhythm game in synthwave/sci-fi style with original soundtrack, maybe you like it 🌚

Btw I play your game OP, it have rly nice music, well done :3


Oh man! I wished I had a chance to work with a sound designer on this project. I tried making an experimental audio game with only 3D positional sound. It's called Only One Mosquito... and as the name suggest, you hear the mosquito around you and try to kill it. I think with proper audio mixing, the feel of my game could have been a lot stronger. Anyways, you can check it out here: 

Here's the trailer:

In our game, we wanted the player to feel lost and isolated (and also we had no musician...), so we didn't put real music on background. Instead of that we used an ingame noise generator to add some sound effects. As the players goes to higher levels, the pitch of the sounds goes up too, to amplify the feeling on unease

You can see the result here: (only in the downladable version)

The game is Called "One Earth". You control a giant mech as it walks around the planet in a 2D plane. You must save Earth from a cartoonish swarm of aliens by building turrets in different biomes (Sand, Ocean, Mountains, and Plains) to defend your home as you make your way toward an escape. Each biome has a different affect on the turret. You can stack them,  turn them into shields and more, but BE CAREFUL, using to much of Earth has its own consequences.

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I did some sound design in my game:

It is set in a large map, and I made it so everytime you entered a zone the atmosphere changes

Construction site has machinery, lobby has the chatter of people, the generator room has the sound of pistons, you get the deal.

I also softened the transition so it's not as jarring, and added some small details. Like when the phone rings the guy at the counter actually picks it up.

We have the fortune to have an Audio person in the team: 

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I've always been a music geek, and have been singing for almost 20 years, but I've only recently actually started to expand my game developer skill set to include sound design and music production. I find it a lot of fun, and I have to say, I'm quite proud of what I came up with for this jam: This is the first of my games for which I composed the music. 

As for your game, Sean, I really like both tracks. The intro music builds into what I perceive to be a vibe of mystery and adventure really well. Unfortunately, it takes a while to build up, and I don't think most people would stay on the title screen for that long, but I did, and the composition is really good.  Do you have a soundcloud  page or something where you upload your music?

The music for the main game loop is just delightful. I have a very soft and nostalgic spot for the marimba, which you've used to great effect (that is a marimba, right?) The only problem, and I don't think this is your fault, but a few levels in, the music just stopped. I'm not sure if it just wasn't looped, or if it's a glitch, but yeah, it went silent after a while.

I hope you don't mind a bit of constructive criticism on the sound effects though. I'm not sure if this was a creative decision or not, but they sounded a little crackly, which sounds like a problem with the speakers, rather than, say, static or something of the sort. What was your approach to sound design for this one, may I ask?

Thanks for the feedback!

The music:

So the funny thing about the sound the two sound tracks that I wrote for Callais is that the where supposed to be swapped. In other words, I wrote the title theme to be in game and the in game track for the title screen lol. They were also both created to be looped but the developers were working on other things so it just didn't happen in time for the deadline. Which I totally understand and they made sure to let me know that there will be updates that fix these and other issues. I'm still happy and proud of the way it turned out! If i would have known they were going to switch them, i would have made that main theme WAY shorter and spent more time on the marimba piece. That sound btw is the marimba sound that comes with Garageband! So you are correct! In fact, everything you heard in both songs either came from the stock Garageband sounds, free plugins or a mixture of both. Also for reference I listened to the "Ori and the silent forest" soundtrack on repeat for practically 48 hours.

Most of my work eventually ends up here:

The sounds:

As far as the sound goes, I didn't see any art the whole time so I was working purely off of quick descriptions through a discord chat. Descriptions like: "mystic" and "rock guardian." So my brain immediately went to something big, like a rock giant that shakes the ground when he walks. To achieve this i went through some old foot steps I had and to add the weight I layered a mix of like 5 different presets on a free audio plugin: I then added a snare drum from a different free plugin: to give it a good punch. However it didn't really sound 'earthy' enough so thats when i added the crackling that you are talking about. I was going for the sounds of loose rocks/dust/gravel like sounds so on some of the tracks I added another free plugin: and cranked up the dust and detune features that it has to give them that extra detail. So sense it is vinyl crackling, I see where your concern came from and assure you your speakers are fine! For the future updates of the game i'll try a few different/more natural methods like fire crackling or actual dust and dirt! 

Your game:

I really enjoyed it! I especially loved the title music! whatever synth you used for the bass gave me chills and I have to know what it is! The game theme I think was solid but I would have liked it if it went on for a bit longer (maybe a minute or so) before looping.  Also, i think maybe a faster tempo or a more energized beat could be really beneficial during gameplay and perhaps even drive up the anxiety if that is what you are going for. The sounds were solid and I feel like they all stayed within the theme of the game very well! I especially like how you could hear a bullet/laser before you could see it in some cases. The only thing that threw me off was the fact that the energy bar didn't make a sound when it went down. I was pushing boxes around like crazy until i looked and saw that it drained my health. I think if you added a subtle sound that let the player know when they are draining their health it would help with this!

Over all great job, keep it up and thank you again for the feedback! You definitely gave me some things to think about!


Oh okay, that makes sense. It is possible that the reason the dust effect didn't quite work is because everything else was little quiet in the mix. Like, if you had something heftier on the low end of the jump, and the dust be a little more quiet and more on the high end, it would balance it out? I don't know, just spitballing. Also, may I suggest playing around with more of a grinding sound, maybe? Like, two large stones grinding against one another. I don't know if it'll work, but if I was supposed to create a sound effect of a stone character jumping, that'd be my first instinct, so it might be worth a try.

The bass I used for the intro was in a synth pack called Hybrid. It's quite pricy, but I was lucky enough that my MIDI keyboard came with a download code for it. (My midi keyboard didn't even cost as much as this synth pack, hahaha).  The funny thing is,  the bass sound I used for the intro was actually supposed to have a voice-like quality, you know, a Living on a Prayer, wah-wah type thing, but I found the whole track to be a bit too bassy, so when I removed a bit of the low end in mastering, that voice quality totally disappeared. Except at the end of the loop, where you can hear it quite well. I found that a bit weird. But I'm still happy with how it sounds.

Yeah, I'll probably expand the main loop track to be longer. I wasn't really sure how long my levels were going to be and whether the track would restart or not, and plus, you know, making all the assets during the jam, I didn't have too much time to spend on the music. It took me about an hour to create both tracks, and I didn't want to spend longer than that, so I consciously kept the loops short. And actually, I wasn't really going for anxiety. I was going more for strategy and survival, rather than panic, but yeah, it's interesting, I found that as soon as people realize that they can't shoot their gun willy nilly, the flight instinct kicks in, and they just start running around frantically. I hadn't foreseen that. I do want to build on this game, but at this point, I'm not sure if I want to just roll with the more frantic pacing, or restructure it so that it'd be more intuitive for people to be more tactical about it.

As for the sound effect, yeah, I'm a bit conflicted about that. You're right, most people don't realize that pushing crates drains their stamina, but I really don't want to end up with something that ends up getting annoying because of how often the player hears it.  Maybe I'll try for a visual queue first, and see if it's enough.

Thank you so much for your feedback! It's fun to talk music with someone. Like I said, I've only started composing recently, so it's been really fun and challenging getting into it, and it's nice to talk shop with another game composer.


Heres my project:

I made the music myself using an online program called "Beepbox". I'm not really into sound design or music making, but I have to make some for my games. I also thought the rising sound effects as you press each button made the game a lot more satisfying, but I'd like to hear your opinion. Also as you progress through each level, the music evolves. I tried to make this seamless, but it just restarts the music each level.

Hope you can check it out for yourself!

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Here's Victor Seven, the composer of BuendiaGames, writing about music! Nice thread :D

Even when I think that my music does not fit perfectly the game, many comments say that the music it is very beautiful... So maybe you can take a look to it!

 I had a big problem -I had no available piano during the composition, so I everything was recording on-the-fly, first think I thought of... It was difficult, but the themes are catchy in my opinion :)

It's also on SoundCloud:

Loved your music for this game! It's light and fun. The sound design was also very interesting. Made the game feel very unique. Well done!!!

OOf. Also here's my teams submission:

I had a lot of fun with the music!


I spent maybe 2 hours at most on the sound in my entry (not a lot). It's a simple game, simple sound design, 1 instrument. Just random notes and chords and arpeggios all in the same key. Shooting in just a note, killing an enemy got the chords, and a sun shot was a quick arpeggio. I think it came out really well and is a highlight for my project. (Especially because it didn't take long)



Rated your game. I really liked the concept and the music was great! Here is mine: 

I recorded my backyard at night for the ambient sound of the game. I also played around with 2D audio depending on where the car was. I didn't have much time to really play with this, but I also lowered a low-pass filter on the car's engine as it moved farther away. Sound design is a lot of fun and I would like to focus more on it in the future.

Submitted (1 edit)

I absolutely love the music that my music guy made. I’m sure we’re all biased to our own game’s music, but it’s the perfect match. The music was made by Devast8, one of my composer friends, and he killed it, please check him out.

I can’t really talk about the tech behind that, but what I can talk about is the voiceovers. These were so much fun to make, I just took on the role of these strange characters and ran with it. The main, raspy voiced character was just me talking in a very raspy (and kinda crazy) voice. One of the endings features a long monologue from him, which is so good. There was this other character that I was going for a reaper like effect, very deep and echoey. The first few times you hear him, he’s muffled, achieved by overlaying multiple pitches of the same voice sample. He’s also rather bassy, giving them a powerful stature. 

All these things are probably pretty basic in comparison to an actual sound artist, but I’m happy with how it turned out. You can play (or listen) here:


Hey there! I won't have much to say, but I'll say a little bit about the sound of my entry, Flight Of The Electrodud (, because I got some positive reviews for the sound and music. And for the record, I'm not specialised in sound design.

I made every sound effect and the music just using Bosca Ceoil and Audacity. I created the "build up to thud" sound effect with just a long reverse symbol sped up a bit, and I created the thud sound effect by just combining a bunch of bass noises with a low melodic tom and bass boosting it a little bit.

As for the music, I just wanted to create a short, simple, and hopefully catchy tune that reflected the game's tension of "one split second of waning focus and I'm probably gone" while still being fun. (I was going to make it just last the full minute, but I know my limits, and that would've taken too much time for it to still sound good.) The menu jingle was simply meant to be appropriate as both a "welcome" and "goodbye" jingle, since it's where players are most likely to, well, stop playing, as everything loops back to the menu. And the victory jingle is just... triumphant, I guess. Oh, and every bit of music/jingle was slightly bass boosted.

But I think one of the main things that helped tie it together was that everything, sound effects and music, were in the same key - G minor. made thudding to the ground in time with the music that much more satisfying.


I voice acted the sound in my game (missed a whole day of the game jam so it could be more polished but I'm happy xD)

Submitted (1 edit)

Having played bass guitar a lot back in the day, I was very happy when I sold the "slap bass song" idea to the rest of the team :P Although recording everything was harder then expected, I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with. The hardest part was getting percussion right as I couldn't use actual drums (at the time there was too much background noise to use microphone for anything), so I had to do them on the keyboard which just didn't work out.

Anyways, if you want to check it out, hit the gong: