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Thanks to all who voted and gave feedback on this page. It can really help me to improve this game and polish it up if I wanted to.

People seem to like mine, it has around 20 ratings:

Heres mine!

I uhh don't know how you'd make a joke about this?

First jam dude here:

Rated yours!

Not really sure about the juice levels on this one, I dont know...

Heres my game if youd like to check it out:

Ill be sure to check yours out when im able!



pronoun: anything

used to refer to a thing, no matter what. "nobody was saying anything"

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I hoped this helped you with your issue.

If it did then repay me by playing my game?

There are many things I wanted to do in my game, but I didn't have the time. I'm sure there's a lot of things you intended to have, but didn't have time. I want you to tell me what you would have done differently, and, if you had to properly release it, what would you add?

here's a list of what I would like to add to my game:

1. more backgrounds

2. online leaderboards

3. A shop where you spend points earned in game to buy backgrounds (makes people play more for that super expensive and cool background!)

4. More mechanics to keep the game fresh. (instead of just 4 levels, I'd aim for around 20)

5. A selection of music so that you can change track, It won't get boring then, you can be some tracks in the shop.

6. achievements for certain scores.

7. an actual end game screen, instead of cutting back to the title.

There's probably a lot more, but that's my main points. 

I wanna hear about what you'd do differently. Tell me in the comments.

Oh, and if you wanna check my game out:

Rated yours! and thanks for the feedback

This game is really great, I like the original take on the theme. The level design and placement of the lights is on point, and the inclusion of green lights a few levels in really changed up the gameplay and kept it fresh.

Heres one:

Its a very good concept, with nice visuals, but there are a lot of bugs and glitches, such as collisions not working sometimes. Apart from that, this could be a very good game!

I have no clue what you could draw of my game, but I guess this is a challenge!?

here it is:

Rated yours. Honestly one of the best games I've seen so far. The levels are designed very well, and the multiple mechanics to get around you having one jump are clever. The visual feedback from the character to tell you you have no jump left was a good choice. I tried to base my game around having one jump, but I couldn't. Well done. Heres mine by the way:

This is a very good puzzle game and a good take on the theme using this concept. It was pretty fun to play the graphics were colourful and interesting, all round a very well made game.

I always try to rate and play whoever does the same to mine. Heres the results of my first game jam:

Mine isnt browser playable, but its pretty quick and easy to understand:

Heres mine, its simple, easy to understand, and hard to master. First jam btw:

This was my first game jam that I had participated in. I heard of stories of people not being able to get their work oit on time, by being too ambitous or something like that. So I decided to go with something simple. I also happened to be on holidays the weekend of the jam, which meant having less time to make the game. This meant I was going out on walks and stuff for a few hours each day. In total, I think I spent about 12 hours in total on the game. This didn't end up being a detrament towards the game however. Being outside and being active allowed me to clear my head, get more ideas, and when I went back to making, I was super productive. 

So maybe we dont need to spend all the time of a jam making the game, but instead keeping ourselves healthy during the jam to make ourselves more productive. I dont know. It worked for me, although my game is quite simple. Im still proud of it. 

Heres mine:

Heres mine. It wont take much time:

Heres my game, an easy to understand arcade-like game. I try to rate all the people who rate me:

Heres my one. Its a simple arcade game:

This is my game:

This is my game. Its a pretty simple concept:

Mine has 12 ratings so far:

Thanks for the feedback. Thats a really good score - even I can hardly get there! 

Pretty good submission!

asa dude :

At first I thought my game was gonna be moderately hard... But then... 


The first 2 levels are pretty easy I would say, but when you get to level 3, It gets pretty hard.

But the last level, it literally requires super human reflexes. I'm not joking.  - I've probably only beaten one stage from that level.

anyway here it is. Tell me what you think:

Heres mine:

have you played this one yet? I thought it was really cool:

This is a really good puzzle game, and I would see this working as an actual game. the one problem I had was that the difficulty when beginning is unreasonably hard. I would suggest a difficulty system so that the game gets harder as it goes on, and so you can learn the mechanics more easily and skillfully. Though, I would guess a scaling difficulty is probably missing because of time constraints.

Still, a really good job on this one!

If you wanna check out my game:


Mine doesn't download on mac, but anyway; I'm 15, and being making games since I was about 12. This is my first jam, and I went with something simple. Got a big project I'm working on that I'm hoping to actually sell. I do all the art, programming, level design and music for my games:

I rated your game... But the question is, can you get over 50 in mine!?

Heres mine. It was my first jam:

Here's mine:

And heres one I recommend. It combines multiple ideas very well: