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Thanks Roberto! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Hi RynGM! thanks for being patient. The videos are online now!

Hi everyone!

 Thanks so much again for everyone who submitted to this game jam! This was the first time we tried something like this so apologies for the delay in getting the videos up online. We ran into some technical difficulties the night off, but all of the submissions were played! You can watch highlights of all the games here, read aloud by the audience. Overall, it was really amazing to go through everyone's entries and hope you had a good time doing this jam!  



Please keep in touch with me via Twitter @mikerenyi. I hope we'll be able to do more in the future! 

Hi there! Yes! It is still a thing ☺️. We just finished recording the live readings, will take the next few days to review. Should be up by next Tuesday evening! 

If you missed the deadline, but would still like to submit! Let me know below! 

Hi everyone! It's almost the end of the jam! Please feel free to contact me via twitter @mikerenyi or on this thread if you have any problems uploading your games. If you've already submitted, let us know what your game is about! Excited to play all the submissions! 

Hi everyone! How are your digital poems coming along? We have a little under two weeks left for the jam, still plenty of time to make something! 

I thought I'd open up this thread for inspirations! These are games that I feel are pretty unique in their experience (plus most are quite short!).  Feel free to contribute with anything that inspires you! 

Hi Phillip! I added your story "Here" to the list of inspiration games on the jam page! 😊Thanks again for sharing your resources, they will be of great help. I hope you get a chance to make something for the jam! 

That's really cool! I never knew about the prepub format, definitely worth looking into for this jam. Thanks for sharing!  😁

Hey Phillip! Yes! thanks so much for sharing this. I really liked how it flows into  little poems based on your choices. The writing and choices work really well together. The different endings also add a lot of replay value and with the short passages, it didn't feel like a burden to start again. Overall, I really enjoyed it! 

Hey! Nice portfolio! Excited to see what you make :)

Yes! Part of the fun is adapting written poems with the interactive nature of twine. You are welcome to start from an existing poem, as long as the final project submitted is a twine project! 

Yes! At the end of the jam, you submit just one project. The main requirement is that the project is less than 300 written words.  I think it's quite experimental as to what a  "poem" in Twine should look like. 😌 Check out these reference games, they have a pretty cool hybrid feeling between normal twine stories and poetry like experiences. Let me know if you have any other questions!

"Wolfgirls In Love" by Kitty Horrorshow

"Stars" by lysander

Yea! I think that could really cool! Make sure you credit everyone who worked on it 😊

Feel free to submit work in progress poems for feedback!

Hi everyone! Mike here, the organizer of the Jam. Please feel free to introduce yourselves and ask any questions!

Hi everyone! We're launching a Twine poetry jam for the month of November. The jam is up now here: however, I can't seem to find it listed as a public jam. Was wondering how long it usually took people to get their jams listed. Thank you so much! 

Thank you! merci beaucoup! :)

looking forward to an update! 

Thank you! Still working on it! :)

Thanks for playing! Competitive Pokemon sounds so cool! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Awesome! It took me 5 the first time I tested it...

Hahah yes! of course. It'll be completely free (for as long as nintendo doesn't find out hehe) Thanks for the heads up! 

Thank you so much! Really appreciate your comment

Hi! Thank you so much for doing this. I'm submitting a game about casual racism towards Asians in America. It's about using empathy and showcasing a unique perspective towards racism in America. I hope it can be included in this bundle. Thank you!

Hi there! The mobile version of the game is ready now! You can play it on any phone browser.

You can play in Spanish now! puedes jugar en español ahora :)
You can play in Spanish now! puedes jugar en español ahora :)

yea I'll let you know! Thanks!

this was really really wonderful. breaks my heart the fact that grandma's body is lying there the whole time. Impressive and great job! 

Hey! Definitely something I'm thinking about for the future. Thank you! 

Thank you for playing! I am working on Spanish localization for the future! ¡Gracias por jugar! Estoy trabajando en la versión en español en el futuro. :) (google translated)

Thank you for playing! :)

Gotcha! I'd say try it out on the low setting first. It is a bit cpu intensive cause there's a lot of people you have to quarantine in the game. 

Hi there! For mac or PC? I believe that they should be. Let me know if it doesn't open.

Mobile version coming soon! Thank you for playing! 
versión móvil próximamente! gracias por jugar (google translated)

Hey! Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game and it's wonderful to hear from a bat biologist. :)  Feel free to pass it along with your fellow bat researchers!  谢谢您玩我的游戏!🦇 💕

Hi there! Yes, I'm working on making it mobile ready, but it will take a bit of time. :) The current version only supports web browsers on computers. I'd love to chat more about how I can help! Feel free to email me at or DM me on Twitter @mikerenyi. Thanks!