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Mike Ren

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Thanks for playing! Yes, I'll check our your game as well! 

Thank you so much! and sorry for the bites haha

Oh awesome! Will definitely check it out! 

Thank you! Hopefully not too bad of a feeling :)

Here's my audio only game Only One Mosquito! It's about slapping a pesky mosquito on a hot summer night. 

Apologies in advance! Thanks for playing :)

Nice! You are a mosquito slapping master! Thanks for playing

Does a mosquito buzzing next to your ears count as horror?

muahahaha my plan for world domination annoyance is coming true! 

I shall make a horse slapping game next!

Thank you!

I would down-vote all the mosquitos if I could :D

Thanks! Hope the slap didn't leave a mark :)

Hey this is pretty cool! The art is absolutely lovely. I think one of the issues I had was with the Signs and Feedback of the game. For a long time, I didn't know I could press Space to Jump  and was stuck in the beginning. I think having the circle lights be bigger and having an arrow point in my initial direction would have helped. In the beginning,  another sign that says "press space to jump" would have helped me overcome the first pipes to the right and made the experience smoother. Anyways great job guys! I enjoyed it! 

Ah gotcha. Thanks for the reply!

Hi Leafo! Thanks for the new updates to the submissions page. The filters help a lot to tell which games will end up on Mark's top 100. I have a quick question though, how does the popular filter work? Is it based on view/download count on the page? Thank you! 

This is pretty fun! Really enjoyed the simplicity of it.  I think it takes a while to get going and once you die, it's a pretty slow restart back into it. 

Biggest regret was not building a web version and only a windows version. Seems like with so many games, being able to access them fast helped to prove player engagement. I ended up making a web build and linking it to the submissions page, but anyways, I'll do web focused for the next jam! 

You can check it out here:

Thanks! Didn't mean to accidentally make something so annoying for a game jam :P

Cursed mosquitoes! ruining my night haha

Thank you! 

Apologies in advance :P

Thank you! Will do. 

You are so lucky! Summer time is the worst for mosquitoes around here

This is pretty fun! Awesome sound design work with the game and the visuals are quite nice. I think the UI could use some polish, I had no idea that I could click on the crystal to move it and since it's such an important part of the puzzle mechanic, I would have liked it to be faster to switch. Maybe use the space bar or keyboard to switch between the abilities? 

Oh man! I wished I had a chance to work with a sound designer on this project. I tried making an experimental audio game with only 3D positional sound. It's called Only One Mosquito... and as the name suggest, you hear the mosquito around you and try to kill it. I think with proper audio mixing, the feel of my game could have been a lot stronger. Anyways, you can check it out here: 

Here's the trailer:

Beautiful art and music. I really liked the polished animations and that darn Marlin is so hard to catch! Reminds me of Ridiculous Fishing by Vlambeer, but way way more chill. Great Job! 

Wow this is really smart design! Felt like a speed runner trying to complete each level perfectly.  Great job on your first Jam. 

Ah I didn't even think about the one sense thing! Thank you so much and apologies again for any annoyance. :)

thank you!

thank you! I think I have trauma now from the developing this game... 

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 "Only One Mosquito" PLAY ONLINE (Browser version)

I've uploaded a web  version for easier access, especially if you are not on Windows or don't feel like downloading. 

Also, here's the trailer! 

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cool thanks! Will check it out and give you a rating. I ended up building a webgl version separate for easier playing, but link is the same for the submissions rate page.

Especially with webgl builds on unity, it would have taken just one click! Good learning experience for distribution. Oh well, next time! 

Going through the submissions, I've noticed that browser games (webgl) seem to get a lot more reviews. In hindsight, I'll definitely keep this in mind for the next jam! What platforms did you guys build for?

Hey this is really fun! Love a good pong clone. Have you played One player Pong on the app store?

10 kirby out of 10

hey nice job! The little robot is super cute. I like the gameplay concept. Would be interesting to see if it works even better as just a single button "jump" game since I found that I rarely had time to move back and forth. With the limitation on the battery, it made more sense for me to keep moving right even if I missed a battery. 

Thanks for doing this. Here's my game! It's a "mosquito keeping you up at night simulator." sorry.

For me, worst than death is that ONE TINY MOSQUITO buzzing next to your ear in the middle of the night. Keeping you up from sweet sweet sleep. I really don't know who my game is for...

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So far HODOR Story is my favorite. Simple mechanic and really polished design:

Also, just for pure visuals and sound design, 1Boss1Battle1Button is really incredible:

For shameless self plug, I tried making a game with minimal visuals, so ended up with the most annoying auditory experience ever.