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Mike Ren

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Thanks so much for playing! 

Hey! Sorry just seeing this now. I'm guessing this is a bug? Hope your lungs are okay! 🥺

Thank you! Appreciate the comment!

Oh yea! We definitely feel the same way

Thank you for playing!

Cute story! Really enjoyed exploring the house

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed 

Thanks! Yea I love em too!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! Appreciate the comment!

Thanks for the comment! We're hoping that choices you make will affect the bigger storyline later. They're slowly adding up behind the scenes. 

Very cute but dark. However, I really enjoyed it!

Nice job with the game mechanics! I really like how time plays a factor in it. Really excited to see your full project!

This is great! The art and interactions are really well done and kept me scared. Great job! 

Very cute! Loved how each of the animals had their own personalities. Great job! 

This is really cool! I really enjoyed the story and the minimalist art drew me into a world. Great job! 

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! 🍕

Really loved this! The art style really captures the mood and I felt uneasy the whole time! Great job! 

Very cute! Love the hand drawn art style! Good job! 

Loved the characters! The humor is great. Nice job! 

Fun interactions! Like the multiple endings a lot. Good job! 

For the first episode there's only one house, but we're hoping to do more! 

Thank you! The app really helped in bringing it together! 

Thank you! Really appreciate the comment

Thank you so much for playing! 

Made some adjustments to the first puzzle. Hope it makes it more clear! 

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Thank you! This is really valuable feedback. We're updating it now, will message you when the new version is up!

Hi CsMarv! We're still trying to fix the difficulty. Were you unable to get past the box code?

Hey! Sorry to hear that. Are you on a mac or pc? Laptop or desktop? Game is a bit old now, might need an update.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks Jupiter Hadley! Appreciate it!

Thank you so much! I'm still working on the project now, will hopefully be integrating more mechanics soon! :)

Sound will come in a later update! Apologies, ran out of time trying to submit for the jam 😊

thank you!

Thanks for the kind words! Really glad you enjoyed it! 

Thank you! and thanks for playing 😁

Hahahah it was a great challenge for sure

Totally.. these little fragile creatures deserve our love and respect! Thanks for playing 

Thank you for playing! Much appreciated