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Nice leaderboard system, wp :p

Not bad.

But i cant find right way to go to the next level from finish one. I go in the menu and open new level from there, but this is uncomfortably :(

OMG this is amazing!

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Если вы обнаружили ошибку или баг, то пожалуйста свяжитесь с нами через группу 

Ваши замечания помогут сделать игру лучше!

>You can summon the ball back using right click

Oh, this is change everything! Im going to beat all game now :D

Wow, nice game, very smooth and hardcore, i like it. But sometimes in browser version ball go outside the screen too :c
And music is really good, i like it. Where did you find it? Or you make it by yourself?

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Hi there, we made rhythm game in synthwave/sci-fi style with original soundtrack, maybe you like it 🌚

Btw I play your game OP, it have rly nice music, well done :3

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I play your game again, i think arrow control confused me and this is the reason i dont understand game mecanic in first time.

But i tried to use mouse and it was rly fun, nice sound effects :p

Oh, sorry, i dont understand that i am need to use mouse D:

I think i need to push them with my walking around them :D

Thanks bro, I appreciate this, I play your game too, nice idea but i dont understand how to play. btw nice art, i like balerine s lot =D

I couldn't write  next, too :C
Cool game, rly interesting btw

Wow, rly fun, gj

Oh, man, i forgot to add "Resolution Dialog" before game start!
Thank you for reply, we fix it next time :p

Die all time in the start :(

Rythm game with original soundtrack, check it :3

Wow, rly cool, thx ^^

Fun game, heh, well done)