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> Rythm game with leaderboar. One level, one song, and only one can beat the whole world.
Submitted by THC_games — 2 hours, 33 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#19762.2142.214

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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There is a lot wrong with this game. Cant see the controls on the title screen because of the resolution, I'm not sure it has anything to do with the theme, I can hardly tell if it's actually a rhythm game because it seems separated from the music, audibly and visually. 

Thank you for your honest feedback! It's very important for us to hear about all problems that cause bad feelings while playing. But two days were extremely short for our little team to fix all bugs, so we are working on that all right now, hope u will try later versions of SOLOUS. Have a nice day! ^_^


I spent a lot of time trying to hit every box. I wish the box sounds fit with that sweet soundtrack a little better but it was dope anyway.

If you get a chance give my game a try and a rating:

Thank you for trying , I know these boxes are little bit unpredictable :D We are on the way to fix it, and also our team admire every person who is brave and patient enough to collect ALL DATA , lol :)


I really like this game, it is difficult but possible to get all the data, and the art and music are pretty good. Nice one. 

Also there is a bug where if you restart, your score carries over to the next run. 

Gee man! I'm really glad to read such positive comment from you! We're working on the "ALL BUGS AND ISSUES" right now and I can proudly say that game have to be much more playable and exciting than it's now! So thanks for feedback , see ya later! :)


I really like the art of this game and the soundtrack is great. The gameplay is nice and simple but I never was good at rhythm games. I felt that some bits were a little bit out of sync with the music beats. Overall, it is nicely done. Good work.

Super-thanks for your kind comment! Such words always make us stronger to move forward ,so we will fix all the bug's stuff as soon as new version will be uploaded :)TY ^_^


An interesting take on the concept! I like the rhythm based aspect of the game and wish my had incorporated something similar. Keep up the good work!

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One thousand thanks for your comment , duuuuude! :p  Also tried up your game and know what? I'm really impressed! Good music, interesting and really hardcore gameplay! I like it) If you wanna tie rhythm and gameplay , you could make possibility for shooting the bullet only every 4-th bar of the beat, for example. But it will probably make your game totally impossible to play ahaha :D  Overall if you'll really add something like that , we will be very pleased our game has inspired somebody ;) Good luck!


Really pretty, and good game design. I completely suck when it comes to rythm games though, so I had a crappy score. I don't really get the link between the gameplay and the theme though, that could have been another point you could have used to enhance the experience. Also, the UI seems to be offscreen on the Main Menu.

Apart from that, I'm really impressed, it's pretty and original, and really fresh. Nice job :)


Thanks bro, I appreciate this, I play your game too, nice idea but i dont understand how to play. btw nice art, i like balerine s lot =D


Hey there, to play my game you need to click on the ballerina and drag and drop her to give her momentum, then you release her to make her knock out the other ballerinas. Thanks for playing!


Oh, sorry, i dont understand that i am need to use mouse D:

I think i need to push them with my walking around them :D

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I play your game again, i think arrow control confused me and this is the reason i dont understand game mecanic in first time.

But i tried to use mouse and it was rly fun, nice sound effects :p


At first I didn't remember why you were talking about arrow controls, and then I remember that I forgot to remove the script that allowed arrow control. You weren't supposed to use the arrows, it was a  script to test collisions with the other ballerinas x)


Mood and estethics are really great! Music was fine, I only wish that boxes would be better fitted with music, but overall, fantastic job! 

(1 edit) (+1)

Yeah, man, thanks a lot for your comment! We were so insane fast , that just couldn't fix some problems , unfortunately ( But game jam - is game jam, only two days and we tried to make all stuff as cool as we could, thanks :D


not playable in lower resolutions?


Oh, man, i forgot to add "Resolution Dialog" before game start!
Thank you for reply, we fix it next time :p