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It's a weird game honestly. I know by reading through the dialogues that you only had a few hours to complete it, but I think sticking to the point'n click from beginning to end would have been a more amusing experience. The flappy bird section feels more like you needed a way to justify the theme rather than making it an integral part of the gameplay. With that said, I salute your efforts, it's a pretty game nonetheless.

Hey there, thank you for your feedback. I'm perfectly aware my game is tedious, I made it intentionally difficult akin to something like the Super Monkey Ball games (except I didn't have a rollerball in my assets, so I had to use a hoverboard instead , that's all I got :/). As I don't have much experience in this kind of concept, i tried to base myself on some games I owned as references, but these games were really difficult, I must admit. Anyway, thanks again for your anwser 

Hey there, I know you've posted this tool a while ago, but I just downloaded it and I must say, this is something I was looking for for so long for one of my projects, it suits my needs perfectly !

I just have two bugs with your asset, I hope you can fix them easily :

- Firstly, if you change the resolution of your screen via Screen.setResolution, the script displays again the title bar even if you've hidden it previously ; and if you use a Windows shortcut with th ecommand line -popupwindow to hide the bar, if you display it by code it dissapears once you change your resolution. I've tried calling the method in a coroutine to delay the display of the bar, but nothing gets the job done.

- Secondly, there is a bug with the resizing of the window : If you toggle the bar once, then toggle it again, it may just shrink again and again without resetting its previous size. It has something to do with the borderSize variable not being added after showing the border, but I haven't modified that piece of code, so I don't know where the problem comes from.

That's pretty much it ; again, I'm impressed and quite satisfied by your code, and if you could fix these issues I would be the happiest of devlopers :)

Thanks again !

Really nice and intuitive. I love the simple graphics combined with the comical music. A bit hard for me since I'm the "puzzle guy", but at least I could get past the second level :)

Thank you for your feedback !  Glad you could enjoy it ! You weren't supposed to use the keyboard controls at all, it was something I forgot to remove when building the .exe. The mouse controls are a bit hard too, but you get the hand of it pretty quickly thogh, as long as you're patient :)

Nice concept, I can see the potiential it may have if you give it some more polish and features. I like the idea of bouncing around the scene to destroy the enemies (My own game even have a its gameplay revolving around that ^^) but that feeling is easily countered by the fact that the enemies moving in the opposite direction can stop you dead in your track instantly. Also, I don't really see the connection with the theme, it seems you're not using it either as a mechanic or even a constraint, it's a missed opportunity imo.

Apart from that, as I said it has a lot of potential. maybe with some more enemies dans mechanics, I could turn into a really good game. Nice job nonetheless :)

Thanks for your feedback! In fact, the keyboard controls were a little script I used to test collisions and ensure the ballerinas bounced back and died correctly. I just forgot to remove itfrom the final build, I will reupload it. 

Just finished testing the game, I must say it's quite impressive to come up  with so much content in such a short period of time. The  theme is really well respected, and even a bit too much : It's really hard to keep up with all the enemies while memorizing the emplacements of all the items you've encountered as well as all the paths you've explord and yet to explore.  You can sometimes pick up two items, but that's pretty much it when it comes to practicality.

The controls don't do your game a favour either. They seem like scattared across the keyboard, and some actions are unecessarily convoluted. For example, if I want to switch between items, I shouldn't have to do Unequip > Throw > Pick up > Equip and only then be able to use the object, because each action consumes a turn, and when you're fighting enemies it quicklu becomes tiresome. Only one button should be enough.

Also, a minor thing I have noticed : When you run away frome an enemy, the enemy chases you AND deals you damage if they happen to be on the adjacent tile. And when your weapon just broke and you're trying to survive until you get a new one, it can feel really unfair.

Needless to say, I couldn't finish a level, but I salute the efforts you put into implementing your mechanics. Just make sure next time  to put ergonomy before complexity. Nice job nonetheless :)

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Thanks, gonna test it right away. Also, the '?' key doesn't seem to work on my keyboard (AZERTY just so you know), so that's why I couldn't get the controls.

Really nice tower defense, it was so hard to keep up with all the enemies sawarming the field at once.It was a bit hard at first to balance between the different colored tiles. A problem that I noticed is that the more progress you make troughout the waves, the less you're incited to use regular tiles, since they are not fast enough to eliminate enough enemies to survive the next wave. Maybe increase their original speed a little, otherwise that's pretty much it. Also, if you lose a battle, return to the main menu and retry, the game won't spawn enemies anymore. Apart from that, nice job :)

Hey there, before I rate your game : How do you open the doors ? The only items I found were pices of armor and there was no key in any of my playthroughs...

Nice take on the theme, however the controls are a bit far fetched if you're used to the arrow keys. I like the fact that it is in 3D, so far most games of this jam are in 2D because of simplicity. Gald to see you took the risk of using 3D while also keeping things simple. Nice job :)

Very clever and fresh, perfectly in phase with the theme. I would love to play more levels like these. I also love the trolls with the math operations (although the one with the 8-1 was really tricky because I could only find the exit by luck) and that ending was fabulous.  You really should keep developing this game, you've discovered a pretty jewel :)

Interesting, albeit a bit hard to control and aim accurately at first. I see the connection with the theme, but I think you should have used it more as a mechanic for the player to exploit, rather than a constraint that puts him at risk of being hit by an enemy. The polygons seems to have different types of movements, which is cool, but the random one makes them really hard to aim at precisely and it frustrated me a lot. Great job though, I'm impressed :)

At first I didn't remember why you were talking about arrow controls, and then I remember that I forgot to remove the script that allowed arrow control. You weren't supposed to use the arrows, it was a  script to test collisions with the other ballerinas x)

Yes, or just picking them up, putting them in another inventory, and placing them anywhere on the map, whatever was the easier for you to do :)

It's a bit weird. What am I supposed to do ? Where am I supposed to go ? How am I supposed to win ? Nothing is explained to me, so I just wandered aimlessly until the sun sets and the gave over screen appears. Also, I don't really see the connection with the theme, only that you're the only chicken in sight and basically everyone else wants you dead. Maybe a tutorial or some in-game explanations would have been enough.

Ah, I see you have some taste in lewdness as well ;)

Simple yet challenging,  but I could see there were not many risks taken when you thought about the different ides of gameplay. While this one has a lot of potential, it is also very classic, with not much variations of mechanics between the levels. I understand why you chose to play it safe, but I think some more features would have increased its potential by a lot. Nice job nonetheless :)

Sounds like fun, I wish the map was generated randomly, but for a jam in 2 days, maybe that's a bit too much to ask ^^ With that said, I'm a bit dissapointed you didn't do much with the theme, other than "pressing one button and let it go", it misses a lot in gameplay and fun in my opinion. It could make a great flash game, but only with more polish and game mechancs to make the thing more exciting. Nice job nonetheless :)

Same thing as MakerEye pointed, the art is great and I really like the parody of Windows' desktop, but some windows don't want to close while other (liek the usb one) make the game crash if I attemp to delete a file in it (even if there's nothing on the key). Also, I'm unsure of what to do to progress the story ; apparently there was a murder, but nothing indicates me what to do, what window to open, etc. Maybe you should take time to introduce a tutorial or something to help us navigate throughout your game. Overall, I think you have been a bit too ambitious with your game, which ended up being something totally separated from the theme.

The buttons of the main menu do not work.

Really nice game, I like the idea of multiple colored monsters giving different power ups.  I could only get decent at this while having only one last heart (yeah, I suck ^^) I wish you keep updating this game with more enemies and power-ups, it could quickly become somthing incredible :)

Hey there, to play my game you need to click on the ballerina and drag and drop her to give her momentum, then you release her to make her knock out the other ballerinas. Thanks for playing!

Pretty cool game, nice application of the theme. I've read in your game's description about the lack of time you had to polish the game, so I won't complain about the length (although I really would have liked to see more). I really like the piwel art, reminds of the old Atari games, and artstyle that I personally adore. I thought at first that the level design was a bit lackluster, until I ended up having my first loss because I was too reckless. The difficulty is neither too high nor too low, something that I definitely appreciate in puzzle games (I completely suck at these ^^)

You really should take more time to add more content and upload it somewhere, so that more people can enjoy it too. I really like it, and I would like to see its full potential. NIce job! :)

Great idea of using blocks of command to move the robot, however I can't figure out how to go past the 3rd puzzle. Also, the controls are really unclar ; I had to go to the comments section to find out how to finally make the robot move. Like the graphics too, really cute and cartoony. Nice job overall, but make sure to make your instructions as clear as possible for the players.

Simple, a bit too much maybe. There's not much going on, except going through the level as fast as possible. The controls are fine, but the jetpack doesn't activate sometimes when I walk. Also, if you rush trough the level (which you have to do if you want to stay alive) the bombs are useless. I don't really get the link with the theme, except with the life bar. it would have been more interesting to use it as another mechanic rather than a constraint, if you see what I mean. But apart from that, nice job :)

I really like the idea, building your house with materials you find around you and mixing them in a certain order to create new furnitures. Nice and relaxing concept. However, I find a few things a bit unpractical :

- You cannot pickup materials by walking on them.

- Have to put the ingredients in a certain order, otherwise it doesn't work.

- You're forced to pick up the things you've created when you click on them. You can't move them, and it would have given  the feeling of the player converting the wild landspace into a real house.

Also, I don't really see the connection with the theme, since there isn't any "only one" thing in this game. You can collect multiple resources and craft the same object multiple times. I don't really see the point. But  apart from that, it's pleasing not to see a shooter once in a while. Nice job :)

At first, I thought I wouldn't enjoy it, given how stupidly simple it was. And then I saw that you could split the cubes and still drive them in a corner, and I was instantly addicted. Very original way to play around the theme, by showing there is not "only one" way to think about a problem, and that the best way to win is to think outside the box. Very clever level design, even though I don't have the mind tailored to create and solve puzzles usually. Nice job ! :)

Very clever, and very original. You took the theme to another level while keeping the gameplay simple. I like that feeling of progression from the level design, especially the 3rd level when I learned that you don't need to use ALL action in a level to reach the end. I wish you made more levels, I could have played this all day. I fact, you should do that and upload in to Newgrounds, I would be your first fan. So far, you're the only one I gave 5 stars everywhere. Nice job ! :)

Original idea and nice aesthetic, however I think the game might have gained in complexity if your character didn't keep his light after you finished scouting the environmnent. In fact, I could easily find my way around the level without getting hit, even if the level is crzay big like the 3rd level. Also, if you have an AZERTY keyboard like, combination of the Arrows and WASD isn't very practical, but given the fact that we had 2 days to finish our games, I can't really blame you for changing the controls. nice job :)

Very fun and chellenging game, although a bt unfair with the dude that keeps jumping in the air, it was so hard to kill him :) The next ones in comparison were incredibly easy. WIth that said, I don't really see the connexion with the theme, although maybe this has to do with the fact that he had multiple final forms, but I wish it was more impactful in way you play the game, rather than who you play against. But I'm nitpicking, this was really fun to play through, nice job :)

I don't really get it. I looks like it has some potential, but I don't really get what you're trying to tell me with this game. It doesn't especailly tie with the theme (or the name of the game), and the gameplay is pretty confusing : After I lose once by failing erasing the lines, what I'm supposed to do, try again and repeat ? It's very short and doesn't have much going on, so I would really like to know your intentions behind it.

Really pretty, and good game design. I completely suck when it comes to rythm games though, so I had a crappy score. I don't really get the link between the gameplay and the theme though, that could have been another point you could have used to enhance the experience. Also, the UI seems to be offscreen on the Main Menu.

Apart from that, I'm really impressed, it's pretty and original, and really fresh. Nice job :)

Simple, original and fun. You respected the idea very well while keeping things simple and easy to understand. I even want more levels, that should say something ^^

Only one or two problems though : First, there are no indications about which key executes which action. I had to spend a minute trying to figure out how to activate the sword and the shield. I really like the level design, especially the one where you had to jump, slash the robot, and then jump again to reach the exit. But that one also asked having good reflexes, so be careful with that.

With that said, I'm really impressed. You should keep developing this game and upload it on Newgrounds, I'm sure you would gain high score really quickly. Nice job ;)

While I think the game is pretty nervous and fun in itself, I don't really see the connection with the theme, whether in the gameplay or the game design. Also, after you die for the first time, both th eplayer and the zombies become invulnerable to anything, and I can't do anything except waiting for the countdown to end. Maybe with some polish and a revision of the design to better suit the theme, this could be a really addictive game.

Nice game, I really like the idea of avoiding the asteroids instead of downright shooting them, and the items gives more incentive to put the ship at risk (although I still don't know what they do exactly, since my score increased automatically. Is it fuel ?)

With that said, I think you didn't play much around the theme, "Only one". You respected it, but I think it would have been more interesting if you used it as a tool to enhance the gameplay instead of a simple constraint. I can't really explain well what I mean, but in short, using it as a means to incite the player to achieve a specific objective, or something like that. But overall, it was pretty fun and i love the aesthetic, so it's a plus in my book :)

Hey there, thanks for your feedback ! Yes, I didn't really think about it, at the time I programmed this part I was more focused to testing the mechanics and the different levels to see if everything worked. But eh, lack of time, as always :)

Hey there, sorry if the Mac or Linuw versions don't work, I don't have anything to test them. If you have a Newgrounds account, you can play them on the link I provided in the description of the game.