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HighRoller is a short atmospheric tilt maze puzzle game with tight controls and a simple art style. Give it a try!
Submitted by RailgunZx (@RailgunZx) — 3 minutes, 22 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#1113.5453.545

Ranked from 123 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Fantastic game! The levels are very well designed and the graphics are nice.


good music ,really nice game I enjoyed it 

Nice game😁 Awesome. 

Please give my game a look


The game is too hard for me (specially the "temporal" holes)

That being said, everything is really well made. Graphics are neat, music is relaxing and the controls (with some tweaking in the options, wich is a nice adition in a game jam) are fine.  So good job!


Really enjoyable game! It's a simple concept, but you executed it very well. I enjoyed the music in the background, it just created such a nice mood.


Amazing game, very relaxing and challenging,  with incredible replay value! enjoyed it!


Very well done game! The music and the art go very well together such a good and calm game to play!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Great game with peaceful, surreal experience, but quite frustrating.

I like the pinball mechanics, where you have to carefully navigate obstacles. The graphics is quite simple but elegant, with nice looking particle/special effects.

However, this game is too hard, especially when the hole with the force field appears. The flickering of the force fields are way too fast. In a game where careful and patient manipulation is both the theme and the gameplay expectation, demanding players to panic roll and die over and over in stage 3 is not a good experience.

But all in all, great work on the game, is very presentable and good looking, but personally, this game is too hard for me :(

Edit: Oh and what are the crystals for anyway???


Thanks for playing! Yeah the number one feedback I've gotten is that the game is too hard. In my current version I've already scaled back the difficulty a bit lol. The gems will give extra lives once you collect enough, and the different colored ones are worth different amounts. Overall they are just supposed to be fun collectables but they do have that purpose.


I love the game, the glittering jewels and beautiful player makes it just so much more polished, over all really cool Game :D


Really hard and really entertaining, just like the real thing. The graphics and music are great and you nailed the theme, great work!


loved it it was so hard


The atmosphere of the game is really good, I like the music and visuals.

The gameplay is nice but I feel like the fun lies mostly in speed and collisions. It often feels like you have to roll as slowly as the game allows you to, which is challenging but not always satisfying. 

I got stuck on level 3 I believe? Where you have to roll between two holes, I felt like the level was impossible to achieve.

The pickups are rather satisfying, good job, the game deserves the attention it is getting :)


Wow, stunning game. I remember i had a game like this on my phone a long time ago. Amazing! One of my favourite games so far. The level difficulty is a bit too hig but still nice.


your game is kinda awesome , cool , keep up the good work and can you rate us please. :)))


No. Try actually playing my game first instead of spamming the same comment on every game then I might consider yours


The graphic is so beautiful! The music is relaxing. The idea is simple and unique. The gems looks  gorgeous and I like the feeling of touching them and collecting them because the sound and the particles fit them very well.

I think the camera in some degree makes the game more difficult because I can't judge the direction of gravity clearly. 

Overall it's a nice game!


Damn.... just damn. This is an amazing game! I made something similar, but damn you blew mine out of the water. Absolutely amazing. Love the visuals, the music and the game design! An amazing game

if you haven't yet, please check out my game


Definitely gonna play yours!


The shine on the gems is gorgeous! I found the third level difficult but the music is soothing


A really fun game and an addicting one. The music is so relaxing the mechanic is simple but  is extremely fun. The style looks great, Nice job!!! :D


Really cool game, I love games like Super Monkey Ball where you have to navigate through tricky terrains with a ball. The game is really pretty, but since I'm kind of a sucker for this kind of games I couldn't go very far. I made a similar game if you're interested, but with a hoverboard instead (because why not :p )

Nice job :


your game is kinda awesome , cool ,or amazing, keep up the good work and can you  rate us please. :)))


I feel like you didn't even bother playing it... You really shouldn't copy and paste the same comment on every page. Get real

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