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The game is pretty fun and challenging. The sfx were great and funny xD. The only issue I had was controlling the mouse, don't know why but it felt a little heavy to control. Overall loved the game! :D

Loved the game! the story is simple but good. The only hard time I had in the game was in the second level, oh boy so many platforms xD. Another thing was that sometimes the character was sliding from the platform edges and yeah I died so many times. The game is really fun, awesome job! :D

The graphics are so cute, love the foxy :D. The sfx are really good I like them. Now the only issues that  I had was that the camera didn't follow so well the character in  the  Y axis,  The game is pretty intense xD maybe putting a checkpoint in the game instead of forcing you to go to the menu, cuz I died a lot of times xD.  Overall awesome job, man! :D

Thanks for the feedback :D. Yeah I was thinking about putting a skip button but didn’t have the time to put it. Yeah there’s something wrong with the movement sometimes, some people didn’t happen to them some they did, I will check if it is the collision of the character or the collision of the tile map.  I’m glad you enjoy the game! and sure I will check out your game :D

Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you enjoy :D sure I will check out your game :)

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Yeah its like an open story in the end you imagine what happened with this character, the point of the character is to be free from this game, but the player isn’t supposed to know what is up to until the final level. In the final level there were character just like you that tried or attempt to escape but they just give up and they are watching you try but not telling anything. In the end your not free, you are stuck there, forever and basically the game forced the quit. It’s like a loop you will be playing and playing but never be free. Thanks for the feedback I will put more love in to this project, make more levels and more challenges. Again thanks for the feedback :D

Love the game dude, like I was very sad killing the slimes xD, The art is beautiful, such vibrant colors . The music was so chill and relaxing it was great. The endings tho I loved them brutal but loved them xD. It's a beautiful game! :D

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Here’s mine, hope you enjoy :D

Loved the feature where you can name your sheeps xD, very amazing work for a short amount of time, the game looks very polish. The only down side of the game is that it didn't have sound, but overall the game is pretty dope, great work! :D

Love the art style of the game! Also the mechanics were really cool, love my reaction when I figure out that the character run very fast xD. Really amazing!

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This is my game, hope you enjoy :D

This is my game, hope you enjoy :D

Love the game, at first I was a little bit confuse in where I have to go, Also the jump feels a little bit unresponsive, but overall this game is great! Really loved the distortion of the music by changing the level. Also in the end when the game indicates you to drop and then the change of words happen, my jaw just drops.  The game itself looks very polish, love the fun and happy world that at first give to you and later it transitions in to this weird, creepy environment love it! :D

Thanks xD, even tho the characters in the final level are others that wanted it to escape but they just give up and they are watching you attempt to do the same. 

Thanks :D, yeah there was something weird with the controls. Didn’t know if it was the controls itself or something wrong with the collision of the tile map or the character, something that I will find out eventually xD. I’m glad you enjoy, thanks for the feedback! :D

Thanks :D, yeah there were a lot of issues with the text box ,  it didn’t go as I planned but the times wasn’t in my favor so I leave it like that. The keyboard inputs are fake the game lies to you about how to move your character. The only truth the game tells you is the Tab that quits the game. Thanks for the feedback I will definetly put more love in to this project :D 

I will watch the video, didn’t beat the game sadly xD


here's mine, hope you enjoy! :D

At first I was like oh ok, this game is nice. Until the bad guy said "you cant defeat me" and saw a lot of bullets my jaw drops xD. Love a lot the mechanics <3 don't know if the game have audio but at least for me I couldn't hear any sounds or music. Overall love it. Simple but fun!

Dude, love the art style, the narrative of the game was great,  I got sad when the game who created the world died  xD. Another thing that glitch effect is great!

Love the concept of the game, I like how you portrait the games mind vs the consciousness. Now the camera is a little weird, the character feels floaty when I jump and there's a part when I jump to get to the other side I fell and I thought that I was gonna die and respawn again but the character didn't die. Overall keep it up, this is your first game jam and is awesome that you submit it in time. Never give up :D

The game looks great, have interesting mechanics, and loved the music is really relaxing. But I feel that the games doesnt have a connection to the theme.

I die with the potion explosion xD. Love it

This game is pretty fun and challenging too. The only but for me is that it gets challenging quickly. But nice game keep it up :D

Here’s mine

Enjoy :D

Thanks a lot :D

Thanks :D, the end of the game is basically that you will never be free. In the end this is why the other characters are there, they want it the same but they give up. There are some stuff that I wanted to do but the time was not in my favor. I’m gonna defenatly give more love in to this project. Thanks for the feedback :)

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Rate mine as well please xD

Hope you guys enjoy! :)