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I kinda like this game, simple but still awesome.Keep up the good work.

Extremely nice graphics and lovely models.  It requires a few minutes until you have figures out the player controls but then it makes a lot of fun. Respectable game, good job.

This game is a must play, i can only recommend to everyone! Artwork and audio is more than fantastic. A game on a very high level. It was a pleasure to test this game, keep it up and we hope to see you soon in the next gamejam.

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The game idea is unique and the art work is awesome. After a few minutes i was pretty fast with the key combinations but i think i need more training. Thank you for participating.

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The player control and the graphics are very nice. Seems like a promising game to me. A few little bugs, such as player doesn´t respond to mouse click but i am sure you can fix that too. Thank you for participating.

It would be so nice if you uploaded a webplayer version or a normal desktop versio. Thanks for participating.

I guess you forgot to upload the game.We hope to see you soon in the next gamejam.

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Unfortunately a few files are missing for the game to run. Thanks for participating.

I really like the game concept, fits totally to the gamejam theme.  Looks easy but i know how hard it is to make the trail follow players path. You have ma de a good job. Keep it up.

Pretty nice game idea. It takes a few minutes to learn the player control but overall very nice and funny game. Thanks for participating.

Unfortunately only a Unity file. I wish you uploaded a webplayer or build version. Thank you for participating.

Kinda scary to walk on those thin paths. Awesome and spooky atmospheric game with awesome audio. Well done.

Small little maze game with lovely art work. The back ground music in the beginning reminds me of the snes zelda some how. Very nicely done. Also i am not sure if it was intended but i can move through the walls of the maze.  Keep it up and we hope to see you soon in the next gamejam.

Looks very simple, but turns out that it makes alot of fun. I noticed fast, how awesome this game is. Took me a few minutes to find out what the goal of the game is but then it was double fun. Good job.

Outstanding game with perfect player movement and really nice game concept. Pretty much everything in this game is on a very high level. The audio has to be mentioned too. Overall you can see the effort that has been put into this game. Great job mate, thank you for participating.

I like the introduction and the audio in this game. A good job has been done here. Looks like a lot of work. I had to laugh when i saw McDagobert and KFP while running around. Well done.

Lovely maze style game with  limited vision, which makes the game even more interesting. The maze and paths seem to be just perfect, not too short and not too long. You have made a good job, thank you for participating and we hope to see you again in the next gamejame.

Smooth and decent controls. The environment and vegetation along with the low polly graphics are awesome. Overall a game that is worth a try. Keep up the good work.

A true masterpiece. This game is definitely one of the underrated games in the gamejam. Pretty spooky and very dark atmosphere. The heartbeat and the lighting waves make the game even more interesting. I can only recommend this game.

I am sure you would receive more feedback if you uploaded a webplayer or build version for your game, without the need for installation.Thank you for participating.

Outstanding game on a very high level.Pretty much everything seems to be amazing. A few little bugs that need to be fixed, such as running up walls and stuff like that but still an awesome looking game. Looks very promising if you improve it some more.

Webplayer or desktop build needed. Alot of people , me included want to avoid installation.Thanks for participating.

The game idea,  artwork and audio are awesome. Wish you finished and polished it some more.Looks like a promising game to me.Keep up the good work.

Can you upload a webplayer version or a normal build for desktop. Thank you for participating.

Looks like an interesting game. I love the background music. Unfortunately i could not move, do i need a controller for this game? Thanks for participating.

The artwork is pretty nice in this game.However it is more luck than skill if you find the right partner i guess. A little polishing would be nice.Keep it up.

Pretty scary and atmospheric maze style game. I love the spooky theme. How do i interact with the photos, i pressed E and stuff but nothing happened. Keep up the good work and thanks for participating.

Please provide a webplayer version or a build. Installation is not a good idea.Anyways, thanks for participating.

Lovely maze game with obstacles and things you have to avoid. You have even implemented player health, which is pretty unique in a maze game.Great job.

Unfortunately no webplayer or normal build version available. Would like to see your game without any installation.

I like this game. Very nice player control and the particle system looks awesome. The interval , the enemies appear could be slightly faster so we have more action, but beside that nice game.

Unique game idea and nice game idea. Not one of the average games in this gamejam.Thanks for participating.

The game is pretty nice and makes a lot of fun, but requires more action i guess. For example trying to avoid those annoying enemies  and at the same time avoid obstacles and collect power ups would be nice, i guess. Keep up the good work.

Awesome game, makes a lot of fun. The game contains a deep message, love can be a nice thing but also a bad thing. Great concept. I could not pass the part where i had to put the cube onto the button, i really wanted to continue playing this awesome game.Props.

I am stunned and speechless. This game is definitely underrated. Absolutely amazing and professional work. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for participating.

Looks like a very interesting game. I really was excited but unfortunately it seems like the arrows to control your player are not working properly. I can highlight them with mouse but they simply did have no function. Still a nice looking game with nice graphics. Thanks for participating.

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I did not understand a word in your game but i understand the love and effort you have put into this game. Nice maze style game with good background music.Good job, hope to see you soon in the next gamejam.

Lovely game with pretty nice artwork. Movement is smooth and works as intended.Well done.

Please provide a webplayer version or a normal desktop build. I would really like to play this one.Thanks.