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Good looking.

I enjoyed it alot. Very nice and funny game concept. Wish the animaiton was a little bit better and slower. Keep up the good work!

Fast pasted game with nice and responsive player controllers. This is how a game shoudl look like. Respect.

Nice game design and audio. I wish there was some kind of tutorial or introduction.

I wish the Webl was playable too. It is scrolling the website instead when interacting. But it looks like an interesting game to me.

Looks like an interesting game tho.

Lovely game. The art work and audio on this one is very nice. I scored 80 , do you think it is ok.

Incredibly nice game. Very beautiful art work and pretty nice game music. I enjoeyed it. The Webgl version is a little bit buggy for some reason. It is scrolling the website when interacting.

A respectable game with solid art work, Wish the Jump was on Spacebar or W. With a little bit of polishing you can make the game even more amazing.

This game is pure fun! The jump sound scared me but it is funny. I want to eat some cookies now your game made me hungry. I can only recommend this game to everybody. Solid!

I was not able to jump. The game just restarts when pressing space. W does not do anything unfortunately. It looks like an interesting game though.

Absolutely great game concept. Very nice graphics and audio. Solid and respectable entry for the gamejam. Pretty sure it is one of my favourite games so far.

Awesome game, really. I loved the effect when the black hole swallows the player. Well done. Audio would make your game even more interesting.

Now this is a really funny game. I was wondering why i was out of bullets than foudn some. Wish the bullets were  better visible or have a different color. Also audio woudl be nic ecspecially when shooting. Still a good game.

Spooky nice game. I liked the envoirement alot. Wish there was some kind  of tutorial level.

I was not able to move or interact.  It looked interesting tho.

I had a lot of fun playing and testing this game. I wish the ball could move a little bit faster and the holes were a little bit wider. Also some music  would make your game even more amazing. Well done.

Wow, stunning game. I remember i had a game like this on my phone a long time ago. Amazing! One of my favourite games so far. The level difficulty is a bit too hig but still nice.

I like the game idea. The game is a little bit too difficult. Also i died for no reaosn, could not figure it out. Keep it up.

Lovely game. I enjoyed it.

Incredibly nice game. I love this alot! Respect.

Spooky , atmospheric game there. Wish the mouse sensitivity was a little bit lower. By the way the audio is decent.

Nice clicker game. I loved the audio very much, keep it up.

Amazing game idea. Very cosy and nice atmosphere. I enjoyedd it. Wish you implemented audio too but this should not be a big problem.

Funny game i liked it, but i was just not able to pass the level 3. Am i missing something there.

Wow, amazing game! There is not much to say here, one of the best games i have seen on this gj so far! Keep up the good work. Very solid entry.

Nice game, i wish the cooldown for shooting was shorter but still a nice game. Needs a little bit of polishing but i am sure you can handle that.

Wow the art work on this game is absolutely amazing. By far one of the best 2D graphics i have seen in any gamejam. Audio fits too. The shadow effect gives the game a very nice touch and makes it cosy. Respect, keep up the good work.

Well done, i was struggeling how it works but then the tutorial explained it. Now we know where the holes in the cheese come from.

Awesome game with awesome art work and audio. Is there a bug on level 3 or did you accidently miss something? The player speed was very high. Keep up the good work.

Very nice  art work, ecspecially the characters look very professional to me.  The whole game concept is a strike. Maybe you could add more abilities to the characters. Well done.

Click click click. I think i need a new mouse. Good job.

So funny! Very nice game concept , i like it alot. I wish the controll was more responsive so you can control the "player" a little bit faster. I had to laguh when i saw " i wish i was a rapper". Well done.

Very funny game with nice art and amazing audio, i like the game music alot. Strong  entry for the gamejam.

Awesome game!

Absoloutely stunning puzzle style game. I enjoed it alot. Hats off.

Very well designed game with some nice puzzles to be solved. Fits to the game jam theme totally.

Lovely game. The art work is very cute.Keep it up.