This jam is now over. It ran from 2020-02-16 08:00:00 to 2020-02-23 08:00:00. View results


Thank you everyone for joining the jam, it was really fun! Hopefully you had fun as well and made some games you are proud of!

The overall winner is: Fluffy Flight by Fripop and lolfrad 

 Game Design - Cutout by TsarN
 Fun - Hole Punch! by JUSTCAMH and ClockMaker
 Innovation - Hole Punch! by JUSTCAMH and ClockMaker
 Theme - Fluffy Flight by Fripop and lolfrad
 Graphics - OBLITERATOR by Suinotna, Apfe and EsbenNyboe
 Audio - Hole And Box by Mario8664


The theme is: Holes

Good luck to everyone and happy jamming!


Welcome to the THIRD official Brackeys Game Jam!

For those that still don't know what this is: it's a week long game jam, the event is about making a game in a limited amount of time around a specific theme, and the games are rated by other participants and at the end a couple of winners are announced. The jam is a great way to have some quick fun making games, get new experiences, and have a finished game in the end!

The theme is going to be announced on this page and on our Discord server when the jam starts. You can also share your progress on the Discord server in the #brackeys_gamejam_2020-1 channel and chat with other participants. We also set up a twitter hashtag #BrackeysGameJam where you can share progress.

One small thing different from our past jams is that this time you'll be able to use whatever assets you want (as long as you have a proper license to use it).


First, clear out your schedule, you're gonna need as much time as you can get, making a game in a week is not that easy.

Jam solo, or find a team. We set up a simple page for anyone who can't find a team: There is no limit on the team size but preferably keep it up to 4 members, bigger teams can be hard to coordinate properly! If you are in a team make sure to add your teammates as contributors on your game so they can also rate games.

Now press the big Join jam button!

Now's the time for the most boring part of the jam unfortunately, and that is to wait in anticipation until it starts. Be sure to read the rules and ask any questions you have on our Community page or on our Discord server.

Like in past jams we hosted, the theme of the jam will be announced at the start of the jam.

Now the most fun part, make a game! If you are at this step we wish you good luck! :D


All games will be rated by you and other participants, you will rate the games in these categories:

  • Game design
  • Fun
  • Innovation
  • Theme
  • Graphics
  • Audio

After the jam is over, there will be a 2 week period to rate games. A game needs at least 20 ratings to be considered for winning. So make sure to rate other's games as well, the more you rate the more chances you have to appear on the submissions page when filtered by "Most karma".


The best overall game, and the best games in each of the categories will be showcased at the top of this page, and will get a special role on our Discord server.

Brackeys will also play and showcase some of their favourites in a video.

And of course, you will have a finished game at the end of this! You can continue working on the game after the jam and make something even better and more finished!


  • No NSFW games - we want the games to be playable by everyone and be appropriate to show to others
  • All engines and frameworks are allowed - you can use Unity, Unreal, SFML, MonoGame, or something you made (as long as its available for others to use as well)
  • All assets  are allowed - as long as you have a license to use it, you can of course make everything yourself and/or use generators like sfxr