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The concept is nice but it gets out of hand pretty fast. I can see how the insane speed boost might fit the theme, but ultimately it makes the game kind of unfair because I can't possibly use my skill to avoid obstacles along the way. The only way to win is to play over and over again until I memorize where everything is and when I need to jump. Also, I'm wondering if the game really is supposed to speed up super fast in a short amount of time or if this is due to my framerate being high. You'll want to make sure things such as speed increase over time are calculated in FixedUpdate or multiplied by Time.deltaTime so that it's framerate dependent

you spam the same/similar message on every game

I always like it when people get the reference

Fantastic game. Very well polished and the art style is very nice as well. This is another title that I could see becoming a full release in the future!

This is a really nice game. The gameplay is solid, although a little bit slow, and the visuals are very nice. But most importantly, the narrative and atmosphere are very well done. I kind of wish the game had some sort of sounds to enhance the atmosphere but overall it was very good and I enjoyed playing!

Thanks for playing! I'll definitely play yours as well

Thanks for playing!

Yeah that bug was added last second. It only happens on the first level so as long as you survive past it without dying the bug won't happen again. Thanks for playing!

I really like this one lol. Very simple and very creative. The bear and his puns are also great!

Game looks good and is fun to play. Although I wish there was a little more to it, the game is kind of simple. But overall it was fun! Please give my game a try too :)

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The concept is really cool and I love the aesthetic. The drone gameplay kind of reminds me of R6 Siege lol. Too bad you didn't have time to finish it, I think this could make for a really interesting horror game. Imagine controlling your bot and you see something bad about to happen to your person from the bot's perspective

I really love this game! The mechanic is very simple and very creative and it's also very fun to launch yourself while also causing the level's orientation to go crazy. My only complaint is that the spike hitboxes are too big. It felt unfair a few times when I died to them. But otherwise, really fun! Please give my game a try too :)

I appreciate the work you put into this and the concept is really nice but I think it has a long way to go before it becomes something special. I imagine you're a new Unity developer and if that's the case then I want to praise you for making a complete game and uploading it to the jam! That's what these jams are for and they are great for learning and improving skills. I'm glad I played the game and I hope you'll give my game a try too! Here's a few things I think could help you:

The character often gets stuck on walls and sometimes even the floor which makes movement janky and difficult. The way to fix this is to create something called a physics material which has a property for friction. You'll want to set it to 0  then apply the physics material to the character to eliminate this issue.

It's typically good practice in games to make enemy and spike hitboxes a little smaller than the actual size of the object. This makes the game feel more fair which results in a better experience.

The execution is really well done and overall this game is very fun to play. My only complaint is that the controls and movement didn't feel as good as I had wished. I think some of the hitboxes around the level ground are a bit misleading as well. But otherwise, it was really fun! Give my game a try too :)

The concept of this is really nice and the gameplay is also fun, however there were many times when I got bored because the game is really slow. I have to wait until the laser makes a full rotation before I can see if I'm standing on the right space and I have virtually no time to analyze what's going on while the laser is on me so I can figure out where to move next. The gameplay basically consists of me looking at every possible space the laser will cover and just trying each one individually. I like the idea of a rhythm based laser maze game but I feel like the core gameplay needs to be adjusted a bit. But regardless, it was really cool to try out and I think it has good potential! Give my game a try too :)

This was fun to play although I think the movement and the controls for shooting could use some work. But overall it was pretty good! Please give my game a try too :)

This really reminds me of an indie game that I love called Electric Highways. Both the art style and especially the music give me that feel. Did you take inspiration from that game? Anyways, I loved the aesthetic of this game because of that. The gameplay, however, left much to be desired. The concept is pretty good although the enemies were really annoying sounding and the I have no idea what's going on with the controls but they really don't feel great. But it was fun to try and if you can fix up the controls and polish the game a bit, it could turn into something really neat. I'm glad I played it! Please give my game a try too :)

The idea of this game is really nice and the levels were fun to play too. Personally I wasn't a fan of the wind teleportation mechanic because it was very confusing and resulted in me getting lost a lot. But otherwise, it was fun! Please give my game a try too! :)

I appreciate the idea but the camera and janky movement kind of make this hard to play. I don't know if this was intentional or not but I couldn't move backwards at all which resulted in me getting softlocked at the edge of the screen when I needed to climb up some platforms.

Pretty fun game. It can be a little bit annoying when you don't know if you need to reset the puzzle or not, but I don't really know how you could prevent this aspect of the game from happening. But overall, it was fun to play! Give my game a try too :)

This is really fun and it's very satisfying to get multiple enemies in a single throw. It's also very rewarding to find yourself in a sticky situation but your gun decides to snipe an enemy and give you a way out. My only complaint is the size of the enemy hitboxes. I think they could be reduced a bit to make it more fun. But overall pretty fantastic! Please give my game a try too! :)

I'm planning on polishing it up a bit and releasing a post jam version. Thanks for playing!

This game is amazing! The concept is really fun and it's extremely well polished. Just wondering, how did you structure the mechanics of the game? Does the ship actually fly super fast or does the world around you move instead? I'm wondering because I feel like floating point accuracy would start to be an issue at the speed the game plays so I was curious as to how you managed it. Anyway, fantastic game. Hope you'll give mine a try too! :)

Thanks, you might have encountered the bug where if you die on the first level, the music duplicates itself. I wish I could have patched that before uploading lol

nice concept and use of the theme, although it's a bit straight forward. All I need to do is keep pressing the sober button and the speed button. After that, not much really matters. But regardless, nice entry! Please give my game a try too :)

Very nice game with a fantastic art style. It was a little bit hard to control and felt a but annoying when all the bullets would conveniently miss the enemy and then all come right back to hit but but otherwise this was a great game to play! Give my game a try too :)

Thanks for playing!

Pretty solid puzzle game.

What a fantastic game! The mechanics are simple and fun, the weapons are fun to use, and the visuals are absolutely amazing! I love how well polished the game is. This is probably my favorite entry so far just due to how well designed it is. My only complaint is that sometimes enemies will spawn either right on top of you or right next to you which is kind of unfair. My highest score so far is 6150 :) Give my game a try too!

I really tried but I could not figure out how to work it. Sometimes the boat wouldn't row even when I inputted the buttons in the correct order without accidentally messing it up by going fast. I feel like it's just inconsistent. Could be due to keyboard ghosting but I'm not entirely sure that this was the reason. But even if it was, it just kind of makes the game unplayable

This is really well made all around. I especially love the music. I was a little confused as to how the monsters attack and how their attacks interact with the skull items in the slot machine but overall it was very fun to play! please give my game  try too :)

I like the idea but many of the "curses" just sort of ruined the fun for me. When the screen was spinning around and my movement was backwards I basically had to wonder around aimlessly for a long time until I finally managed to even find the pieces I needed. Maybe it's just me but I didn't really like that aspect of the game. But otherwise, it was alright and I really love the art. The combination of the amount of bloom you used and the cel shading worked together wonderfully and really reminded me of Wind Waker. 10/10 art. Give my game a try too please :)

This was fun to play. It was a little repetitive at times and I didn't like how you could get stunned infinitely by a row of enemies. But otherwise, it was really good! Please give my game a try too :)

Overall this was a nice game and was fun to play. My only main complaint is that the hitboxes are kind of big for some of the enemies, but otherwise it was great! Give my game a try too! :)

The concept is pretty good although it still feels very much like a generic platformer and the controls really could use some polishing. But regardless of that, it's neat! Please give my game a try too :)

I think this is a super creative idea and I would love to see a fully developed version of this game, but I had a big problem with the slippery movement and also the fact that speeding up is instant instead of also being slippery. These things together make it impossible to have precise movement which is kind of required for this type of game and ultimately kind of ruined the experience. I can understand if it was done for the purpose of fitting the theme but I just don't think it worked out. Otherwise, the presentation is really nice and I love the way the blocks slam into the ground when they get placed, so good job on that! Give my game a try too :)

It's a nice game although a bit unpolished. The music also got old really fast. But overall, it's nice! Give my game a try too :)

This game is amazing! It's very creative and that shines even brighter for a tower defense game which are usually pretty copy and paste. It's very satisfying to collect a giant amount of bolts while risking getting shot by your own towers just to do so. My only real complaint is that it was a bit annoying trying to figure out where you can and can't place things. Maybe a grid system would be nice. The music was also a little annoying. But otherwise, this was a fantastic to play! Give mine a try too :)

I appreciate what you were going for, but I think it was just too irritating to control. The movement is tight but a little too fast as well. Also next time don't put 3 minutes of unskippable text before the game lol. I think the level design was pretty good though!

This is really creative and I had a lot of fun tilting a platform upwards at a steep angle and then launching way into the air. Sometimes it glitches out a bit and if I restart, my character will suddenly fly off one of the sides even though I'm not pressing any buttons, but otherwise really fun to play! Give my game a try too :)