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Definitely a fun little platformer and it's satisfying to click on multiple boxes one after another and teleport around. My only complaint is way too much tutorial dialogue. It was really jarring most of the time. But otherwise, good job!

I definitely like the concept and it could make for a fun minigame. Would have been cool to see it come to life, but good job on what you were able to make at least!

It feels a bit unpolished but honestly I think the idea of 3 little wizards on a leaf is really funny. Great job with the creativity there lol

I currently don't have plans to sell it but this is something that I may work on in the future, sorry about that!

yeah I forgot to check the "loop" box on the music audio source lol. Thanks for playing!

Very interesting game with a really nice aesthetic. I did feel like it was a bit too hard to win. Most of the time I felt like I had to just randomly try things until I got lucky enough to get the rolls I needed. But otherwise very nice!

I didn't expect to see a fire emblem style game here. I really like the aesthetic of this game a lot and it was fun to play. I do think it has some shortcomings though. It was definitely a bit confusing to tell what's going on at times. I wasn't really sure why I couldn't attack with some characters despite having a red attack range for them. And it was a bit difficult to see, even when I finally figured out that you could switch to an above view. I wish there was a way to roam around freely without having to spam click the tiles to look around. but these issues weren't too big of a deal. It was a unique experience that fit the theme well and I really enjoyed playing. Great job!

I appreciate the creativity of this design but honestly it wasn't really fun to play due to not being allowed to attack most of the time and the enemies constantly healing while I'm trying to get lucky enough for an attack roll. Randomizing your moves can be an interesting gameplay mechanic, but only if there is some kind of meaningful choice the player can still make. Otherwise, it just feels like I'm not really playing and the game just plays itself. That being said, I can see that you put effort into the game so I gotta give you credit there.

Pretty fun game. I was a little confused about why I couldn't move in certain directions at times and ultimately I feel like the game is a little too easy. But otherwise, it was fun to play!

The gameplay is really cool. There's a lot of strategy with keeping yourself outside the range of the enemies and using the dice ground tiles to your advantage. My only complaint is that the visuals aren't really much to look at and it can be hard to see the enemies at times. But otherise, great job!

this game is fantastic in every way. I think it's the best quality game I've played so far. My only complaint is no view of your score after you lose. I got pretty far and I wish I could have seen what my final score was. But otherwise, fantastic job!

This game is extremely pleasant to play! very nice visuals and simply gameplay. Of course, the theme wasn't really used like others have mentioned but otherwise this is a great entry!

Glad you liked it!

the concept of this game is fun, although I think the levels kind of played themselves. I just ran up to the squares and got the correct facing on my first try each time. Otherwise, nice job!

concept is definitely interesting and I like the aesthetic you were able to pull off with the assets used. But unless I'm totally missing something on how to play, I feel like it's just unfair most of the time. Very often the dice would come down and a wall would instantly appear in front of one of the balls and there isn't really any time to react. Otherwise, good job!

creative idea and pretty fun to play. It does get a little old after a while but definitely worth the time. Great job!

The concept of this game is very simple, and I think the gameplay suffers a little from it since I was mostly just spam clicking until I won. But it was still fun to check out. The art style is really fantastic though, so great job on that!

this is a pretty unique idea and the presentation is solid. When I first started doing the tutorial I thought it was going to end up being too complicated but the concept is really easy to grasp and very enjoyable. Great job!

it was a little bit difficult to move the circle where I wanted to with the mouse, but it was still pretty fun to check out!

Definitely gives off very nice fall vibes. I kept trying to click on the tree to see if I could jump into the leaf pile from there lol

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Pretty solid entry. The music was really nice as well. I'm glad so many people are writing their own music for this jam lol. I also wrote the music for my entry as well

this is the best game I've played so far. The vibe is absolutely there and the game manages to keep itself fun with new mechanics long after I thought it would get boring. Also I really like the music. Did you write it yourself? Anyway, fantastic game

Downloading should work the same as any other game..? If you have an issue downloading then I have to imagine its on your end or messed up

This game is incredible. Thanks for creating it. I love these PSX style games and this one's atmosphere is absolutely amazing. I look forward to seeing whatever you make next

The idea is pretty interesting although unless I'm doing something wrong, I felt like there really isn't much you can do to prevent your totem from getting hit. You need money to build structures but you can't gain money other than just waiting for more meteors to fall. Once my structure is gone, I just have to sit there for a while hoping I won't get hit. Otherwise, pretty fun to play for a little bit

This was pretty fun. I feel like some areas could use more checkpoints and the spike hitbox could be a little smaller. But otherwise, it was fun

This is kinda cool. I feel like the player is a bit too slow and I wasn't entirely sure what I was supposed to be doing at first. But otherwise, great job!

This is a pretty cool game and the art is nice too. I think I had an issue where the game took too much of the screen so I could only see my side, but otherwise it was fun to play!

Pretty interesting game. It's fun to play for a little while although the audio was a little bit overloaded at times. Otherwise, nice job

Pretty good concept. I think the TNT needs to go where you click instead of right on front of you. The atmosphere of the game is pretty cool although it would be nice to have sound.

Like one of the other guys said, it's fun to play for a little while but gets  a bit repetitive after a while. But for a beginner game, it's pretty good!

I like the aesthetics of this game although it feels a bit underpolished. The headbob was a little much for me. Otherwise, it was pretty cool so nice job

Wow this game is amazing. I love TD games but I never imagined a version where you can select where the towers aim and I also never imagined one where the enemies ignore the rules of the game. It made for a very interesting experience. In addition to the gameplay, the sound design is really fantastic. Having the horn fanfare be in tune with the music is a really great touch. I've rated a lot of games and I think this is one of the best ones in the jam. Fantastic job!

This game is great. The gameplay is simple and fun and the atmosphere created by the sound and graphics is really nice. Great job!

Fantastic game. The atmosphere is so perfect and it was rewarding to solve the puzzles. Great entry all around

I saw the video you posted on reddit and this game looks pretty fun and polished. Unfortunately, I can't actually play it. I feel like multiplayer games aren't a great idea for game jams due to this reason. But I was really interested in trying it because your game features bouncing lasers as a main mechanic which is similar to mine. It definitely looks cool! I went ahead and gave it a good rating anyway based on that lol

This game is actually really nice and a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. The gameplay is unique (or at least I certainly haven't seen anything like it) and it's rewarding to play. The art is really good and there's a decent amount of polish on the gameplay. Great job!

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I had fun playing it. I feel like the art style is a little incoherent though and it seems like the music was made by placing random notes which isn't the best. But the gameplay was fun and each of the levels were interesting.

EDIT: Apparently I'm in the minority for thinking the art and soundtrack aren't strong points for the game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'll definitely check out your game and give some feedback. Here's my game: