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Thank you!

Thank you! Also thanks for this video!

Thank you!



The color spreading game mechanic is very unique. It fits the theme very much. Well done!


Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! 

One of the best game I have played in this game jam! It's so creative!

Cool combination! Everything is so perfect. It's the funniest combination I have ever seen with tetris in this game jam.

11:47, may be a very long time. The idea is unique. It's a funny combination of racing and turn-based battle.

Creative idea and nice art. 

Very interesting!

Graphic is comfortable. I think that it would be better to let player control the camera, because it's hard to aim using keyboard when the camera is not parallel with the platform.

The music is cool! Everything is perfect.

Funny puzzle game!

I love this combination! Very classic and funny.

Love the art. Need some hint on aiming.

all the elements are perfect! especially the hit feedback.

thank you for your advise! I will add music after the jam end.

thank you! also thanks for testing in mac(I build it using windows)

No prizes. Just participating the jam for fun and learning something.

Very interesting game! The idea is creative.

Beautiful graphic, nice music and creative concept! Adding checkpoints will be better!

The game is amazing! It cost me for about 2 hours to play. The looping music is relaxing and smooth. The concept is pretty good!

The most creative game I have seen! 

The graphic is so beautiful! The music is relaxing. The idea is simple and unique. The gems looks  gorgeous and I like the feeling of touching them and collecting them because the sound and the particles fit them very well.

I think the camera in some degree makes the game more difficult because I can't judge the direction of gravity clearly. 

Overall it's a nice game!

I have rated your game 3 days ago.

The game is funny. The design of gravity is pretty unique. And the green kangaroo is humorous.

Very unique concept! The graphic is beautiful, too! 

The control is a little bit awkward because I have to use my left hand to finish all the actions including walking, jumping, holding the box and fixing the ship. And I think you can add some power-ups such as "fast fix", "multiple fix" or  "running", it will be more fun.

Thank you!

I meet some bugs, no enemy shows up.

Very interesting game! The graphic is clean and beautiful. The audio is suitable. Well done!

Good job!

That's good!

Another black hole just showed up suddenly and absorbed my black hole. My first time play got about 5 suns. And after I figured out how to play, I got this high score. I think that you can make some visual effect on another black hole so that I can avoid it earlier.

So I won!

Very cool graphic and fun gameplay. I played for a while but couldn't find the 3rd robot in the first level. Did I miss something?