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I like the audio very much! The graphic is cool! And the theme is very clear! I like it!

You are right!

It makes the game easier.

Thank you for your feedback and the detailed comment! I will update the game according to your advice after the game jam! Thank you very much!

rated yesterday!

Very funny game. But the man will face right- down if I don't press any key.

Thank you! I spent 2 days to draw. 2 days for coding and 1 day for music. The last one day to make everything perfect. Glad you enjoy it!

Very funny game!


Very funny tiny game!

Very interesting idea!

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I thought the story may be very interesting so I prepared a large paper to take down the map. This is what I have drawn:

But what I got finally is this screenshot:

Is there any good ends?

The available commands I found:

go south

go north

go east

go west

enter XXX

open box

drink coffee

read note

It will be more interesting if you can add some hints and improve the story.

I have the same screenshot as yours.

Here is my game!  Thank you!

Thank you! I have rated your game yesterday. It's an interesting game! The graphic is pretty good!

It's an interesting game but the control is a little bit tricky. The enemies squeeze me out and I can't even jump. But the story is very funny.

BTW, do you use "AddForce()" to control the movement? I feel that the character moves faster and faster if there's no any block on the road.

Very interesting game. The graphic is pretty good. I like it. 

The music is great and the battle is interesting. And the graphic needs to be improved.

BTW, I stuck outside the screen

I will check out yours when I have time .

I will check out yours when I have time .

This is a challenging music game! Hope your enjoy it!

This is a challenging music game! Hope your enjoy it!

Very unique game! It's interesting although I watch your video to finish it finally.

The nose of Pinocchio! This is very innovative! Good design!

The music/SFX slider is to adjust the volume( maybe it's usless here but useful in the future). 

Thank you! I played it many times and now I can successfully ignore the key. But what makes me surprised is that one of my best friends said that he remap the keys using some other apps from arrow keys to DFJK and it's a lot easier!

Thank you! The background animation has 6 level, and it will level up every 10 combo. But it will level down if you got miss, wrong or bad even one note. So if you get 60 combo, you can see the full animation. You can watch my trailer to see the effect of level 3.

The music and graphic are great! I like the art style! Good job.

Thank you! Maybe you didn't leave any comment so I didn't rate yours.  Now I will go to see yours.

This is a challenging music game! Hope you enjoy it!

It's an interesting game. The story is amazing. But in the hardest part where I should avoid the purple stone, sometimes I pressed the space key but he doesn't jump.  I don' t know it's what you designed or bug. But it's a very nice game.

This is a very challenging music game! Hope you enjoy it!

I couldn't find the password. Nice graphic and audio!

So it's a horror game. You managed to lied to me with the cute graphic, which is just the theme. The ending is AMAZING! The jump scare really trick me.

Very funny little game! But the resolution is too high and I can't see the lives on your screenshots.

I found it is not necessary to defeat all the enemies.

The questions are interesting! The audio is suitable. Good job!

Look forward to your update!

The graphic looks not so comfortable but the game is  interesting.

I stuck near a platform which is too high to jump.

This is a very challenging music game! Hope you enjoy it!