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Dreaming in the Sheets, Horny on the Streets.
Submitted by Jannik Boysen (@jannik_boysen), Anastja (@AnastasieJnt), Luisa Höhne (@katitans_art), Sascha Reinhold (@dot_sr) — 9 minutes, 49 seconds before the deadline
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Were the art assets made during the 48 hours?

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A few of them

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Excellent game! Art style is great. Sound effects and music is awesome. Everything is just very polished. Great job :)


This is simply great! Great idea, beautiful art and well crafted dialogues!


This was a fun idea! It is open to a lot of cool ideas that involve dating/racing challenges to earn hearts faster.
Well done!


Cool idea, wasn't great at the racing  though.


I really love the art, but i think it would be better to set better goals, like in some races could it be more important your position, and others to have relations more importance.


This is a really cute concept ! The "dating-hitbox" is a bit tricky to hit, and I would have like to have a win condition, but I enjoyed the puns !


We did not want to have a win condition since you should be able to express yourself freely, set your own goals as you please :)

The hitbox will be improved in a few days, we are working on a post-jam update!


I see ! That's a good idea !


The 2D characters with the low-poly models fits perfectly!! I didnt get the dynamic of the game, but just controlling the car feels great! Nice job :)


I'm IN LOVE with your game and still in awe at how polished it is! That controls are satisfying, the visuals phenomenal, the dialogue quirky and the idea and its execution in general are incredibly creative.

My only gripe with it is how hard it is to read the conversations while trying to stay next to the drivers. 

But aside from that? A very, very unique experience and a well-made jam game!


Thank you so much for playing and liking our game so much! 💕


Creative idea and nice art. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+4)

I really love the art of this game,however I was expecting a little bit more of the gameplay because my first impression was 'wow'. The main flaw for me, It is that I have to struggle in order to read a dialogue while driving. Furthermore,maybe you guys can add something extra to make this game more attractive like for example if you can add multiplayer local or online it would be perfect or if you can add more use to hearth thing it would be more amazing. Good job to all the team,I am sure this have a lot of potential to success <3.


This was pretty neat! Car movement feels responsive and world feels full, however the best part of this was obviously the characters :) characters feel pretty unique but winning them over in the same way does make me care less about who they are and more about filling the meter asap and moving to the next car. Good job to the team!


I found the concept really funny!  The art direction is neat, especially the UI elements!

Moreover, the car handling is pretty nice.

However, the main flaw for me, it is when I'm near a car I would have like a sort of "magnet" in order to have more ease for reading. Indeed, currently it made me feel like the GTA games where I have to struggle in order to read a dialogue while driving.

Otherwise in overall very nice work!


Thank you so much for playing and your feedback! 💕


OMG, and I thought my game was the weirdest thing you could mix with cars, but I was wrong. Such a curious concept, beatiful art style and overall, a great execution!!! Congrats!


A lovely game ! I like the art and the concept is cool !

Good job to all the team !


Would love to see what you guys would come up with if this project was developed further.

It has a unique charm. Good job!


I loved this so much. I played it over and over until I had gotten all the characters to max hearts. This was great and the character lines gave me many giggles.


Commitment is an important part of a relationship, thank you for playing our game to the fullest! ✨


This was a great idea, I'm so glad someone did a dating sim because it is very cute and funny. The controls were awful though. Having the up key being forward regardless which way you are facing, and the camera to the side instead of following behind the car really screwed me up a number of times I found it very hard to work out which direction I should be pressing to turn. 

Very cool game, loads of nice polish to it. Well done


This was...... weird XD. I got the max number of hearts from two of the other racers XD. It's probably one of the more creative genre mixes of the jam. Damn good. I'll be honest when I say that it wasn't really clear some times if I was at the required distance from another driver or not. None the less, everything else is on point and the game is rather fun XD.


Interesting mix of genres and definitely a nice take on it! There is some room for improvements on the gameplay side as for now there is not much of a meaning to the" gaining love mechanic". Would love to see more work on this! Great 2D Art btw.!


Best looking game i've played so far, in this Jam. Absolutely brilliant character art, and the sunset visuals during the race look great aswell!

Loved the puns while flirting.


I would also like to note that this is one of the few games that works on an ultrawide aswell.


Thank you so much for playing! Glad you like it so much 💕

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