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Ups, my bad! It is visible now. Please let me know if it is enough as is :) thank you for playing!

That's a shame! What error are you getting?

Damn that was a blast, hilarious game that got me laughing from the first interaction with the world. Art, dialogue and story were all incredible!

Thank you! :D

Thank you!

Thank you! And thank you for playing :D

Thank you! :D

Thank you for playing! Ahah yes, they are very simple minded :) since I started late I went for simple (and fast to implement) behaviors just to mess with the player and slow him down

Hey, thank you for this pack! Did a game jam with it and got some nice comments regarding the characters' look :D you can check it out here

Thank you for the kind words! I really liked the speed/health/attack mechanic too, it really tied the game together.

The credit of the opponents' humour/character is 100% merit of the asset pack! The creator has a lot of good packs so definitely check them out

Fun little game! Music is funky and background looks amazing :)
Makes me really confused when cars crash into obstacles or other cars. That being said, I could look past that detail if they also showed the "crashed" animation! ahah

It is now playable! Thanks :)

Ups, I guess I left a duplicated review ahah

Great entry! Visuals and menus are very well done, and the speed mechanic is fun :)

That intro looks amazing, same as all visuals :)
My screen started glitching just as I was playing and for a few seconds I was sure it was coming from the game itself (and was even more impressed!)

Looking at the comments regarding the HTML bugs, have you tried hosting on It works with the Windows .pck file (avoid HTML exporter) and you can still embed it on itch.
I also had problems exporting to HTML with the latest Godot version but using 3.2.3.stable exported fine.

Nice game. The music gives me chill-vibes, which is weird for a racing game ahah
Loved how some of the AI also crashed against walls on some curves. I finished 1st but for some reason crossed the "finish" line 3 times? Seemed like the game waiting for me to get to 1st place before ending :D

Pretty fun game, very chaotic ahah visuals and sounds really fit together :)

Congrats on releasing your first game :) 

Congrats on releasing your first game :) 

Also getting issues with the screen size! Have you tried enabling full screen and double checking Viewport dimensions? (both on itch game page)

Pretty fun game! Pleasantly surprised to recognize the composer in the credits ahah
Also when that gigantic shadow creeps up on you... That was a cool moment :)

Loved it! Already a liking the vibe just with the pre-race images but as soon as that first acceleration kicks and the music starts you got me nostalgic for some older games :)

Fun game! I might have been messing up something on my end but sometimes I still had riders on a planet and the camera move to the next one :(
The visuals you made look clean and appealing! 

Menus, HUD, all visuals look GOOD. Fun game too! Spamming kick seems to be more reliable than hacking but doesn't give you that satisfying speed boost ahaha very enjoyable game that looks and sounds incredible!

Thank you for playing! Lil skellys were born to play FootSkull ahaha

Thank you for playing! Adding extra fun to a good game can't really miss :D

Thank you for playing! Makes me very happy you played the whole thing :D

About sound options, dully noted. Won't be missing next time!
Added the option to mute music at the last minute but it was too little too late.

Congrats on getting something nice done on the first time using the engine! Nice take on the theme, almost did something like that too :)

Great idea for a puzzle game! Sadly, I also got stuck on the second level.

Fun endless runner! That background is gorgeous. Congrats on second published game :D

Congrats on first submission! You already got the hang of implementing the game loop, everything else is an extra built on top of that :)

Thank you for playing and for the high praise! :)

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It still is a valid design choice, as in "if you don't kill them fast enough they'll gang up on you" :)
Add some units that give bonus to nearby units (speed, attack, etc) and it is already a more complex game with very little changes!

Great looking game! Also pretty hard, but that might just be me being bad ahah

Enemies are slightly different but since I deal with all of them the same way (run away between swings) they end up feeling the same. Instead of using the best strategy versus each type I'm actually fighting this massive and scary big ball of death running towards me!

That was pretty satisfying! Very clean look and very catchy tune! Really liked how the "speed" was used for a slow-paced-chill game. Would happily continue to play more levels :)

Thank you for playing and thank you for the kind feedback :)

I'm glad you liked it! :D

I feel your pain, the ladders were added to make it easier to navigate but they are a bit awkward to use.

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it. The theme didn't turn out so good since some of the final features didn't make it. Next time :)

Pretty fun idea! Each new match keeps you guessing instead of losing once and learning the mechanics. Nice idea!

Fun game! Controls are snappy, almost no idle time on death, polish levels are crazy satisfying (and +1 for godot!). Congrats :D