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MonstervaniaView game page

Use your shaman powers to reach the holy bat and save it
Submitted by T-Low (@LordVonBre), Vyntha (@VynthaArt), Ryokara (@Ryokara3), saveng0r, Pixdigit — 6 minutes, 20 seconds before the deadline
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Were the art assets made during the 48 hours?


Was all the music/sound created during the 48 hours?

Most of it

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The character is really cute and I love that it is possible to create such complexe games in Godot! The typing took quite some time but the idea is really cool! :) 


I really liked the soothing music, the beautiful illustrations and the interesting conversation game. Very happy, that I was able to finish the game when playing the second time. :)


Really nice graphics and music!


Great world-building! The background music and graphics are nice with good foresty vibes. The concept seems interesting. I had a really hard time managing all the keyboard use — the controls plus the typing mini-game mechanic are a lot all together. I think the typing feels a bit arbitrary. Are there sound effects in addition to music? Would love to see this developed further, maybe without the typing mechanic (or to see the typing mechanic more "baked into" the narrative/gameplay/world). Nice work for a 48-hour jam regardless!


I like the graphics, I didn't understand very well how to interact with the animals.. I got stuck a some point where also with double-jump didn't work. 


Wonderful idea, I’d love to see this world expanded upon 💕


Nice idea! would have preferred it to be designed as a progression instead of losing the monsters.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Update is in the works that hopefull makes the UI a bit clearer. But as always we tried to do too much 

(Edit: is out now, see devlog)


Interesting concept, but most of the animal interactions in the game had really unclearly communicated effects. I got stuck for a while on the first deer, it kept giving me single letters to type, and at some point started moving backwards? I could skip the second deer by double jumping over it, and then got stuck in the next room due to a lack of jump power.


We had too ambitious goals so we couldn't playtest or even polish. If you care to give it another go then please do. When you only see a single letter, you have to do a simon-says kind of challenge, so repeat the letter sequence that pops up. When a word appears just retype the word. Also the breakable walls aren't really visible so keep an eye out for slightly darker, more brittle tiles. For the later puzzle section you might also want to draw a small minimap for the rooms on a piece of paper.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really nice, love this genre mix, but I got stuck right near the start many times in this location, was quite frustrating
As far as I can tell there is no way out of here.


did you try to double jump?

Submitted (1 edit)

not at first, it worked once I did, but I originally thought that you had to collect the stag spirit to have double jump? as it says in the description: Space in Air (After you collect the stag spirit) — Double Jump 


corrected the describtion, sorry for that! :D


Pretty fun plat former but on the third level I couldn't jump to one of the blocks and it would've been nicer with some sound too. Other than that it looks pretty good.


Thank you for playing

Sound is in the works ;)

We just tried to do too much. And the UI isn't the best right now, but there is an update coming.