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Thank you! I'm glad you like it

This is the strangest game I've ever played, however it is quite a nice short minimalist  adventure. I certainly liked the creativity of it, and most of it is quite well put together.

One thing I'd particularly like to see is Speeding up of the dialogue, allowing players to get through that faster would be a great improvement.

but overall pretty good job! :)

Thank you!

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The proper mobile build is not available at the moment, until after the jam finishes, cause I couldn't work out how to upload it before the submission deadline, but I'll let you know as soon as it's up.

Thanks for playing it Xander! Appreciate the feedback
The mobile version of the game is actually faster,LOL, lot of things went wrong in the browser build that I didn't have time to fix.

this is actually a mobile game! I just couldn't figure out how to upload the mobile build to Itch, and had to cobble together a browser build in about 5 minutes.

Challenging puzzles, really fun and amazing game!
Loved the art, so instantly recognizable. and the card designs in particular stood out to me.
Will have to play this one more so I can finish all the levels!

Probably the best take on a golf themed game that I've seen, 

Changing between different balls adds a nice puzzle element, 
though what is the point of the rubber ball? (I really did not get that one)

Theme and visuals are great! It's certainly one of the more creative game jam entries i've seen, pretty awesome job!

Thanks! I'll check yours out as soon as I get the chance! :) looking forward to it

Flippers are controlled by clicking the red blocks next to them.

Thank you for your submission! :)

I particularly enjoyed the atmosphere of this game, the audio and the background art.
A main menu would be nice along with a tutorial though the latter is not really neccessary, the game explains itself fairly well, and the controls are quite standard.
There is also occasional weird behaviour involving walls.

The character seems to have a bit of momentum making the platforming more challenging, which is a good thing as I quite liked the idea of not having enemies or traps,  but still maintaining some challenge.
I would like to see a greater variety of platforming challenges, the game is short enough to not require it however.

The story is my favourite part, and without spoilering anything, I loved the ending!

Video on jam submissions and results will be going live when the rating period ends.

Thank you for your submission!
Overall I enjoyed my time with this game, I liked the fast pace and intensity
There are ta few hings I think could be improved,
1. The boss being able to launch instantly deadly fast moving attacks from off screen sometimes feels unfair.
2. Better distinction of what is walkable area would be very nice, I died a few times from trying to dodge to somewhere it looked like I should be able to go.
3. a stronger feedback when attacks hit, and maybe making the players shots slighly more visible.

Videos on jam submissions and results will be going live when the rating period ends.

sticking to walls is meant to be allowed (at the moment), but you should not be able to jump off them, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

I'm working on the physics of the jump at the moment, because I also found a bug that would sometime launch the player 10 miles into the air. The colliders also have a fix coming soon

The double jump and dash are both abilities meant to be given to the player later in the game that have been included mainly for testing purposes, I'm also going to be moving the power up that grants the wall climb to a better location in the next build.
(in future builds powerups will be located in rooms you can't get out of without using your new ability)

Thank you for reporting this bug with the double jump, 

This is great feedback Joxev, thank you for playing :)

Hi there,
After 2020 being a pretty awful year, I decided I wanted to do something special to start off 2021, and so came about the Kray8Games Jam
Hosting a game jam is something I've always wanted to do, ever since I first discovered them, this is a major event for me personally and I'd love to have as many people taking part as possible.
Join here:

I will be playing every submitted game on Youtube as well as doing a "best of the jam" video at the end. I will dedicate a substantial
amount of time to completing every game and giving as much helpful feedback as I possibly can!

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I liked the graphics, everything was quite clear and looked nice. my biggest criticism the controls and movement felt way too slow running back after dieing was quite frustrating, and I died a lotI liked the story of having to rescue your family as well, and the idea of playing as the different characters/family members with their own abilities.

Thank you  for the feedback. Don't worry nitpicky is good!

There shouldn't be anywhere you can fall through a platform,  and there's is only one instance of overhead spikes at the moment (probably the culprit), which I've made a little more forgiving on the collisions in the next update to be (post jam).

I've been working on some text when levers are activated to give the player at least an idea of what has just happened.
I'm also considering adding a sound effect to the player death and maybe increasing the visibility of on hit effects.. would love to know what you think of these!

Thanks again I really appreciate it!! :)

Thank you! I'm glad to hear you liked it.

Thank you for playing and completing the demo!

The dash is actually an ability meant to be given to the player later in the game, I included it in the demo mainly for testing purposes, to get it working and try make it as fun to use as I could

Hmm, there is supposed to be an invisible wall, and some text that triggers when you reach the end, I may have screwed something up in my last jam build, will look into it.

Thank you again!! :)

That sounds like a good idea. I really hope you do continue developing it, I think it could be a great game!

Getting sent all the way back to the start  was quite frustrating given the difficulty and made me not really want to keep playing despite the fact that I really like the game and the overall theme is great.

Thank you for playing! I've found the problem with the attack and it'll be fixed in the first post jam build
I'm also going to work out some decent signposting to guide people towards where that power up is, it's turning out to be harder to find than I thought it would be.

Thank you for all of your feedback it's been immensely helpful!

Thanks for the feedback,  You'll be able to jump even more in the next update!
I think I'll add a slight pause when a platform reaches the end of its travel, just before the direction change,
Depending on where exactly you were the answaer to that last point might differ....

Video is now up for Bumper Per Minute, had a lot of fun with it!

Video is now up for balcony Rogue

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Finally uploaded the video, hope you enjoy!

Just wanted to let you know, syour peedrun video is coming, but it is taking..........longer than expected

Please post in this thread any suggestions for improvements or things you'd like to see in the game.

Thank you!

Video is up for Groove'em Up, have had so much fun with this game!

Thank you for playing!

That bug shall now be fixed in the post jam update, thanks for pointing it out! :)

Wow, a huge thank you to everyone who has posted games to this thread so far! I really wasn't expecting this many, but I promise I'll get to every single one even though it may not be before the voting period ends!

Video is up for Ninja in the Town. Great job on your first game jam!!!

Thank you for pointing that out, I may have accidentally used the wrong (unmuted) clip in the video, (but at least it shows what happened :)