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Submitted by daheergt — 14 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline
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This game was weird, in a good way. I love the switching genres, and the dialogue was really fun! I just wish there was a way to skip/speed up the dialogue.

Great Work! Enjoyed it a lot!


I liked the quirkiness of the game.  The dialogue was good, but maybe a bit slow.  I liked the minimalist palette and art that you used.  Great work!


The game is fun. Weird but fun. However, the dialogues were a bit slow and I couldn’t find a way to skip them. But it’s an interesting idea.

I'm really sorry, but I couldn't finish this game (I'm probably bad at games like that, so I've died like 6-7 times and watching this cutscene over and over without a possibility to skip made me too impatient).

But I really enjoyed the idea and that part of the game that I've seen, was really something.


I think that theme interpretation seems good, I've rated even more, because your game definitely is (less deaths, more pleasure), so I've found an additional theme interpretation :P


They are great! Minimalistic, but well drawn, stylized, with interesting cutscenes and nice particles.

Great job on that :) Not much to add here.

PS: If you made that glass shatters into smaller parts it would be amazing.


Your game feels really unique, even tho it's mix of some game ideas like MGS (hiding in a box), but that's really well made and I had fun with all the referenced you have used.


Sounds are really good, I had problem with the music as it sounds a bit like some random notes, but at the beginning when I was doing music for game jams it sounded similiar :P so I know how it is to create for game jam. I'm really glad you made it yourself instead of downloading, that's really impressive.


Gameplay is smooth, not buggy and well fits the plot itself. I've enjoyed that there are decisions to make, it adds a lot of depth to the game. Maybe if there was some indicator about reload time for our shots, it would make game even more understandable, as we know what's the cooldown etc (it can be simple loading bar or sth.

Game Design:

You lead the player well (arrows are great idea), story seems simple, but is very fascinating :P

But you made it really punishing for people that die often. Dialogs should have an option to skip them, or there should be some checkpoint system, that would respawn us before the decision to kill or take. That would minimalize ragequits like in my case :P 

Anyway, amazing entry (hope to play it to full extend one day :P) and thank you for putting so much work into it :)


what a weirdly, funny, charming game. I love the simple style and music. The sniper sound fx were a bit louder than the rest, but other than that, zero complaints!


what a weirdly, funny, charming game. I love the simple style and music. The sniper sound fx were a bit louder than the rest, but other than that, zero complaints!


Hey there,

I really liked the simplicity of the visuals of this game with that really juicy animation, also matches the music of the game. A really polished game.



This is the strangest game I've ever played, however it is quite a nice short minimalist  adventure. I certainly liked the creativity of it, and most of it is quite well put together.

One thing I'd particularly like to see is Speeding up of the dialogue, allowing players to get through that faster would be a great improvement.

but overall pretty good job! :)


AMAZING! keep up the good work!


Really cool !

The dialog at the game is perfect XD


This game a hilarious. It's a little punishing when you die by pushing you back near the start so you have to listen to your brother again. It would be good if there was a check-point at the 'take or kill' part.


Why can I not kill the bad guy xD


Funny little adventure hahaha XD! You've made a very simple game, but it's made really good. You have nice color scheme and pixel visuals are well combined with retro style music. It's a bit short but that shouldn't be a thing to criticise, since nobody has large amounts of free time to spend on a game jam. Anyways, good game :) !


I'm a fan of the minimalist visuals. However, I'm unsure about what this game is supposed to be honestly. The first room lets you either lose by falling or shooting your mom. You win by just breaking the window and approaching your mom. After that, your brother steals something from the birthday party. You chase after him, there is an enemy which can kill you but you can shoot him. You go through a very long unskippable cutscene and can either kill him or just take the item he has. You use that item to get by someone with a flash light and return to the room with your mom. If you killed your brother, you lose, otherwise, you win. If you die at all, then you return to just after your brother steals from the birthday party.

I'm not sure what this was supposed to be. I assume it's supposed to be nonsensical but idk for what reason.

Even time you die, you have to go back through the dialogue with your brother and it just drags on for too long.

The sound effects were way too loud compared to the music.

I think there was some coyote time when jumping. Good job getting that in if so. Once again, great job with the visuals though.


Besides there is no option  to skip dialogs and restarting all things from begining when you die, very interesting and good game


What is happening? I keep saying to myself while still continuing to play. Very strange and short game, while still being able to hook people into playing. Good job!


Engaging! My 6 yo old son could not stop plying it together with me. well done!


I would welcome a skippable dialogues because going through one for 6th time it painful. Other than that I like the visual style and the story. Gratz!


Interesting story as well as a great and full-fledged, but also short game. The sound effects are great! I liked it.


Very weird (in a good way) experience, I like the simple visual style you choose, I just wish I had the possibility to skip dialogue or at least make it go a little bit faster, good work

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